Spring Engagement Session in Keene

Light and Airy Engagement photo taken in Keene NH by K. Lenox Photography

So I know the title of this post also includes Tacos and Tequila- but I don’t actually have any photos of those items. But I can say that is how this Spring Engagement session in Keene started out! haha

Brandon and Emily

Wow… just Wow! I FREAKIN’ Love these two! We started our session at Margaritas. (Right downtown Keene) And it just so happens that these guys have a tradition of taking a tequila shot before doing certain things. So…. out came the tequila! LOL

I seriously could talk with these two for hours. (And we actually did- because after the session we headed back out for more drinks and conversation. What’s even better? Their family came out to join us!!

Emily is not only STUNNINGLY gorgeous! But She is so kind and beautiful on the inside too. And Brandon, not only is he funny as hell, He is a respected Veteran of the USMC. To say that these two impress me, would be a total understatement.

Emily and Brandon have such a silly and sultry chemistry… that it was hard choosing the photos to post here. . . there are just so many. So why don’t I get to show you exactly what I mean!

These two will be getting Married on Sept 7th right in Keene! I’m so excited to see what magical images we create on their wedding day!!


How did you guys meet?

We have been in school together since Kindergarten. We grew up a few miles down the road from each other and were in the same circle of friends in high school. After graduation, Brandon joined the Marine Corps and I went to college. While he was home on leave my senior year, we really hit it off.

Young man and Woman hug standing in front of Red Maple Trees during their Spring Engagement Session in Keene NH.
Light and Airy Photos taken of a young man and woman casually dressed in Jeans, during their spring engagement session in Keene.   K. Lenox Photography
Playful couple laughing during their spring engagement session in Keene NH.

Tell us about your first date!!

After spending a lot of time together catching up with friends over the holidays, I asked Emily out to a nice dinner on New Year’s Eve. We celebrated the New Year with good conversation and lots of wine.

Tell us about the proposal!

After college, Emily moved down south to be closer to where I was stationed. Two days before Christmas, we had plans to go visit this big Chrismas light display at an old estate called Bellingrath Gardens. I knew I wanted to propose that night, so earlier that day I Face-Timed Emily’s parents to ask their permission. There were hundreds of people visiting the gardens that night and I knew Emily wouldn’t want a bunch of attention drawn to us. As we were walking along, I went off the path into a secluded roped off area and tried to get Emily to follow me. Unfortunately, she is a really big rule follower and almost wouldn’t come with me. After some convincing, I finally got her alone and that’s when I popped the question!

Man peeks around a stone pillar at this gorgeous fiance during their spring engagement session at Keene State College.
Casual and Natural photo taken during the spring at Keene state College.
Man Hugs Woman from Behind during their Casual and Laid-back Spring engagement session in Keene.

What do you like to do for fun?

We both love to do anything outdoors, especially when it’s warm out. And, we love checking out breweries and restaurants, cooking, and hiking or walking with our dog. We both also really enjoy plenty of down time just relaxing at home.

Do either of you have funny quirks or habits that drives the other nuts? (HAHA

Emily leaves the cabinet doors open almost every time she goes in them!!

Brandon is super forgetful and it drives me nuts.

Man and Woman twirl and flirt during their spring engagement session in Keene NH.
Man and Woman casually hug and flirt during their engagement session in Keene NH with K. Lenox Photography
Woman gets lifted up by her finance during their engagement session in Keene.
Professional Makeup : 5 Diamond Salon
Black and White Photo of a Man and Woman holding hands and looking into each others eyes.
Three photos of a man and woman candid and having fun during their engagement session in Keene NH.

How are the wedding plans coming along? What are your wedding day visions?

he plans are coming along, but we have a lot of the fine details to work out still. We are hoping for a fun and romantic day that reflects our love. We can’t wait to celebrate with everyone!

As a couple who is currently actively planning your wedding- can you offer any advice to other couples? What would be your biggest piece of advice?

I wish I had gotten serious about planning sooner and I also wish I hired someone! I think the more you can evenly divide tasks and work on things together, the better it goes.

Playful man and woman laughing during their spring engagement session in Keene NH.  Man picks woman up and tosses her around playfully.
Man and Woman walk and hold hands while on the KSC campus in Keene NH.

What do you both for a living?

I am a chemist at a pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company and Brandon is a field service metrologist.

Anything else you would like to share that is interesting, funny, etc?

We both have grandmothers named Martha and our moms have the same birthday (along with a lot of other little things in common).

Light and Airy photo taken in Keene during a spring engagement session with K. lenox Photography
Black and White photo of a man and woman hugging during their evening engagement session in Keene NH.
Diamond Halo Engagement Ring
Black and White Engagement PHoto taken in Keene NH.
Small Brown Dog wearing a pink Harness
Man and Woman walk their small dog next to white birch trees during their spring engagement session in Keene NH.
Light and Airy photographs of a man and woman walking and holding hands during their engagement session with K. Lenox Photography.
Light and Airy photo of a man and woman during their Keene NH spring engagement session.

Congratulations to Emily and Brandon for their upcoming Wedding in September!!

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