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With generational purpose in mind, I keep my albums strong and classic.

•Hand crafted
•Simple in structure 
•Clean in design.
•This way they are classic and timeless.
 All my albums come with a LIFETIME workmanship guarantee!! 

Quite frankly we only offer the highest Quality Albums, because these memories and works of art deserve to be cherished, preserved, seen, and passed on.  

I believe – without a doubt – that my images look their very best when printed in the pages of a wedding album. It's in this manner that your story is truly told. Sure... digital galleries and have their place. (instant sharing, posting etc) But seeing your images, printed in a heirloom wedding album, you will begin to truly see your story unfold. 

The very best images from your day shine within the pages, telling your story with beautiful simplicity.    

As a photographer,  I have an incredible opportunity to give each and every couple their own story in print.  In a form that will then be handed down through the generations of your family.  That is the beauty of an album. 
It's valuable. 

Additionally- we all know how to use it.   If you give an album to your sweet 90-year-old Grandmother,  she will know how to us it.  There is no swiping left, no buttons,  no gadgets or passwords to mess with.   There is no software to update, or file formats or storage media to become outdated. 

This is a gift:  To yourselves.  For your families.  For your future generations.  

{Printed photographs keep our memories alive}

Prints Matter

Signature Album

10"x 10" Linen Cover

20 pages (10 spreads)

Semi-Matte Paper

Simple Cover

Professional design

Two Revisions

Choice of 1 Cover Embellishment



Leather cover: $225
Increase to a 12x12: $150
Additional Spread: $50
Cover Embellishments: $95 each (engraving or cameo picture window) 
Additional Revisions: $100
Restarting Design Process after Archival: $500

The Process

After receiving your final gallery of images, you can trust that I have started the album design process.   I pick the images that I feel would best tell your story, and begin processing your initial album draft.  

I do it this way just like I took initiative to write the first draft of your formal family photographs. I have a good eye for how to tell your story. But I want you to have the final say and to love your album, so when that design comes back, your part of the process starts.

By this time, you’ve had a chance to see all of your images and to fall in love with the ones that matter the most to you. I want that feedback, so there are 2 revisions built in to your album design. Tell me what you want changed and I'll send a second draft, a third, and a forth if needed. There are 2 revisions built in, after that they are $100 each.

In the end, each of these album options are complete in themselves. There are no hidden costs. You can upgrade the number of pages, to a leather cover or add text or cameo windows. You can even upgrade the size. But if you choose to keep your album design as listed in these options, then the cost won’t change.

I want you to love your album. To keep it near and look back on your wedding for years to come with something real that you can hold in your hands. If that interests you, don’t wait until after your wedding to order one. Couples that say that will do it later, almost never do. Plan it into your budget and make it happen. It’s so important, and we’d love to work with you.

Good Info

How are the photos arranged?

I tend to  arrange the images based on aesthetic elements such as lighting, tonality, composition, etc.  This makes your album flow nicely and look best.  (No worries- the main elements of your story will make sense too!)

How long is the design process?

Your initial design will be ready within 7 business days. You will have the option to make two rounds of revisions; each updated proof will be ready in 2 business days once you’ve submitted revisions. Once you give the final approval, the design process is complete and we are ready to order your album.

Note: Designs and revisions must be approved within 6 months from the original order date. After 6 months, the design project will be archived and may be reopened for an additional fee. ($500) 

How many photos will be in the design?

For a clean design, I recommend an average of 3.5 images per spread (e.g. 70 images for a 20 spread layout) and a maximum of 6 images per spread. 

10 Spread (20 pages) album would need 35 images
20 Spread (40 pages) Album would need 70 images
30 Spread (60 pages) Album would need 105 images

Cover Options

Natural Linen


Silver Moon




Blue Smoke



Steel Blue

Sugar Plum

Our Fabric options are a blend of  Linen and Cotton.  (Except the "Pure Linen"  )  These are  a beautiful option.   These are our standard cover options. 


Lux Linen








Deep Sea



Moon Stone


Rose Quartz

Luxe Linen is our premium fabric option. These covers are 100% pure European linen and they're fairly heavy and tightly woven.   
There is an additional $35 upcharge for these covers


Lux Linen


Pure Linen


Suede Ivory



Suede Graphite




Salt Box

Suede Driftwood


Vintage Brownstone

Vintage Mocha

Vintage Shadow

Vintage Sandlewood


Our leathers are 100% aniline leathers.  The highest quality leather, aniline is the most natural, soft and gracefully supple of all leather types. Aniline leather is generally the most expensive of all leather types as only the very best raw hides can qualify for this type, which attract a higher cost(+$225 for any album size)


Lux Linen


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