Digital Collection


Digital files gives you the freedom to make unlimited number of prints from each file.

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What are digital files? When you purchase digital files, you are purchasing the actual images from your session in digital form, vs purchasing a physical print of an image. You are buying the legal permission to print those images ("digital files") anywhere you choose. 

Why are digital files so expensive?  When I sell a digital file,  I am now selling a license with the file.  This license allows the client to use the image as needed without having to pay me any more royalties. Although your license includes unlimited printing for personal use, I cannot track or police the use of the file.

•The photo session
•All the final images from your session, delivered via a downloadable online gallery.
•Print Release allowing the re-printing of the images from any lab you choose
•An assortment of 15 professional , archival prints presented in a keepsake box
•Personalized Crystal, Brushed Silver flash drive. 

Digital Collection includes: