1.  Love their style work.  (posing, editing etc)-  Just like your wedding will be unique to you,  each photographer has a style and vision unique to them.    Be sure to choose a photographer whose style lines up with yours.   After all- these photos will be the representation of your of who you are.  (for many lifetimes!) 

2.  Love them.  Aside from their work,  you should be able to totally and utterly mesh with your photographer!  Rather than being "just a vendor", your photographer should be a friend.    Developing genuine and authentic relationship with your photographer will not only enhance your experience, but will allow them to truly capture the true essence of who you are.   After all- they will be by your side more than your spouse on your wedding day. 

3.  Don't focus only on price.  Your wedding photos will be with you forever.   These images will be a documentation of your family history.  Your legacy.  You want to make sure they are incredible and truly stand the test of time.   Photography isn't just another expense.  It's an investment.  (and one that only gains value as time passes) 

4.  Professional.  Is the photographer a true professional?  Anyone these days can buy a digital camera and call themselves a photographer.  A true  professional photographers have taken the additional steps to ensure you receive an amazing experience and end product. Examples of those steps include:  licensed in the state they reside,  they carry insurance,  they invest in professional equipment & back up equipment.
   Additionally they are always seeking more education to better themselves, the client experience and the craft.  

5.  Peace of mind.  Professional and Experienced wedding photographers have seen it all.   They (we) know how to respond to just about every scenario a hectic wedding day can unexpectedly throw at you.    You are working with a trained professional who can make the best out of every situation.   When it comes down to it- your memories are priceless.   And not worth the risk.  

6. Heirloom Products.  Does the wedding photographer offer professional, archival prints and products?   Your wedding images should be cherished, preserved and passed on.   Only archival and museum grade albums and prints can guarantee their longevity.  

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Hiring a  photographer is a very personal decision. Here is what you can expect from K. Lenox! 

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