Bourbon and Wine… yep! And that’s how we roll!  As you will read below-  we met at the Green Briar- which is where they met, had their first date and proposed.  (Wait til you read the story-  it’s awesome!  And better yet- its all on video!

I arrived first to scope out the first location.  That way when Meghan and Andy arrived we  could all enjoy some wine (Bourbon for Andy!)… and get to catch up.  It’s nice to just be able to hang out.   I’ll tell you what… I have the best couples in the world- because they all end up friends.

The timing of our session couldn’t have worked out more perfect!  I was heading down to Newport RI for a photography workshop–  so I made a quick stop in Boston to meet up with Meghan and Andy!   I can’t even begin to tell you just how much fun I had.    We started with drinks and ended with dinner.   (Oh and wait til you see the pictures!  They came out auh-maz-ing! )

When planning their session- they really wanted some of the pictures to showoff the cityscape…so we could really capture the true essence of where they live.   The day couldn’t have been better.  It was warm and sunny, and the Super Bowl was playing- so traffic was minimal! (haha)

Below are some of Meghan and Andy’s answers to fun questions that I ask all my couples!  Then after that…. more images from their session!

October 2010 and Andy had driven from Albany to Boston to visit a childhood friend, Dan. Meg was out at a local bar, The Green Briar, with a girlfriend, Tina. After a drink, the girls decided to move on to another bar and began to head out as Andy and Dan were walking in. Meg stopped, immediately noticing the tall, handsome gentleman with incredible hair (even more impressive than hers) walking in. At the time, Meg, Tina, and Dan were all working together and the foursome stopped to connect. Sparks flew immediately between Meg and Andy, who spent the rest of the weekend together before Andy headed home to Albany.

YOUR FIRST DATE? (funny, romantic, awkward?)
After meeting in October, Meg and Andy exchanged a few random text messages here and there. While they were both very interested in each other, neither thought a long distance relationship was in the cards. After months of flirting, Andy decided to come back to Boston in December, “to visit Dan.” Friday night, Andy showed up at Meg’s apartment, picked her up, and the two drove to Quincy for a bar crawl with some of Andy’s friends. Initially, they both felt a little funny being back together after some time apart, both experiencing butterflies. Quickly becoming comfortable, the two began drinking, telling jokes, and getting to know each other on a deeper level. Due to a bar fight and a friend with a black eye, the night ended in a very action-packed way!

THE PROPOSAL! Where When How?
In July after five years of dating, Meg was at work on a Thursday afternoon when she received a frantic phone call from Andy, claiming to have had a terrible experience at work, ready to quit his job. Andy told Meg he needed her to come meet him at a bar in Brighton to discuss options. Meg immediately jumped in her car and started driving to Brighton, where Andy had asked her to meet him at The Green Briar – the bar where they had first met and visited yearly on their anniversary. She walked in, Andy was nowhere, but a bartender was waiting with a glass of champagne and a purple envelope, containing an invitation to the private back room. Meg walked in to find no Andy, but flowers and candles everywhere, with one of “their songs” playing in the background. Five tables were set up, the first covered in pictures from their first year together, the second table with pictures from their second year together, and so on. On each table, there was also a purple envelope – each containing one “chapter” from the couple’s first meeting, and the associated emotions both Meg and Andy had felt. The final card ended with, “follow the rose petals to learn the next chapter…” and when Meg turned around, a purple arrow made of rose petals had been constructed on the floor, pointing at Andy. Meg walked up, and in true Andy fashion was greeted with, “What’s up. So, what do you want to talk about?”

An incredible proposal followed along with a great deal of ugly crying. The couple drove to Andy’s parents’ house in Lake George, NY with Meg’s family that weekend to celebrate.

Visiting new breweries
Take new adventures together (skydiving, roadtrips to new places, cooking classes)
Embarrass others with excessive PDA
Exploring new cities
Spending time with family and friends
Visiting museums
Try new restaurants (we wouldn’t call ourselves foodies – we’re just hungry)
Spend time in Lake George with Andy’s parents
Try new beers and whiskies

We think we’ve made good progress, but continue coming across new tasks to complete!

We’ve rented out a YMCA camp in NH on Lake Winnipesaukee and are thrilled to have family and friends up to spend the weekend, complete with field day activities, bonfires, and traditional camp fun. We’ll be married September 10th, 2016.

Lots of ideas but no set plan! As Meg has just begun a masters program, school will be in full swing when we get married. We’ll be waiting until December to embark on our honeymoon, and are looking forward to having extra time to plan our next big adventure together!

Boston Winter Engagement Session-2

Boston Winter Engagement Session-1

Boston Winter Engagement Session-8

Boston Winter Engagement Session-10

Boston Winter Engagement Session-17

Boston Winter Engagement Session-23

Boston Winter Engagement Session-25

Boston Winter Engagement Session-31

Boston Winter Engagement Session-37

Boston Winter Engagement Session-38

Boston Winter Engagement Session-41

Boston Winter Engagement Session-43

Boston Winter Engagement Session-46

Boston Winter Engagement Session-48

Boston Winter Engagement Session-51

Boston Winter Engagement Session-54

Boston Winter Engagement Session-56

Boston Winter Engagement Session-60

Boston Winter Engagement Session-65

Boston Winter Engagement Session-70

Boston Winter Engagement Session-73

Boston Winter Engagement Session-79

I am so very excited for their wedding late this summer!

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Bourbon and Wine | Boston Winter Engagement Session

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