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I strive to provide each amazing couple with a stress-free, easy and all-inclusive experience that is tailored specifically to each couple.  Get in touch and let's see what we can create for you.  
(Average Investment ranges from $4795- $7000+)

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Last year (Despite COVID-19) my calendar was fully booked. I'm expecting another packed year for 2022. To avoid disappointment, you should get in touch as soon as you can.  I intentionally take on a limited number of weddings per year so that I can give my couples the experience and attention they deserve during the engagement season!   

Have you shot at my venue?             

when to book

No worries my friend!  Even if I haven't shot at your specific venue, I am a professional with 10 years experience.  I'm skilled at creating beautiful imagery no matter your venue.    Additionally- I come to rehearsals, so I'll be able to scout out locations and have a plan in place! 

Believe me- you are in good hands.  :) 

Everyone gets an album?             

Have you shot at my venue?

I'm trying to save you from heartbreak. (Digital Files won't last forever) You will adore your wedding album in these first precious years, but your album isn’t actually meant for today. Your album is meant for all of your tomorrows. An album is the only way to guarantee your images last a lifetime.  This is why I include a complimentary Album credit in EVERY Collection. 

More about the album

But, I don't need an album 

No worries! I do the heavy lifting! You will have an opportunity to make revisions where you can swap out images that you like better.    I'll walk you through the process when the time comes. 

Album Upgrades?  

do I pick photos for the album?

Actually- most of my couples do invest in their album by upgrading to the " The Story"!   You can learn more about upgrading your album HERE.  I offer incentives if you upgrade within 30 days from your wedding!  

Do you Travel?  

Can we upgrade our album?

Absolutely! I travel more often than not for weddings. And, because it is my goal to make this whole process pain free for YOU and ME Travel fees are included in your custom quote.  And unless you're getting married across the country... there typically aren't any travel fees. 



Shot lists

Do you Travel?

You’ve got enough on your plate—my thorough and detail oriented approach ensures you’ll have more photos than you could ever need or want, but we do recommend bringing to our attention any special people, planned moments, or unique details you’d like to capture that we might not know to anticipate.

Second Shooters?

Do I need to make a shotlist?

Although I shoot many weddings solo- adding an additional shooter offers many couples that added level of peace of mind. Depending on the scale of the event, I may suggest having a second artist as needed.    We will determine this during our consultation.  

are you organized?     

do I need a second shooter?

Absolutely!! (But believe me- you will appreciate it!!) I'm actually a pretty laid-back gal, but when it comes to your wedding day- preparation is the key to success. Don't worry- I'm not stressed or anxious. . . just organized. This allows me to bring relaxed energy to your day.    I'll explain more when we connect!

how many weddings?        

are you organized?

Hell no!! I shoot 1. That's it... only one. Many of my colleagues will shoot back to back weddings. I simply can't offer my clients the very best doing that. Once I am booked for your wedding- I won't take any other jobs that weekend. This allows me to fully focus all my attention to you, on the most important day of your life. 

Family PHotos ?      

More than one wedding a weekend? 

Absolutely not. In fact, because of how efficiently I work on the day of and the help I give you in preparing your family picture list, most family photo sessions on a wedding day are complete within 10-15 minutes.   I'll explain more when we talk! 

how do we book?   


First- Get in touch by filling out the contact form above and we will schedule a call!   During our call... we will dive right into what you need in order to capture your wedding in a stress-free manner, and in a way where you, your family and your guests can all enjoy the experience!! 

When to book?      

How do we book?

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