Wedding photography for those who desire magazine quality delivered with an amazing experience. 

Hey there,  I'm Kris!  I enjoy long walks on the beach, warm summer nights and wine.  I'm looking for couples who enjoy the same.....  

Aaahh... I'm just messing with ya.  (Kinda).  I'm not lying when I say that I enjoy the beach, warm summer nights and wine.  That's all true.  I'm definitely a Southern girl at heart.  But my couples are each interesting in their own way!  And I LOVE the uniqueness each one brings.   

I"m a believer in being the best version of you, and bringing out your own #badass.    I'm judgement free, and believe that you should do you... whatever that means to you.  You know who you are and you should proudly own that.  
Seriously though,  I'm just a plain ole` gal who has a christian heart, yet I've been blessed with the mouth of a Sailor- as I'm sure  you've noticed!  No worries though,  I have the utmost respect for all religious/spiritual beliefs and won't be uncontrollably cursing during your ceremony.  PROMISE (that's me trying to be funny.  Great Job.  I know.  ) haha 

When it comes to my business and my work... I like to keep things authentic.   I believe in love.  Plain and simple.  Whether it be between a man and a woman,  or other combination... if your happy... I'm happy. PERIOD 

So if your looking for a "potty mouthed" silly photographer who is on top of her game... and cares immensely about your memories, Or someone who wants to get to know you and your story... then your in the right place.  


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Thank you Rhi and Pete! 

I believe...

•  in venting 

•in being "human"

That forgiveness is empowering

•  in being Authentic and Personable


• That everything happens for a reason

•everyone is BEAUTIFUL

• HIGH-FIVES are the fucking Bomb!
admitting "I don't know" is admirable

•Being able to laugh at yourself is a must.

Images should be printed and held.  

•your wedding experience with me should be so much more than just taking pictures.