Man o Man- What a whirlwind of a session I had with Bethany and Andrew!! Below you will see images from their Spring Engagement Session in Boston. Aside from met getting lost in Boston- then losing my car keys, this had to have been one of the best sessions!!!

Why have an engagement session?

Engagement Session at the Seaport in Boston during the Spring.

Well- there are many reasons actually. And depending on the photographers “school of thought” you may hear different answers. For me though- one of the main reasons (for me) is the chance to truly get to connect with my couples.

The Engagement Session allows us to first really get a chance to talk and relax! To just hang out. Before we start taking any photos- we just enjoy a drink and decompress from the day. I get a feel for the couple- and they get a feel for me. (potty mouth and all-hehe)

When it comes to the wedding day- having an engagement session can truly make your photos turn out so much better! (and not to mention more efficiently because we already know our quirks!!) If you want to read more ways to guarantee amazing wedding photos- just click HERE

Bethany and Andrew

Woman wearing a light pink dress and a man wearing a light blue shirt have their spring engagement photos taken in Boston at the Seaport.

So now let me officially introduce you to Bethany and Andrew! Just two cool peeps who was really patient with me during their session! (If you follow social media- you may have noticed that I mentioned I was a hot mess for their engagement session. HAHA. Think- country gal getting lost in Boston, then losing my car keys! ha- they were so totally patient with me! LOL

Seriously though- These two are just the most beautiful couple! Bethany is not only gorgeous- but she also is very uplifting! She offered her positive vibes throughout the entire session, and the time leading up to the session. Andrew was just so chill and handsome!

They will be getting Married this coming August 17th- at the West Mountain Inn in Arlington VT! I’m so excited to be there with them!!

So Why don’t I show you their photos- and you can read more about the happy couple!!

Man and Woman hold hands during their light and airy spring engagement session in Boston.

How did you guys meet?

Andrew: “Bethany’s coworker friends arranged a brunch in NYC where we lived, and one of those coworkers was my roommate Anthony, who invited me along.”
Bethany: “As soon as I saw him I thought he was cute and was wondering why Anthony hadn’t introduced us sooner! We ended up spending the whole day together as a group, and at the end of the day I was really looking forward to seeing him again.”

Candid and playful black and white photo of a couple in boston during their engagement session.
Black and White portraits of a man and woman in Boston during their spring engagement Session with K. Lenox Photography

Tell us about your first date!

Bethany: “Our first date was at Diablo Royale in the West Village in NY. We got some tacos and margaritas, and since we already had spent a whole day together with friends it felt like we already knew each other. I guess I had told him before the date that I had been living in darkness because I hadn’t been able to change my only lightbulb, so he showed up with a spare lightbulb and offered to change it. I swear this was not just a ploy to come over – it was so cute and thoughtful!”

Seaport Boston Engagement Session where a man is lifting his fiance up.   Photo by K. Lenox Photography
Candid, Light and Airy Photo taken of a man and woman near the Seaport in Boston during their spring engagement session with K. Lenox photography
Light and Airy Engagement Photo taken by K. Lenox Photography in Boston MA

Tell us about the Proposal!

Andrew: “For a while, I knew I wanted to propose at Bethany’s family’s restaurant in Rhode Island. Her mom helped me ensure her grandparents and some of her aunts and uncles were there to witness it, and her uncle hid the ring in our dessert (which we almost lost in a pile of whipped cream”)

Engagement photos of a man and woman at the Seaport in Boston in Spring.
Candid and emotional light and airy engagement photo by K. Lenox Photography
Formal portrait taken for an engagement session in Boston by K. Lenox Photography

What do you guys do for fun? (Both together and as individuals?)

Together we like to travel, go on hikes, go to baseball and football games, run races (Bethany’s in it for the post-run beer), try new restaurants, and go to the beach. Bethany loves Soul Cycle, law and order SVU marathons, and cooking, and Andrew loves to golf and knows how to fly an airplane.

Candid, Light and Airy Engagement Photo taken in Boston at the Seaport by K. Lenox photography
Black and White Photo taken during an engagement session in Boston.  Man and Woman hugging.
Trio of light and Airy photos taken by K. Lenox Photography in Boston during a spring Seaport Engagement Session.

Does either of you have funny quirks or habits that drive the other nuts? (HAHA)

Bethany: “Andrew hates that I’m messier than him (its organized clutter!). It drives me nuts when Andrew shouts about traffic – it’s unavoidable! Might as well relax and crank up the music!”

Man and Woman walking in Boston at the Seaport during their Spring Engagement Session with K. Lenox Photography
Man and Woman playfully interact during their engagement session in Boston.
Engagement Session in Boston with K. Lenox Photography

How are the wedding plans coming along? What are your wedding day visions?

We’re ready for all of our close friends and family to spend time together in Vermont, great views, lots of greenery, a fun band, and delicious food and drinks!

Detail photo of a diamond engagement ring and a couple in Boston.
Boston Seaport by K. Lenox Photography

As a couple who is currently actively planning your wedding- can you offer any advice to other couples? What would be your biggest piece of advice?

I probably should have hired someone. This is a lot of effort!

Black and White Candid photo of a man and woman during their spring engagement session in Boston.
Wide Angle shot of an engagement session at the Seaport in Boston MA with K. Lenox Photography
Light and Airy Engagement Session with K. Lenox Photography taken at the seaport in Boston.
Man and Woman hug and talk while engagement photographer- K. Lenox Photography captures this image.

What do you both do for a living?

We both are CPAs at PwC

Man and Woman interact naturally during their engagement session in Boston.
Man and Woman naturally engage and laugh together while this Light and Airy photo was taken in Spring in Boston.
Light and Airy natural photo taken during this man and woman's Spring Engagement Session in Boston.

Anything else you would like to share that is interesting, funny, etc? *

Our moms have the same name (Lori)

Fun and Creative portrait using a black and white mural found in Boston.
Man and Woman pose for a portrait in Boston during their Spring Engagement Session.  Woman Wearing White skinny capris.
A detail photo of a man and woman holding hands showing her engagement ring.
Duo of black and white photos taken of a Man and woman during their engagement session in Boston.

Congratulations to Bethany and Andrew!!

Truly- I’m so happy for these two and I can’t wait to meet their friends and family! If they are anything like these two- It’s a guarantee to be a good time!

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Spring Engagement Session in Boston

Engaged couple have a candid portrait taken at the Seaport in Boston during their Spring Engagement Session.

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