I can’t wait to introduce you to Anna and Kyle (Oh and Harper too!) We had so much fun together creating images during their Light and Airy Engagement Session on Monday!

We first met up for drinks at The Woodbound Inn in Rindge- before heading over to the Cathedral of the Pines for their session! We had perfect weather and some incredible conversation.

Typically engagement sessions include just the couple. Sometimes a playful pup comes along- but this time… this time, it was the most adorable little lady named Harper!

Harper is 10 months old! She is the daughter of Anna and Kyle! (I can’t wait to see her as a flower girl in their wedding next year at The Bedford Village Inn!)

Anna + Kyle

I just love these two!! They are hard workers, down-to-earth, and just so easy to work with! I seriously could have stayed around all night just talking to them.

I seriously love what I do. I get to work with the most amazing people. Each of which come from different backgrounds and have unique stories. I can’t even begin to express just how grateful I am that I get to make friends with the couples I have the honor of working with.

So without further Ado… let’s hear more from Anna and Kyle! (As well as see some of the beautiful photos we made!!)

Light and Airy engagement photo taken at Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge NH.  Family of Three, all wearing Jeans.
Light and Airy engagement photo showing a family of three.  10 month old little girl wearing a blue dress.
Meet Ann, Kyle and Harper!! (our +1)

How did you guys meet?

We met at a bar after an Ed Sheeran concert! We started talking pretty randomly and both realized that we had an equal love of playing music and of course, My friend came back around and we ended up having to leave. I said goodbye to him and started to walk away. He followed me outside the bar and said we needed to keep in touch! We started communicating and the rest is history!

Black and White photos showing a man and woman holding hands and hugging during their Light and Airy Engagement Session with K. Lenox Photography
Man wearing grey t-shirt and a woman wearing a pink blouse hug each other during their Light and Airy Engagement session with K. Lenox photography

Tell us about your first date! (Was it fun, awkward, boring, etc) We love details!!

I suggested we go to a restaurant in Salem, MA called The Howling Wolf for $2 tacos and beers! We both love Mexican food so it was a must. It was fun and we never ran out of things to talk about.

Light and Airy photo showing a 10 month old little girl wearing a blue dress and holding her parents hands as she tries to stand.
Light and Airy photo showing a woman wearing a pink blouse and blue jeans is getting hugged by her fiance during their Engagement Session.

Tell us about the proposal!

It was the day after Thanksgiving and I had already made sure we had our Christmas tree (because I love decorating for the holidays!). I was putting ornaments on the tree and I turned to ask Kyle if he thought the spot I had picked for one of them was good. He was behind me, down on one knee, with our daughter next to him, smiling.

Light and Airy Film inspired photo of a 10 month old little girl wearing a blue dress.  Pink Flower petals are falling around her.
Light and Airy Engagement Ring Photo of a diamond solitaire with a diamond band.  Photographed surrounded by pink flowers.

What do you guys do for fun? (Both together and as individuals?)

Kyle’s a huge sports fan, so we watch a lot of sports together. We also both share an equal love for cooking and grilling, so we make food a lot, but also like to enjoy a fancy dinner every so often. Kyle plays in a band that has shows once or twice a month. Those are always such a fun opportunity to get out for the night and relax and have fun. Music is a huge part of our lives. We both play multiple instruments and sing.

Light and Airy Family photo showing a dad lift his 10-month infant over his head while mom smiles.
Light and Airy Family photo showing a family of three walking and holding hands.
Black and White photo showing a little girl (10 month old) wearing her daddy's hat.

Do either of you have funny quirks or habits that drives the other nuts? (HAHA)

Kyle has a tendency to open a drink and then forget about it and leave it somewhere, then he will go open another can of the same drink! It drives me nuts but I love him!

I think for Kyle, it’s that when I go to run an errand, I get distracted in the store or end up running multiple errands at a time so I’m gone for longer than expected! Oops!

Light and Airy Engagement session Photo showing a man and woman holding hands  and hugging.
Light and Airy engagement photo showing a man and woman playing around and picking her up.

How are the wedding plans coming along? What are your wedding day visions?

The wedding plans are slowly coming along! We are so excited about our venue choice and all the decisions we have made so far. We both really love the rustic elegance vibe so I think that’s what we’re aiming for.

Light and Airy family photo showing a family of three.  Mom, Dad and 10 month old little girl.
Light and Airy Family Photo taken during an engagement session at Cathedral of the Pines.  Showing a family of three.

As a couple who is currently actively planning your wedding- can you offer any advice to other couples? What would be your biggest piece of advice?

I’m a huge fan of checklists. Kyle knows this too. I write out a checklist for everything that needs to be done and the date that I’d like to have it done by. It helps me organize my thoughts and ensures that we aren’t forgetting anything important!

Also don’t be afraid to ask for help. My mom and sister have been my biggest helpers through it all

Man and Woman hug during their light and airy engagement session with K. Lenox Photography
Black and White photo showing a man and woman kissing during their engagement session with K. Lenox Photography

What do you both do for a living?

Kyle is a master plumber and gas fitter who owns a business that works in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire and I am a mental health counselor that works with youth and families.

Candid and natural photos taken of a father playing with his daughter.

Anything else you would like to share that is interesting, funny, etc?

Kyle tells me that my first date suggestion of going to a place that sold $2 tacos is how he knew he wanted to be with me! Haha!

Light and Airy Engagement Photo taken at Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge NH.  Man tickles his fiance and makes her laugh.

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Light and Airy Engagement Session (+1)

Light and Airy Engagement Session Photo showing a man and woman hugging.

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