Wedding photography for those who desire magazine quality delivered with an amazing experience. 

What's your vision? Are you are looking for a photographer who not only cares about your wedding day imagery, but also about people.   You want someone there with you on your who will make you feel relaxed and comfortable.  Who will learn the names of your immediate family members and bridal party, and who will be welcoming and friendly. 

K. Lenox couples truly care about their photography because they understand, though this craft, your wedding day  and your legacy will live on forever.  Your looking for a wedding photographer  who cares about capturing the day as it unfolds;   naturally and without pretense.  You want authentic, images that genuinely reflect the feel of your day.

K. Lenox couples often are  goofy, fun loving and caring, yet responsive.  You probably don't take yourself too seriously, and you have no problem laughing at your self if the situation calls for it.  You enjoy a nice glass of wine and like to dance to let off steam. 

You most likely don't look for the cheapest options because you understand that those "bargains" usually end up being a disappointment.  And... most of all you want to be able to pass on this beautiful story to  future generations.  Therefore having an album and other printed photographs is important to you, because without it- hundreds of years from now, your great great grandchildren will not have access to the story of their ancestors.  

If this sounds like you-  then your in the right spot!  I'm looking forward to connecting!  


All about you! 

You might be my bride if


You don't sweat the small stuff

You might be my bride if


You cry at those commercials that pull at your heart strings. 

You might be my bride if


You have a "bad" mouth.   hehe

You might be my bride if


You can’t wait to hit the dance floor 

(and you’ll probably have some sort of alcoholic beverage in your hand when you do. )

You might be my bride if


You don't take yourself too seriously. 

You might be my bride if


You love all the details but don't get too caught up in them. 

You might be my bride if


You believe that real is better than perfect and that "perfect" is boring.

You might be my bride if


You value the printed photograph and can envision your future kiddos looking at your wedding album.

You might be my bride if


You are easy going, fun and so ever in love! 

Hell yeah!!! 


You made it through all of these!  
Girl-  you are TOTALLY my bride! 

Let's make it official!