Light & Airy Winter Engagement

Your Light & Airy winter engagement session will be anything but “ordinary”.  K. Lenox couples always start out with drinks and snacks first!  If you or your fiance` are nervous about being in front of the camera, don’t worry!  You aren’t the only ones.  In fact, that’s the best possible reason to have an engagement session before your wedding day!  I guarantee, within minutes you’ll both feel totally comfortable and confident in front of my camera.  You’ll get to witness my goofy and un-conventional shooting style… and I’ll learn a lot just observing how you two interact when there’s no schedule or guests to attend to.  Just the two of you.

Kelsey and Brian

I simply can’t get over just how incredibly awesome these two are!  Meet Kelsey and Brian!  I’m so honored to be photographing their wedding at Mayfair farm this coming June!  Speaking with Kelsey on the phone- I was so incredibly impressed with her ambition and authenticity.  Then- meeting these two for drinks before our Engagement session, I was blown away at Kelsey’s beauty!  Her outward beauty totally matched the beautiful person I talked to on the phone for our consultation.

Kelsey is currently in school earning her post Graduate degree in School Counseling, and Brian- He’s a special education teacher.   Together they are a force to be reckoned with!  One of the many things that impressed me about these two- is their incredible way to make each other laugh!  ( and the way Brian smiles at her makes my heart melt!)

I know I say this a lot- but Man! I freakin’ love what I do for a living.  I’m forever grateful for the beautiful people I get to meet.  So without further ado-  Why don’t you view some images from Kelsey and Brian’s Light and Airy Winter Engagement session!!!  (And there is some fun facts about the couple sprinkled in there too!!

“There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved.”  ~ George Sand


Man and woman pose for a portrait in front of the Parrish Shoes Mural in Keene NH. (from Jumanji the Movie) Black and White candid photo of a man and woman in front of the Parrish Shoes Sign from the Movie Jumanji in Keene NH. Light and Airy Winter Engagement Session photo in front of the Parrish Shoes sign in Keene NH. Black and White candid photo of an engaged man and woman laughing in Keene NH. Light and Airy Photo Light and Airy Winter engagement Photo of a man wearing a tan vest and a woman wearing a blue dress and a red scarf. Candid black and white photo of an engaged couple holding hands and laughing. Light and Airy winter engagement photo of a man and woman in front of a white brick wall. Engaged man and woman holding each other and smiling. Light and Airy photo by K. Lenox Photography

How did you guys meet?

* We met on the internet back in 2013, before the invention of dating apps. Including Brian, 3 out of 4 Whalen children met on the internet.

Black and White photo of a man and woman walking along. Light and Airy Winter Engagement photo of a man and woman surrounded by white birch trees. Light and Airy Winter Engagement Session of a man and woman in a field of soft golden wheat grass. Black and White photo of an engaged couple in a field of soft wheat like grass.

Tell us about your first date! (Was it fun, awkward, boring, etc) We love details!!

* We first met for coffee at Diesel Cafe in Davis Square in Somerville in April 2013. It wasn’t awkward, but fun. We sat outside and drank coffee and talked. We actually didn’t hang out again until that September, something I still give Brian a hard time about sometimes.  Brian and I went out for beers at The Burren in Davis Square. Our first REAL date was shortly after at Five Horses Tavern in Davis Square. This date happened because he invited me out at late one Friday or Saturday night and I told him that I wasn’t interested in meeting up that late, but if he wanted to take me on a real date to let me know. The people he was out with thought it was funny and it evolved from there. He wasn’t very smooth but I stuck around anyway!

Light and Airy Winter Engagement photo of a man holding a woman in a field of soft wheat like grass. Black and White photo of a man a whispering into the woman's ear. Light & Airy Winter Engagement Session photo of a woman wearing a Blue Shirt Dress and a red scarf. Candid engagement photo of a man and woman wearing a navy blue shirt dress and a red scarf.

Tell us about the proposal!

* I knew something was up because Brian never plans anything. I had just gotten home from a few days in Nashville and Memphis with my mom and Brian wanted to take me away for the night to Portland. He booked a hotel and everything. He seemed nervous and touchy during the drive. When we got to the hotel and sat on the bed he got really nervous and pulled the ring out of his bag and asked me to marry him as he slid off of the bed onto his knee. My first response was “but we don’t live together!” But then I of course said yes. At the time we were living apart after several years of living together and moving home from Charleston, SC. We were trying to save money for buying a home.

Black and White candid photo of a man and woman walking near Keene State College holding hands. Light and Airy Winter Engagement Photo of a man and woman laughing together.

What do you guys do for fun? (Both together and as individuals?)

* Brian enjoys listening to music, watching way too much true crime tv, spending time with his friends, cook. Kelsey likes to hike and spend time outside, cook, visit animals at local farms, spend time with friends, kayak. Together we go on hikes and adventures around New England, go out to dinner and visit friends, right now we’re planning the wedding and working on turning our new house into a home.

Black and White photo of a man and woman walking down a sidewalk near a black iron fence. Candid and laid back photo of a man and woman walking on a sidewalk. Light and Airy engagement session w/ K. Lenox photography.

Do either of you have funny quirks or habits that drives the other nuts? (HAHA)

* Brian snores and is a terrible planner. He loves being laid-back and “going with the flow” and it can drive Kelsey crazy. Kelsey drives Brian crazy with her habit of following him around and turning off all of the lights he leaves on in his wake. He says it makes him feel like he has to live in the dark.

Light and Airy gold and aqua marine engagement ring. Man and Woman talk and laugh while sitting next to an iron fence.

How are the wedding plans coming along? What are your wedding day visions?

* They’re coming! It’s been tough to make time with work and Kelsey is in grad school but her mom has been helping a lot with coordinating and contacting vendors. We want our wedding day to be simple and beautiful, really taking advantage of the beauty of the barn and the entire farm. We envision partying with our friends and family and dancing in the barn, we plan to end the night with a bonfire and smores. The decor will be very green and earthy, with a green garland around the barn doors and small potted plants in terracotta planters and mason jars on the tables.

Light and Airy Winter Engagement session showing a man and woman holding hands and kissing. Candid black and white photo of a man wearing a plaid jacket and a woman wearing a winter hat and a jacket.

Light and Airy Gold and Aquamarine engagement ring.

As a couple who is currently actively planning your wedding- can you offer any advice to other couples? 

* Hopefully you have a mom who likes to plan and is very organized if you’re too busy yourself. But also just be aware of your resources. Our friend is a graphic designer and designing our save the dates and invitations which has been really amazing. Also keep things simple where possible, we want to capitalize on the beauty of our venue and not bring too much in that could distract from it. And we have Kelsey’s br other officiating and only one attendent each. We want the focus to be on the celebration and not too much on all of the details and moving parts.

Black and White natural and Candid photo of a man and woman next to a reflective windows. Light and Airy Winter Engagement Session of a Man wearing a green plaid jacket and a woman wearing a coordinating jacket and orange winter hat.

What do you both do for a living?

Brian is a lead special education teacher at the middle school in Marblehead, MA an d Kelsey works in customer support for a tech company in Charleston, SC. She started the job while they lived there and is now working remotely while in grad school for her masters in school counseling.

Candid photo of a man and woman kissing near a reflective window for their Light and Airy Winter engagement Session.

Anything else you would like to share that is interesting, funny, etc?

* We’re traveling abroad for the first time together in April! We’ll be going to Barcelona and Copenhagen and can’t wait.

Man and Woman holding hands for a Light and Airy Winter engagement photo.

Spending time these two has me so excited for their wedding day!!  It’s going to be simply amazing!!!



Hair and Makeup by Paige at Heaven Hair Gallery Salon in Keene. 

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Light & Airy Winter Engagement

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