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Choosing the Right Wedding Vendors Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful parts of the engagement season.  Choosing the right wedding vendors can be tricky.  But it doesn’t have to be.   First though- I want you to remember that, no matter what happens,  the end goal is starting a fantastic marriage… […]


Things to Consider When Choosing your Wedding Venue Choosing your wedding venue takes a lot of time and research. Most couples feel it’s the hardest part of planning a wedding. You need to make sure that your venue ticks all the right boxes before you make a final decision.   Your venue will not only […]


Groovy Guy Gifts It’s a common tradition for the Bride and Grooms to gift the members of their bridal party with items, showing their gratitude for being such important roles in,  not only their wedding day but their lives.   As a wedding photographer,  I often see these gifts presented to their loved ones.  Well- […]


5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer for Your Wedding I was so honored when Alyssa from over at Beauty Ambition wrote in offering to write up a guest blog!    She asked what I would like her to write about- but I gave all creative freedom to her!   I LOVE what she came […]


Northern Lights Cheerleaders We all know and love the Northern Lights Cheerleaders and what they stand for!  These girls are dedicated and committed.  Not only to their sport but to each other.   Cheerleading is a team sport, one that relies on every single member of the squad… and these girls work hard! These young ladies […]


Digital files really aren’t that valuable.   I ( just a little ole’ Keene professional photographer) recently wrote a post talking about why we should print our images.   ( You can read more about that write-up HERE )    But- just for a re-cap I mention some reasons and rationale’s as to why we should […]


Print Your Photographs Why it matters. Why is it important to print your photographs? Let me help explain. Photography is an extremely powerful art form.   I mean… photography literally freezes time.   So why wouldn’t we print our most precious memories?    Whether you’re a photographer or a regular ole’ Joe Schmoe with an iPhone… you […]


Frequently Asked Questions   You know-  There is one core principal which I ( this NH Wedding Photographer) base my business on… and that is being personable and authentic.   It’s so important to me that I can relate to my clients (you!) that I actually won’t take every wedding/session that comes my way.  Only if I […]


Wall Art   There are so many possibilities for what you can do with your images.   Consider some Wall Art!!!  Here is just a taste of some possibilities!    You can also check out HERE for more inspiration!! POP QUIZ- What’s the best way to preserve your memories?  Answer!  Print them!     You can also […]


Professional Photography Wedding Gear Okay- so this blog post has been long in the making.   I frequently get asked what I shoot with.  Primarily from other photographers, but also from prospective wedding clients.   It really is a valid question.  When you looking to hire a New England Wedding Photographer – you want to […]










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