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Who’s Perfect Anyway? Have you noticed how it takes just a split second to come up with reasons to “boo” ourselves?  While it takes forever to come up with a single reason we’re awesome?  Being flooded with unrealistic societal expectations and ideals does that to a person.  And if it’s paired with an upbringing based […]


Fall Bridesmaids Guide Long gone are the days when bridesmaids were put in Rachel Green shiny pink puffy dresses (a color which is ironically back in style now). Times surely have changed, and brides are doing their best to share some of the spotlight with their best gals. Now, fall weddings can indeed be a […]


The Best Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Ideas Tying the knot and stepping into the world of monogamy should be celebrated, there’s no doubt about that. Whether you’re bidding your old compadre adieu, shedding a few manly tears as he parts with the freedom he knew and loved.  Or you’re organizing a pre-marital bash before your […]


10 Central Elements in Wedding Decor, Everyone Needs to Know The decor you choose to adorn your wedding with will build and create the overall design and feel you have envisioned. Carefully selecting pieces of decoration is crucial for making your theme stand out. If you’re looking to mesmerize your guests, then take a look […]


Themed Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life. And, while it will always be a special day for you, you want it to be equally memorable and special for your friends and family. You spend a lot of time planning unique touches and making sure you […]


Cinderella Wedding Theme – Princess Bride Ever think about having a Cinderella Wedding theme where you could seriously be your very own Princess Bride?  Well, we have an awesome guest post here giving some fun tips for that Cinderella Wedding theme- Princess Bride that’s deep within just about every young girl.  Contributed by Georgia Selih!  […]


Wedding Traditions from Around the World There are many wedding traditions from around the world.  And there is hardly any part of the world where weddings are not celebrated.  But when it comes to wedding traditions, there are lots of variations, from one part of the world to the other. From the activities that go on […]


Honeymoon Packing Guide One of our regular guest bloggers has some amazing advice in her Honeymoon Packing Guide! Ah, finally, some rest! After the wonderful, though stressful wedding chaos, some relaxation with your spouse is definitely in order. You get to bond and explore the new feeling of having a significant other.  A partner to […]


Bridal Makeup Choices for Different Seasons Bridal makeup is just as unique as the wedding dress. It’s there to enhance the bride’s best features and make her feel beautiful, but it’s also there to showcase her personality. It’s basically art on your face, and as such, it needs to be approached with a creative mind. […]


5 Creative Ideas for Your “I-do” Moments Written by: Sofia Lockett   When your special day arrives, you’ll want to have the best photos possible. To capture every memorable moment. There are plenty of standard poses for wedding photos. These standard images seem to hang on the walls of every married couple’s home. But if […]



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