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Beauty Tips and Tricks for Your Wedding But understandably, every bride-to-be has an urge to do her absolute best in the weeks before the wedding (or months, more like it!) to prevent any skin or hair disasters when the time comes for the walk down the aisle. In all the chaos of choosing the right […]

It’s my honor to introduce Angela Berry!   Angela the editor from, and she has provided the following post and pictures!!   She has graciously written a blog for my brides talking all about staying healthy while planning your wedding!  Enjoy! How to Stay Healthy While Planning Your Wedding Wedding planning can be super […]

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer for Your Wedding I was so honored when Alyssa from over at Beauty Ambition wrote in offering to write up a guest blog!    She asked what I would like her to write about- but I gave all creative freedom to her!   I LOVE what she came […]

5 Things You Should Trust Your Wedding Photographer With   Trust is the key ingredient to any relationship and this is true for the relationship you have with your wedding photographer. There’s a reason you chose them to capture the most important day of your life. While you may have a vision of how you […]

Buying Pre-Owned Jewelry   Welcome to today’s featured blog post!  So many thanks go out to our guest blogger Roger Weinreich, owner, and founder of Good Fortune.   Good Fortune is the nation’s largest pre-owned jewelry consignment store.  They are a 25-year-old family business located in downtown  Keene, New Hampshire,  and they have been so generous […]

Keene Senior Portraits + Northern Lights Cheerleaders We all know and love the Northern Lights Cheerleaders and what they stand for!  These girls are dedicated and committed.  Not only to their sport but to each other.   Cheerleading is a team sport, one that relies on every single member of the squad… and these girls work […]

Today-  I have a treat for you!!!   Today’s post is written by Wendy Dessler   She’s talking all about the latest trend in Bridesmaids dresses-  MINT GREEN. So let’s learn a little more about Wendy.   Her title is: Super-Connector at OutreachMama Wendy is a super-connector with OutreachMama and Youth Noise NJ who helps businesses find their audience,  online through […]

First Look Should we or Shouldn’t we? First looks are da bomb!  However, not all couples want a First Look, and that’s A-okay!  but it is one of the topics I ask about early on in the planning process. As early as the consultation, we start talking about your wedding day timeline,  including the possibility […]

Why Print your images with Keene Professional Senior Photographer? I ( just a little ole’ Keene professional photographer) recently wrote a post talking about why we should print our images.   ( You can read more about that write-up HERE )    But- just for a re-cap I mention some reasons and rationale’s as to why […]

Vendor Spotlight with Basic Invite   I am super excited to partner with Basic Invite because I want to introduce all you beautiful brides to their stunning stationery. This is THE perfect collaboration!  Mostly because I love providing you all with great new vendors to help you along with your wedding planning.  And secondly, because […]

Photography is an extremely powerful art form.   I mean… photography literally freezes time.   So why wouldn’t we print our most precious memories?    Whether you’re a photographer or a regular ole’ Joe Schmoe with an iPhone… you should be printing your images. Let me set the scene for you.   (This is a true story […]

10 Easy Ways to Help your Photographer get Gorgeous Wedding Photos   Of course, getting beautiful wedding photos begins with your photographer and nothing will replace their ability to create those stunning works of art.  BUT after you’ve hired someone you totally love, what can you do help?    Here are a few of those suggestions! 1. Don’t skip […]

I’ll tell ya what-  there’s nothing better than a stress-free wedding day.   Especially after all the time, tears and bottles of wine that you invested making sure that it was absolutely perfect!    In years to come- when you relive your wedding day (through your photos)-  I want you to feel all the emotions […]

Sometimes we just need to play!   Wedding days tend to be a tad rushed, often allowing little time to get creative.  That makes our job more challenging, but none the less fun and the beautiful thing is… every year that passes- the more I love photographing weddings!   So- this post features something a little different.  It was […]

Welcome!! You know-  There is one core principal which I base my business on… and that  is being personable and authentic.   It’s so important to me that I can relate with my clients (you!) that I actually won’t take every wedding/session that comes my way.  Only if I truly feel that we are good fit will […]

Everything You Need to Know in Preparation for Your Engagement Session Your Questions Answered   What should we wear? Here are a few engagement prep tips I like to share when you’re thinking about what to wear for your e-session: Avoid being too matchy-matchy. Gone are the days of both couples wearing white t-shirts and […]

There are so many possibilities for what you can do with your images.   I will be adding to to this post-  so this is a start to get your creativity flowing!    You can also check out HERE for more inspiration!! POP QUIZ- What’s the best way to preserve your memories?  Answer!  Print them!     […]

New England Wedding Photographer What’s in my bag? Okay- so this blog post has been long in the making.   I frequently get asked what I shoot with.  Primarily from other photographers, but also from prospective wedding clients.   It really is a valid question.  When you looking to hire a New England Wedding Photographer- […]

Hey there!  So as y’all know-  I’ve recently, and completely re vamped my website and my blog.   Being a New England Wedding photographer (with dreams of changing that to national and international wedding photographer!!)-  I really wanted to grab the attention of those brides who like my style… brides who I can connect with. […]

What you need to know about digital files. Digital files are the hot item these days.  However , along with the many benefits of having access to the digital files, there are also risks with purchasing the digital files from your session or wedding.  I’m not sure that “risk” is the correct word to use, […]

What you need to know about digital files. Digital files are the hot item these days.  However , along with the many benefits of having access to the digital files, there are also risks with purchasing the digital files from your session or wedding.  I’m not sure that “risk” is the correct word to use, […]

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One of the special services we care about the most at K. Lenox Photography is celebrating the closing of a 4-year journey with senior portraits. We love to help capture personality, flavor, and emotion in our custom senior portrait services. I work to provide classic images that will stand the test of time on your online portfolio, graduation cards, in a frame in the living room or bedroom, or in your wallet.  

With K. Lenox Photography, the joy of your wedding is more than important to us. It's an imperative, which is why we offer our wedding photography services at a level of quality others cannot be compared to. Bridal photography, engagement photos, custom portraits--K. Lenox Photography does it all because we know how precious every moment is and how valuable it is to capture each. 

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