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Beauty Tips and Tricks for Your Wedding But understandably, every bride-to-be has an urge to do her absolute best in the weeks before the wedding (or months, more like it!) to prevent any skin or hair disasters when the time comes for the walk down the aisle. In all the chaos of choosing the right […]

Alyson’s Orchard Wedding Walpole, NH Jillian + Christian Jillian and Christian’s Alyson Orchard’s wedding this past Saturday was nothing short of spectacular!   For starters- let me briefly introduce you to Dr. and Mrs. Christian Klare!   He’s an orthopedic surgeon and she is an RN in school working towards her Nurse Practitioner.   (You […]

Lakefalls Lodge Wedding Sarah and Matt 9-9-17 Stoddard, NH   Wow!  I simply can not wait to share with you a bit more from Sarah and Matt’s absolutely beautiful Lakefalls Lodge wedding.   (In case you haven’t heard about this gem of a wedding venue- it’s absolutely breathtaking!) Wedding photography… what is it exactly?  Is […]

Manchester VT Wedding Photographer Liz + Brian   Gosh,  I LOVE what I do.  That’s why it’s hard for me to call it a “job”.  Because when you think of “job”… you think of “work”.  And work isn’t supposed to be fun.    Well… not for me.  I am so incredibly grateful for what I […]

Wells Maine Senior Portraits Sarah Class of 2018 | Monadnock Regional High You might remember Sarah-  as she is one of my badass #Kcrew Senior Reps!  ( You can see more from our Senior Shootout HERE)   From the first day that I met Sarah-  She impressed me.   Not only because she is just […]

Angela + Jon Peterborough Wedding Photographer I absolutely LOVE what I do.   L-O-V-E it!  If you have asked me 20 years ago what I wanted to be when “I grow up”.. I would have said an Elementary Teacher.   LOL Which is hysterical because being in the same room with dozens of children gives […]

Ethan + Lauren (Twins) Keene Senior Photography   Pop quiz!  What is the main reason people invest in Keene Senior Photography?  It’s because they value the importance of what photography stands for.   You see,  photography,  especially of your loved ones will only increase as value over time.   As the years go by,  an […]

Shelby’s Senior Portraits | Class of 2018 Keene Senior Photographer   When I reflect back on my senior year-  I can’t help but smile.   It was such an amazing time,  filled with many fun memories.   That said,  those fun times were often mixed between stressful responsibilities. Responsibilities that prepared us for the approaching […]

York Maine Wedding Becky and Charles’ Intimate Ocean Side Wedding “Life is funny…we never know what’s in store for us and time brings on what is meant to be.” ― April Mae Monterrosa I saw that quote… and it really hit home… “time brings on what is meant to be.”    How true is that? […]

It’s my honor to introduce Angela Berry!   Angela the editor from, and she has provided the following post and pictures!!   She has graciously written a blog for my brides talking all about staying healthy while planning your wedding!  Enjoy! How to Stay Healthy While Planning Your Wedding Wedding planning can be super […]

The Oaks Country Club Wedding Meghan + Mike   There we were…. hugging once again.  At one point, Megan took my hands into hers and said to me… “Kris, how could you ever think you aren’t good enough?”  The sincerity in Meg’s eyes when she stated that… it was so heartfelt.   Right then and […]

Alyson’s Orchard Engagement Session Tiff and Douglas Every day I am even more grateful for my job.  And I’ll explain why, in my typical wordy way… haha   Admittedly, I have been battling with a bout of depression.  Suffering from depression isn’t new for me.   It’s been an on-going struggle for most of my […]

Today I will be thankful for all the pawprints on my floor, the slobbery kisses on my face, and the hair on my clothes.  For there will come a day when there is far too much room in our bed and these days will be PROFOUNDLY missed.   There she was… running to the beat […]

There was a point during the wedding day where I was speaking to a wonderful woman named Diane.   Diane is the mother of one of Jordan’s High School friends.  And even after all theses years, her guidance and nurturing had not been forgotten.   Diane and I were talking and somewhere along the line, our […]

  Concord Ma Wedding Photographer Sarah + Matt With each passing year-  I ( just a little ol’ Concord Ma Wedding photographer) grow to love the craft of photography more and more.   Currently, I’m at a crossroads about how I want to grow as a photographer.   I’m finding myself drawn to the more […]

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer for Your Wedding I was so honored when Alyssa from over at Beauty Ambition wrote in offering to write up a guest blog!    She asked what I would like her to write about- but I gave all creative freedom to her!   I LOVE what she came […]

5 Things You Should Trust Your Wedding Photographer With   Trust is the key ingredient to any relationship and this is true for the relationship you have with your wedding photographer. There’s a reason you chose them to capture the most important day of your life. While you may have a vision of how you […]

The question is… where do I begin!    Emily and Jim are so totally kick ass awesome!   Our NH Engagement session started like most do… with drinks!  HAHA,  Emily and I opened a bottle of fine wine…. (well.. she and I are two peas in a pod… and “fine wine” to us is.. well […]

Keene High School Senior Photographer Caitlin Class of 2018 The first time I met Caitlin was at the senior shootout this past Saturday!  Not only is she undeniably GORGEOUS- she was a ton of fun too!   Although School really isn’t her cup of tea-  helping rescue animals is!!  She works with Rescue draft horses […]

Senior Portraits Monadnock 2018 Kcrew Rep Sam Tomer I would now love to introduce you to Sam!  Another #badass young lady who I am proud to be a part of my Krew family!    Sam is a lover of music and the environment and would love to incorporate both into her official senior photo shoot!! […]

Senior Portraits Monadnock 2018 Kcrew Rep Sam Tomer I would now love to introduce you to Sam!  Another #badass young lady who I am proud to be a part of my Krew family!    Sam is a lover of music and the environment and would love to incorporate both into her official senior photo shoot!! […]

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