The craft of photography is so much more than just taking "pictures". It gives you a collection of memories from a significant time in your life. 

The images we make together will express who you are, and it's my job to make sure you walk away with amazing photographs that can be passed down through the generations.  

Just about my entire life- I've been surrounded by negativity, criticism and depression. Constantly being told your not "good enough" or 'pretty enough" - leaves one with a deep lack of self worth. I tell you this because this is where my "Why I do what I do" comes from. 

Photography isn't about capturing perfection- because if there's one thing I've grown to learn- it's that no one is perfect... and that fact alone is insanely beautiful. I want every client to away from a session feeling like the rock-star I know they are. 

Remember- it's not only the outward beauty that shows- but the inner soul. You will feel confident, cared-for, and above all... beautiful.

Let me show you- what the world really see's! 

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Pottymouth • Goofy • Real

The music is never loud enough

Bening able to laugh at yourself is a must

That forgiveness is empowering

in being authentic and personable. 

Making mistakes should be looked at as a positive

Everything happens for a reason

Admitting "I don't Know" is admirable. 

You should, not only embrace your inner "weird" ...but OWN IT.


I believe. . .

"Kris is a genuine person who is passionate about her work and making you look and feel your best. She is professional and fun. She is absolutely the best! ...

Emily Ethier

"Kris is absolutely AMAZING! From the first time my husband and I spoke to her, we could tell she was passionate about her work and the couples she works with. . . "

Liz Walker

"Kris was absolutely incredible! There aren’t enough nice things we could say about her and her work.We felt incredibly comfortable with her from the beginning. . . ”

Sarah Powers

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