Your engagement session will be anything but "ordinary". K. Lenox couples always start out with drinks and snacks first!  

If you or your fiance` are nervous about being in front of the camera, don't worry! You aren't the only ones. In fact, that's the best possible reason to have an engagement session before your wedding day! 

I guarantee, within minutes you'll both feel totally comfortable and confident in front of my cameras. You'll get to witness my goofy and un-conventional shooting style... and I'll learn a lot just observing how you two interact when there's no schedule or guests to attend to. Just the two of you. (Okay- three of us!) and one very memorable date night! 

Engagement Sessions

Getting married?

Because engagement sessions are such an important part of the wedding experience, they are offered exclusively to K. Lenox couples. 

Complimentary with 8+ hours of wedding coverage. 

Valued at $750

"I just want ordinary pictures."

~said nobody ever