Haiti Mission Trip The Mission Welcome back!  Here is Part 3  of my series of posts about our Haiti Mission Trip,  organized by Joshua MacLeod, founder of the non-profit organization “Picture the Nations“.   It was also made possible with the help of  Danny Davis from “Together4Haiti”  who put together a very intensive itinerary allowing […]


Picture the Nations | Trip to Haiti | Part 3 “The Mission”

January 29, 2018


The Haitian People Here I am,  holding back tears as I reflect on my recent trip to Haiti.  These aren’t tears of pity or sadness.  Rather they are tears of gratitude. (Read about my “why” in part 1)   Gratitude for the friends I made and for this opportunity to use my skills to give […]


Picture the Nations | Mission | Part 2 |The Haitian People

January 27, 2018


Haiti My “Why” I have been thinking about this blog post for months, asking myself questions;   “Where do I start?”  “What do I say?”  and … “Can my blog post really impact people the same way this trip impacted me?”   Truth is… probably not.  But I’m going to try.   So I figured I would do […]


Picture the Nations | Mission trip to Haiti | Part 1: Why?

January 5, 2018



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