Potty Mouth

Lover of Red Wine

A goof at heart

Your Newest Friend

Meet Kris

your newest friend

A Potty Mouth at times

Red Wine Lover

A goof at heart

What makes me different?

Well me of course! You will notice I'm easy-going, super fun and energetic! You will feel so relaxed and comfortable in front of my camera through casual conversation, and playful humor.  Oh and you will also notice that I tend to get super excited when shooting. (And I've heard that my enthusiasm is contagious) 

Truth be told, I'm a goof. A potty mouth at times, and someone who embraces her own "weird".  I'll drink red wine at noon and rock out to old school rap. (Though my taste in music also ranges from Oldies-Country- to Rock etc)  Despite my goofy nature,  I also enjoy a classy evening among friends, toasting our friendships to a high-end glass of Dom Perignon.  So I'll fit in, whether your having a quaint back-yard wedding or an elegant black tie affair. 

I value authenticity. I LOVE getting to know couples, and all the little things that make you "YOU". Each one of us brings a unique awesomeness to the table. And I'm so excited to get to know the awesome humans you both are now... quirks and all. 


If you let me in... I'll be able to tell your story best.  


I'm Kris Lenox

Hey There!

meet Kris

In being Real

Perfection is boring

in being human

That Forgiveness is empowering

in being personable

in honesty

everything happens for a reason

everyone is beautiful

admitting "I don't know" is admirable

being able to laugh at yourself is a must.

There is no such thing as "TMI" amongst friends

Photos should be printed and held


A few things I believe:

You want your story told.

And I would love to tell it! Life goes by fast (and your wedding will go by even faster!) Which is why I want you to stay present and truly enjoy the day. I want your wedding photos to feel how your day felt, fun, joyful and relaxed! I want to make this experience as stress free and easy as possible! 

Your story doesn’t need to be perfectly posed, just perfectly captured! Gone are the days of "perfection" and stiff posing. I want "YOU" to shine through. 

While in Haiti

We made photos and printed them on the spot.  The look on these families faces was priceless. Many of these people never had a family portrait taken.  Additionally- we photographed all the beauty this country has to offer.  Landscape Images were published in a book where all the proceeds are donated to Haiti. 

Your Photos,  Your Legacy



Future Travel?

My Passport is ready.  So where ya headed?











Anna + Kyle

Bedford Village Inn, NH

When our wedding was postponed due to COVID a mere 3 days before our date, she called us immediately and showered us with well wishes...and worked with us to make sure we were able to secure her for our new date in August. 

Christine + Christopher

Bedford Village Inn, NH

Kris was the calm in the storm that I found wedding planning to be. Kris held my hand, encouraged me and also made me laugh when I didn’t feel like laughing. She is organized, professional and is the absolute best at what she does. 

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