Rustic Wedding Style Guide

Rustic Wedding decor at the Inn at the Round barn in Waitsfield VT.
Wooden Wagon Wheels found upon the entrance of this Rustic Wedding. White candles and the wedding menu.

Rustic Wedding Style Guide

Choosing the theme for your wedding day is a major decision you have to cross off your wedding planning checklist. From Bohemian and vintage to travel and beach weddings, there are so many wedding themes to choose from. Yet, there is this one particular theme that is growing more and more popular. The Rustic Wedding!

Future brides and grooms are aiming for a relaxed vibe and a pleasant outdoor atmosphere. And there are many ways to incorporate this popular Rustic Vibe.

There is something about rustic weddings that speaks to many weds-to-be. Which is why it’s no surprise rustic wedding themes continue to reign supreme.

Perhaps consider the homespun yet gorgeous tables, chairs, and decor. Looking to incorporate the nature-inspired theme into your wedding? Here are some tips on how you can do it successfully.

How to decorate your rustic venue

Simple, beautiful, and laid-back – those three words perfectly capture the essence of rustic weddings. The beauty of the countryside makes for an amazing backdrop for a wedding. While the surrounding trees, plants, and greenery serve as charming decor. So there’s really no need for you to add too many accessories. 

Rustic Wedding Decoration- in a bed of lavender seeds.

Take a cue from the color palette of your surroundings and incorporate timber, metals, and chalkboards into your wedding decor. String lights, bare bulbs, and fairy lights are the perfect minimalist additions that will help illuminate a barn venue. While candles, tealights, and lanterns will add to the romantic, rustic vibe of your wedding.

What to decorate your tables with

Rustic floral arrangements are the perfect way to decorate your wedding tables and provide the perfect centerpieces. There’s no need to go and purchase vases for the flowers – empty jam jars will give your tables a rustic charm. (And you’ll also save some money along the way. )

Roses and hydrangeas in pastel colors will add to the romantic vibe of the theme. While additional greenery and foliage will give your floral arrangements that earthy feel.

You can also include a couple of bowls filled with seasonal fruits and place them next to the flowers. As for the bouquet, it’s best to match it to your centerpieces to create a sense of cohesiveness.

What to wear on rustic wedding

When it comes to your wedding attire, you want to choose a dress and suit that have elegant silhouettes and are simple in design.

Lacy dresses and lightweight suits are perfect for summer outdoor weddings. While shrugs and suits made of thick materials will keep the bride and groom cozy.

When it comes to the wedding guests, the rustic wedding theme is rather easy to dress. The dress code is usually casual or semi-formal, and women can purchase dresses they can wear in different seasons. A printed Realisation Par dress would be a perfect choice for women as they come in cheerful prints and patterns that would blend in seamlessly into the rustic theme of the wedding.

What your rustic cake should look like

Rustic Wedding Naked Cake
Naked Cake perfect for a Rustic Wedding

Another important wedding element, your cake should also blend in with the rustic theme. Semi-naked wedding cakes are perfect for rustic weddings because of their simple beauty and minimalist design. Usually decorated with seasonal fruits and berries, rustic wedding cakes are covered with a bit of white buttercream to achieve that “almost iced” look and add the perfect finishing touch.

You could also choose to decorate with flowers. So instead of fruits and add foliage to give it a more earthy tone. And while you could opt for a glass or porcelain cake stand, placing your semi-naked wedding cake on a log would be the perfect way to complete the rustic look.

These four elements are key to organizing a rustic style wedding. If you two have thought about it and you feel like this natural theme resonates with your personalities and tastes, there is nothing else left to do but get all the necessary things, get your soon-to-be spouse, and start preparing for your big day!

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