Enjoy Your Day, Relish Every Moment! Be Present In Your Memories And Leave The Rest Up To Us! 

What you can expect

Searching for moments that encapsulate your wedding day is just one part of our process. Effortlessly capturing the energy and essence? Well, that requires a keen eye, quick feet, and more advanced planning than you might think.

As you stay present in the hours that make up your wedding day, we’ll be the one to catch all those fleeting times, that you may be too busy to notice. Keeping a good balance between the pictures you know you want, and the ones you never saw coming. 

So just be yourself. Enjoy every minute, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Wedding Photography

• One-of-a-Kind-Imagery
An elegant composition of natural light, soft color, and your unique style

+ Magazine-Worthy-Photography
"Print perfect" photographs without a time-consuming photoshoot
+ Timeless Coverage
Photos of the details, moments, and stories you'll want to share forever

+ Five-Star Service
Intuitive service and proactive collaboration with your entire creative team


Chatting with you directly will offer so much insight, where we can better understand your needs.
Our Simple, All-Inclusive pricing includes everything needed for stress-free coverage.   

Services begin at $5,500 (for 1 artist),  with most of our clients investing around $6900+ 

If this price range fits your budget, inquire below to receive more information.

Average Investment

Tell  us  about  your  day

Coverage w/ 2 artists starting at $6200 

 The Process

( I'll totally explain more in person.  :) )


If we feel we are a good fit for each other, then it's time to make it official! Booking is as easy as clicking a link!  From there the system will walk you through it.   

Once Booked- we start planning your engagement session! 


When it's time,  I’ll work closely with you,  your hair and makeup team, and your coordinator to put together the perfect schedule of photography and list of family portraits.

I’ll scout photo locations and dial in every last detail so you can focus on other important things – like perfecting your kick ass dance moves for the after party. 


After your wedding, I'll be working on perfecting your images and designing your album!  

For now- let's just focus on getting a call scheduled- And then we'll take it from there.   No stress. No worries.  :) 




Short answer: Yes.  
We hope you give us a chance to show you.  (After all- actions speak louder than words.  Right?)

how many?

Short Answer:  A lot
But seriously- we end up delivering about 50-75 pics/ hour of coverage.  Sometimes more. Sometimes less.   No matter what... your story will be beautifully and thoroughly told. 


Short Answer: Yes!  

Is K. Lenox Worth the Investment?


are you guys insured?

Do you have more detailED answers?

Short Answer: Yes!   LOL
Click here  to read more.  :) 


More information about albums can be found HERE


Albums are important! Which is why I give every couple a complimentary album.   Your included Highlight album  is 8x8 Linen book,  w/ 20 pages. 

Upgrades Available.

go bigger?

Short Answer:  Yes
I love to design your album to be solid representation of your big day. Which often requires more than the included 20 pages (10 spreads). You will have the option to remove {or add} spreads during the revision process.  Most of couples upgrade their album.   They are totally worth the investment.


Short Answer:  It varies
Things like Cover Choice, extra spreads, bigger sized albums all affect the price.  On average,  my couples invest around $1500 on their wedding album.  (Discounts available)

What's Included? 

Should we upgrade?

What is some pricing?

Sure... digital galleries and have their place. (instant sharing, posting etc) But seeing your images, printed in a heirloom wedding album, you will begin to truly appreciate your memories.  

•Hand crafted
•Simple in structure 
•Thick pages ~1.2mm
•Clean in design
•Classic and timeless.
 All my albums come with a LIFETIME workmanship guarantee. 

Each Album comes with 20 pages.
 Additional spreads $75 each
Sizes available: 8x8, 10x10, 12x12

• 8 hours coverage w/ two artists
• Complimentary Engagement session
• Complimentary Album Credit
• Digital Images w/ printing rights
• 86-page bridal guide
• Collaborative shot lists
• Timelines, travel, peace of mind. . . . & more


Your Wedding Experience


Easy to work with

Day of fun and calm.

We are committed to

Heirloom Albums + Archival Prints

You're all about having fun. We want your big day to feel like a wedding- not like a photo session.  Capturing genuine smiles is easy when you're actually having fun! 

 It's our priority to be easy to work with- not only for our couples, but for your friends, family and other vendors as well!  We're part of an incredible team working together to make your wedding day the best it can possibly be. 

Our couples are busy- we get it!   Scheduling a call and booking can all be done online via your own portal.   Additionally- we are always available to you for questions, advice or even just to chat! 

The magnitude and significance of this day is not lost on you; you want to be able to hold each memory in your hand, revisit each moment every time you relax in your living room, and have a tactile piece of your legacy to pass down to your family as it grows throughout the years.

Get in Touch to learn more

Well, that all depends on what you value.   

But in short... YES- we are worth the investment!  Among other things, we invest a lot of intensive time, providing a hands on, customized and personal service to each and every couple.   Additionally, we make extra investments on the business side to ensure your images are safe, our gear is always in tip-top condition, and our skills are continually enhanced.   And the Products we offer are archival, and "top of the line". (oh, and not to mention, our customer service + experience is top notch!) 

If the quality of your images, and the whole experience aren't a priority, You would be better off hiring an intern or a budget photographer.   They will have less experience, but your investment will be much less as well.  

Are you worth the investment?

I'm a huge advocate for prints!  While Digital images serve their purpose... nothing compares to holding your images in your hands.   

For right now- all you have to do is get your wedding day reserved.  And I'll be with you every step of the way.   I'll also start getting you information about different print products and albums that are available to you.  That way... after the big day get here,  you will have an idea of how you want to showcase your pictures!   

When your gallery is ready, you will have the opportunity to select heirloom albums, prints,  and collections at a discounted rate. 

Tell me more about The prints and albums after the wedding!

Absolutely! I travel more often than not for weddings. I've shot Wedding in PA, SC, ME, NH, MA, CT, NY and the list keeps growing! Travel fees are included for most new England locations, and for weddings taking place in the Low Country of SC. (Beaufort, Hilton Head etc)   

Please note, that while travel is included, City locations (Boston, NYC etc), and high end locations (Newport RI, the Cape, Paris, etc), the hotel fees tend to be more expensive. 

Complimentary Engagement Sessions include 50 miles of travel.  If your session is to take place further than 50 miles out, session fees will be assessed on a case by case basis.    Any travel requiring longer than 2 hours of travel (each way) will be charged the full session rate of $650.     

Is Travel/ACCOMMODATIONS included in the price?

You’ve got enough on your plate—our thorough and detail oriented approach ensures you’ll have more photos than you could ever need or want, but we do recommend bringing to our attention any special people, planned moments, or unique details you’d like to capture that we might not know to anticipate.

On your wedding day, please have the rings, dress, shoes, jewelry and any other heirlooms you’d like in the photos in the bridal suite. We will typically spend the first hour of our coverage shooting your details and final hair/makeup. 

Do I need to make a "Shot List" of my desired photos?

My second shooters all bring a lot of talent and enthusiasm to the table, so naturally I recommend having one along. Realistically though, I know that budgets exist and that the added cost of a second photographer may be more than you are wanting to spend.

As a rule of thumb, if you have more than 100 guests coming to your wedding or a wedding party larger than 10 (including the bride and groom), I would recommend keeping the second shooter as a part of your wedding experience. Although I've shot many weddings solo- having that additional shooter offers many couples that added level of peace of mind. 

Do I need a second shooter?

Absolutely!! (But believe me- you will appreciate it!!) I'm actually a pretty laid-back gal, but when it comes to your wedding day- preparation is the key to success. Don't worry- I'm not stressed or anxious. . . just organized. This allows me to bring relaxed energy to your day. You will receive a few very detailed questionnaires about 3 months from your wedding date, which covers everything! After I review the details, I put together a final timeline for your day, and we schedule our final meeting. We plan and prepare so that you can just relax and let-go on your wedding day!

ARe you Organized?

ONE. 1. Uno... That's it... only one. Many of my colleagues will shoot back to back weddings. I simply can't offer my clients the very best doing that. Once I am booked for your wedding- I won't take any other jobs that weekend. This allows me to fully focus all my attention to you, on the most important day of your life. 

As for 'Each year' this changes, but for 2023, I’m only accepting 25. I do this so I can give my couples the best experience and photos possible and not spread myself thin. I focus on quality, not quantity. I’m not in this for the money, I’m in this for you.  

How many Wedding do you shoot in a weekend?

Absolutely not. In fact, because of how efficiently I work on the day of and the help I give you in preparing your family picture list, most family photo sessions on a wedding day are complete within 10-15 minutes. (The time it takes though also depends on your family members promptness and cooperation level) 

That being said, when crafting a timeline- I do add in plenty of "buffer time", which typically will set aside 30-45 minutes for these family portraits. This just allows us to have a little wiggle room in case things are running behind.  

Do we have to spend an hour taking famiily photos?

Like every encounter you’ll have with me, I make it as convenient as possible.  Just contact me via the form above, and we will schedule a call.  If we are a right fit- I'll send a customized proposal, which will be specifically tailored to you and your wedding day needs.    I require a non-refundable initial payment, along with a signed agreement.   

How do we book you?

Absolutely.  Many wedding venues require their vendors to be insured.   Rest assured- I take my business (and your photos) very seriously.   I'll be able to provide your venue with proof of insurance when requested.