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A Southern Gal at heart currently living in New England.   A potty mouth, lover of red wine and a goof.

About Kris

Oh man!!! Engagement sessions are incredibly fun! They are the perfect way to get to know each other, all while making some beautiful portraits in a relaxed manner.

As you know- wedding day timelines can sometimes leave little time to get portraits of the happy couple. (and not to mention- lighting may not always be on our side either) . So engagement sessions offer the perfect opportunity to get some fun, laid-back photos, without the stresses of the wedding day.

I often say that beauty shines from within. And it’s so very true. There are beautiful people… and then there are BEAUTIFUL SOULS. Well.. I think it’s safe to say that Kelly and Sean are GORGEOUS SOULS!

Kelly and Sean

Kelly and Sean are AWESOME!!! Not only is Kelly incredibly Gorgeous. Her smile is infectious, and her personality shines brighter than the sun. And Sean- I LOVED his sense of humor and his good-lookin’ smile. Both are incredibly good looking on their own… but you should see how beautiful they are together. Seriously-just wait til you see the way they make each other laugh.

Below you will get to read more about the happy couple! And see their photos too!! You will be seeing more photos of these guys Next May when they head to the Bedford Village Inn for their May Wedding!!!

UPDATE: See Kelly and Sean’s Sequel Wedding at the Bedford village Inn {2021}

How did you guys meet?

Kelly: We both attended the University of New Hampshire, but we did not meet until senior year at a Cinco de Mayo party. We hit it off right away. Sean was making me laugh so much. As the end of the night, Kelly went home and turned around to wave bye to my friends. I saw Sean looking to see where I was going. I will always remember this! Sean made a lasting impression.

Man and woman have an outdoor engagement session in Brattleboro vt.  They are hugging surrounded by trees.
An outdoor engagement session in Brattleboro VT with a Man and a Woman holding hands.

Tell us about your first date! (Was it fun, awkward, boring, etc) We love details!

Our first date was at Lexie’s Joint in Portsmouth, NH. We ate a burger, fries, and milkshakes. When we arrived back to UNH, someone was setting off fireworks for graduation. We watched from Sean’s balcony. It was the perfect date!

Man and Woman hold hands during their Outdoor Engagement Session in Brattleboro VT
Man and Woman walk along the CT river during their Outdoor Engagement Session in Brattleboro VT.

Tell us about the proposal!

Shortly after my sister’s wedding, we found a quiet, hilltop cabin on a beautiful cattle farm in Central Vermont. I told Kelly that it was our chance to unplug from the world and just spend time with each other. We spent 3 amazing nights falling asleep under the stars, doing puzzles, reading books, and enjoying every moment together on the farm. After a fun day brushing and feeding the Scottish Highland cattle on the farm, we settled in to do our favorite puzzle. I was insistent that we end the puzzle in time to watch the sunset from the fire pit. Kelly had a feeling something was awry… We moved outside, Kelly wrapped in a blanket, as I nervously hid the ring in a leather glove in my pocket.

Kelly talked about how amazing the entire trip was, even the little moments like walking through the grass covered in so much morning dew that we had to dry our boots and socks by the fire. My voice shaking, I agreed and started telling her about how many times I’ve wanted to stop and tell her how I want to spend the rest of my life with her but I didn’t have a ring in my pocket. She laughed as I said “but now I do”.

As I got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage, she still couldn’t believe it. After asking “are you serious?!” a dozen times through teary eyes, she finally remembered to say “YES!”

It is hard to imagine a happier moment than this in my life. But with Kelly at my side, I’m sure this is just the first of many.

Black and White photo of a man and woman hugging during their Outdoor Engagement Session in Brattleboro VT- Riverside.
Man and Woman laugh together in this closeup image of an Outdoor Engagement Session in Brattleboro VT

What do you guys do for fun? (Both together and as individuals?)

We enjoy activities outdoors, especially skiing, gardening, camping, walking, and boating. We love to be active, but we also enjoy a quiet night in. Sean is an excellent cook, so we spend most nights in. Kelly loves to bake. We love to laugh. We attend comedy shows regularly and watch ‘The Office’ every night.

Outdoor Engagement Session in Brattleboro VT
Man and Woman kiss during their Outdoor Engagement Session in Brattleboro VT

Do either of you have funny quirks or habits that drives the other nuts? (HAHA)

Of course, we do! Sean is very particular about random things, like bagging groceries or folding socks. Kelly is more carefree and would rather spend time doing other things. Kelly loves to sing in the shower, typically just one line of a song… over and over. Sean will get the one line of the song stuck in his head and hours later, he is singing “Working at the Car Wash” at his work desk.

Black and White picture of a tender moment between a couple during their Outdoor Engagement Session in Brattleboro VT
Man picks woman up during their Outdoor Engagement Session in Brattleboro VT.  Light and Airy photo by K. Lenox photography.
Sun Drenched image of an Outdoor Engagement Session in Brattleboro VT-showing a couple holding hands and wrapped up hugging.

How are the wedding plans coming along? What are your wedding day visions?

The wedding plans are slowly coming together. In our day-to-day lives, we do not plan much and “go with the flow”. Wedding planning has been an adjustment! However, it is fun to see everything come together. Also, our families have been a huge help! Our wedding day vision is a day filled with joy, laughter, and happiness with family and friends. No fuss or stress!

Black and White Photo of a Man and woman climbing an outdoor set of stairs.
Photo of a man and woman cuddling and talking during their Outdoor Engagement Session with K. Lenox Photography

As a couple who is currently actively planning your wedding- can you offer any advice to other couples? What would be your biggest piece of advice?

If there is one piece of advice we can offer, it is to hire professionals that you connect with personally. Everything is easier when you feel comfortable with each other. You feel more relaxed, which always makes the process more enjoyable! We have also found that picking a day in the week to focus on wedding planning is helpful. It naturally becomes part of your routine and makes the process manageable.

Black and White photo of a man and woman cuddling at the Park during their engagement session with K. Lenox Photography.
Color photo of a casual engaged couple at the park with green trees behind them.

What do you both do for a living?

Sean works in healthcare technology sales and Kelly is a licensed social worker.

Anything else you would like to share that is interesting, funny, etc? 

Thank you for being awesome and immediately putting us at ease!

Black and white photo of a man and woman with their foreheads together for their outdoor engagement session with K. Lenox Photography
Engaged couple next to a Stone wall during their engagement session.

Congratulations to this Kelly and Sean!!!

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