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capturing the moments that are unforgettable.

Graduation is a significant milestone and senior year is the perfect photo opportunity.

Embrace this moment in time, because right now it’s all about you! Your personality, style, and passions shine through images that celebrate who you are and what you’ve accomplished. Your graduation is also a momentous occasion in your family’s history, and the perfect time to update family images and wall displays. Surround yourself with the ones you love and leave your mark before your next journey begins.

These memories live on through the images, albums, and displays, customized especially for you. See yourself in ways you never thought possible.


Here for you

Memories are made and preserved in the rooms where your family gathers.
Senior and family images bring your surroundings to life. No matter where
your journey takes you, you’ll always have these moments to come home to. 

This is so much more than just photography. It’s a collection of memories from
this significant time in your life. Don’t pass these moments by or forget about them on a drive or in a drawer. Let your images live out loud for all to see!

These images express who you are. Invest in high quality displays that last a lifetime. It’s the choice you’ll always be grateful that you made.  


Meet the artist

kris lenox

Hey there, I'm Kris!  I'm a goofy mom to two young men (and aspiring photographers age 9 and 12!) ,  wife to my amazing  husband and of course a photographer!   
I'm a lover of ugly sunglasses- a believer- and a wanna be world traveler!   Most days you can find me bundled up in my husbands sweats watching those cheesy lifetime movies.  But if I had it my way-  I'd be living on some Caribbean Island drinking countless Pina Colada's  and showing off my non- existent fancy dance moves. 

I'm mostly known for my positive attitude (okay okay... and my Potty mouth)  and having the most uncanny way to lift the spirits of those around me.  It's important to me that those in my presence are comfortable and cared for.  

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We only live one life-  I believe that we should make it count and keep it real.   Try not to take yourself too seriously... and that laughter is the best medicine.  

As a Photographer I've been featured in several high profile blogs and in the Knot Magazine.   I've been awarded the  Knot's "Best of" 4 years running and will be inducted into their "Hall of Fame" come 2018.   
When I reflect back to my senior year- I can't help but smile. I had SO-MUCH-FUN! Homecoming, Football Games, Spirit Week, and the Senior Class trip- I L-O-V-E-D LOVED it all. I often wish I could back in time. Back when everything was so simple. (Well It didn't seem simple at the time- but in hindsight. ha) My first love, My first car, My first party. Every moment deserves to be treasured. 

If there is one thing that I can do for you, it's to help you realize that life is precious. It goes by quick. We can't get back our yesterday's, but we can freeze an instant in time to look back on whenever we want. That is the beauty of Photography. Specifically printed photographs. 


Meet the artist


est. 2011

A former nurse turned artist.  Telling stories has always been in my blood- and when in high school I would carry with me a Kodak insta camera.  Though I would piss my friends off- my one response was... "You'll thank me in 20 years!" 
Now- 20 years later,  here I am.  telling stories, creating art and making amazing friends along the way.  

I'm a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography and I continue to advance my education by learning under the most respected leaders in the industry.  

So if your looking for a "potty mouthed" silly photographer who is on top of her game... and cares immensely about your memories, Or someone who wants to get to know you and your story... then your in the right place. 
I can't wait to get to know you.  

I believe...

I believe...

• in venting 

•in being "human"

• That forgiveness is empowering

• in being Authentic and Personable 


• That everything happens for a reason 

•everyone is BEAUTIFUL 

HIGH-FIVES are the effing Bomb!
•admitting "I don't know" is admirable 

•Being able to laugh at yourself is a must. 

• Images should be printed and held.  

•your senior portrait experience with me should be so much more than just taking pictures.  

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Honest•                 • REAL



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Wedding photographer in Chesterfield, NH.  Offering wedding coverage in Massachusetts, connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Pennsylvania, New York, South Carolina and beyond.  

Boutique high school senior portraits available. Offering Senior photography in Keene, Brattleboro, Swanzey, Peterborough and beyond. 

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