You want bright wedding photos with a Light & airy vibe that capture all of the moments of your day. You want timeless candids and authentic portraits. Your life is busy and you need a photographer who is attentive, quick to respond and well-organized. 

Well, guess what, you can check "book photographer" off your endless TO-DO list 'cause that's us!

Regardless if your having a low-key wedding in your grandparents backyard, or if you're celebrating with an elegant black-tie event, we would be honored to be there documenting every crazy moment. 

Stellar Service

frame worthy photos


Meet the team

Kris & Mike

Owner /Lead Shooter

Associate / Lead Shooter


Though we often photograph together, we also take weddings independently. Our distinctive style is the same and so is our number one goal: To give you our all while we capture it all.

You'll find that we are playful and professional creative partners who rise to the occasion. We care more about providing standout experiences than our own egos or bottom line. And we go out of our way to finesse situations so our couples can stay in the moment.

With each of us, Mike or Myself {Kris}, the only challenge you'll ever face is deciding which photos to frame.


Always Include an 86-page bridal guide, collaborative shot lists and timelines, online gallery w/ downloadable images, most travel, and peace of mind. 

All Inclusive

$7000 {Kris}   $6200 {Mike}

Up to 10 Hours Coverage
Second Photographer (8 hours)
Local Engagement Session
Complimentary Highlight Album
Choice of Bonus:  Album upgrade or Additional Hour


$6000 {Kris}  $5200 {Mike}

Up to 9 Hours Coverage
Second Photographer (8 hours)
Local Engagement Session
Complimentary Highlight Album


$5200 {Kris}  $4800 {Mike}

Up to 8 Hours Coverage
Local Engagement Session
Complimentary Highlight Album

 The Process

( I'll totally explain more in person.  :) )


If we feel we are a good fit for each other, then it's time to make it official! Booking is as easy as clicking a link!  From there the system will walk you through it.   

Once Booked- we start planning your engagement session! 


When it's time,  I’ll work closely with you,  your hair and makeup team, and your coordinator to put together the perfect schedule of photography and list of family portraits.

I’ll scout photo locations and dial in every last detail so you can focus on other important things – like perfecting your kick ass dance moves for the after party. 


After your wedding, I'll be working on perfecting your images and designing your album!  

For now- let's just focus on getting a call scheduled- And then we'll take it from there.   No stress. No worries.  :) 




Short answer: Yes.  
We hope you give us a chance to show you.  (After all- actions speak louder than words.  Right?)

how many?

Short Answer:  A lot
But seriously- we end up delivering about 50-75 pics/ hour of coverage.  Sometimes more. Sometimes less.   No matter what... your story will be beautifully and thoroughly told. 


Short Answer: Yes!  

Is K. Lenox Worth the Investment?


are you guys insured?

Do you have more detailED answers?

Short Answer: Yes!   LOL
Click here  to read more.  :) 


More information about albums can be found HERE


Albums are important! Which is why I give every couple a complimentary album.   Your included Highlight album  is 8x8 Linen book,  w/ 20 pages. 

Upgrades Available.

go bigger?

Short Answer:  Yes
I love to design your album to be solid representation of your big day. Which often requires more than the included 20 pages (10 spreads). You will have the option to remove {or add} spreads during the revision process.  Most of couples upgrade their album.   They are totally worth the investment.


Short Answer:  It varies
Things like Cover Choice, extra spreads, bigger sized albums all affect the price.  On average,  my couples invest around $1500 on their wedding album.  (Discounts available)

What's Included? 

Should we upgrade?

What is some pricing?

Sure... digital galleries and have their place. (instant sharing, posting etc) But seeing your images, printed in a heirloom wedding album, you will begin to truly appreciate your memories.  

•Hand crafted
•Simple in structure 
•Thick pages ~1.2mm
•Clean in design
•Classic and timeless.
 All my albums come with a LIFETIME workmanship guarantee. 

Each Album comes with 20 pages.
 Additional spreads $75 each
Sizes available: 8x8, 10x10, 12x12

We Value Authenticity

We value authenticity. We LOVE getting to know couples, and all the little things that make you "YOU". Each one of us brings a unique awesomeness to the table. And we're so excited to get to know the awesome humans you both are now... quirks and all. 

A few things We believe

In being REAL.
Perfection is Boring.
Everyone is Beautiful. 
Forgiveness is Empowering.
In Honesty.
Everything Happens for a Reason. 
Admitting "I don't know" is admirable.
Being able to laugh at yourself is a must. 
There is no such thing as "TMI" amongst friends. 
Photos should be printed and held. 

- Erin K

"Getting an album was the very best decision. It wasn't until after my father passed away that I realized just how important those precious printed memories really are. "

"Memories are Precious" 

- Sam W

When our wedding was postponed due to COVID a mere 3 days before our date, she called us immediately and showered us with well wishes...and worked with us to make sure we were able to secure her for our new date in August. 

"Best Decision!"

- Lorraine C.

Kris mentioned to us just how gorgeous these albums are... but we really didn't realize it until we saw our own. These Albums are one of a kind. You won't find this quality anywhere else.

"It's Gorgeous"

Archival, Museum Grade Heirlooms