Picture the Nations | Trip to Haiti | Part 3 “The Mission”

Picture the Nations Session

Haiti Mission Trip

The Mission

Welcome back!  Here is Part 3  of my series of posts about our Haiti Mission Trip,  organized by Joshua MacLeod, founder of the non-profit organization “Picture the Nations“.   It was also made possible with the help of  Danny Davis from “Together4Haiti”  who put together a very intensive itinerary allowing us to visit just about the entire country in 10 days.  He also accompanied us the entire time, answering questions, providing support and keeping us safe.   (And putting up with us photographers wanting to stop every 5 minutes to take more photos!! Haiti Mission Trip Haiti Mission Trip

Show the Beauty

The purpose of this Haiti Mission Trip was to show the beauty of Haiti,  not the poverty.   We didn’t focus on the struggle that we witnessed first hand.   But believe me, the struggle was there.   And it was heartbreaking.

Haiti Mission Trip Haiti Mission Trip

Is it possible to use photography to fight poverty?

Professional photographer Joshua MacLeod believes so. He started a tax-deductible non-profit organization called Picture the Nations that creates photographs in the developing world and then sells prints and books to fund relief and development projects in the countries where the photographs were made.
“The Mission of Picture the Nations is to serve communities and show the beauty of people in every nation.” They facilitate short-term photography trips that benefit individuals, ministries, and communities. Funds acquired by selling photography prints and books created are used to fund sustainable “people serving” organizations throughout the world.”Haiti Mission Trip Haiti Mission Trip Haiti Mission Trip

 The Photographs are made… 

Now that the photographs are made, our next step is to craft them in a beautiful coffee table picture book that will be sold to benefit organizations fighting poverty in Haiti.  The cost to create 5000 photo books is $25,000. Once the books are created, we will sell the books and 100% of the profits will be donated to a ministry fighting poverty in Haiti. 


In order to raise the $25,000, we are looking for sponsorships…
3 people to give $5,000
5 people to give $1,000
10 people to give $500
  Haiti Mission Trip

100% Tax Deductible.

For each donation $500 or above, your name or company will be included in the back of the book. Thousands of copies will be distributed all over the world.
Each give is 100% tax deductible as Picture the Nations is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization. Haiti Mission Trip
Would you or your organization be willing to help partner with us to fight poverty in Haiti through this photographic project?
Seriously- no amount is too small.  Even the littlest amount will help in ways more significant than we can even imagine.


Contact Picture the Nations directly at:

Donate (please)

It’s  not like me to ask for help.  It’s actually really hard for me to do.  So you can only imagine just how strongly I feel about this to step out of my comfort zone and ask for help.  But your help (donations) will allow these books to exponentially raise money to be donated to organizations that are dedicated to helping this beautiful country

You can donate any amount directly at


Thank you!

Honestly- thank you for reading and putting up with my poor writing skills!  LOL

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