Light and Airy Wedding Photography 
Located in Southern NH
Available for Travel

Light and Airy Wedding Photography
Located in Southern NH- Available for Travel

You know it’s not always the perfect moments that make the biggest impact...it’s the perfectly imperfect tidbits of time that catch you off-guard. It's those unexpected moments you realize, years later, that will mean the most to you.

As you stay present in the hours that make up your wedding day, I’ll be the one to catch all those fleeting times. that you may be too busy to notice. 

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Light & Airy Wedding Photography for Couples Who Embrace 

Unfussy Elegance

Keeping a good balance between the pictures you know you want, and the ones you never saw coming. 

Kayleigh + kevin

seacoast of nh, 2020

.. If we could get married over and over again we’d have her every time!"