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Mount Washington Engagement SessionMount Washington Resort at Twighlight

My heart is happy!  Just last week I had the opportunity to spend some time with Heidi and Joe up at Mount Washington for their engagement session!   These two!  Not only is Heidi unbelievably gorgeous, but she is also so kind!  I first met her last year as she was the Maid of Honor in Megan and Mike’s Wedding at the Oaks in Somersworth NH!    I remembered her from then as fun, kind, smart and a gal with a heart of gold.  So when she reached out to me to photograph her wedding- I was beyond honored and excited!!

We started out our session in the same ole K. Lenox fashion- drinks!!   Even though I’ve met them before,  it’s great to start off an engagement session with a laid back, no-stress, fun conversation!  This truly sets the scene for the rest of the evening!  It’s at this time that I get to know each couple’s quirks, sense of senses of humor and personalities!

With each engagement session, I try to reiterate that… we aren’t there to capture perfection.  Our goal isn’t to make photos that are “perfect”.  But rather… we want to encompass genuine feel of their personality as a couple.   Engagement sessions are truly a time to let go of all expectations and have fun!  (Read more about tips for awesome wedding photos)   <<Hint Hint This includes not skipping the engagement session!)

Okay- so now on to the stars of the post!  Heidi and Joe!    I’ll let them tell you more below!  (Just know that they are AWESOME!!)

Heidi and JoeMan and woman laughing behind the Omni Mount Washington Resort during their engagement session.

I was visiting a friend in NJ during summer of 2012 and we happened to both be at the same bar because of some mutual friends within the group we were out with. The funny part is that both of us deliberated over whether we wanted to go out that night or stay in and do something more mellow than dancing and having drinks.
We ended up talking the whole night, despite the loud music we could barely hear each other but we were both very intrigued and curious about the other. The next day we started texting and he had sent me some nice messages expressing how nice it was to meet me. He also expressed that he wanted to see me again. My first thought was that given that Joe was from NJ and living there at the time I thought that it was unrealistic that I would see him again. He was determined to make it happen so we met again a few weeks later in Boston and had an amazing real “first date.” Man and Woman hugging during their carefree engagement session at Bretton Woods NH. Light and airy, playful candid engagement photo of a man and woman during their Mount Washington Engagement Session

So this was a rather interesting first date to coordinate because we lived 6-7 hours apart by car (New Jersey to New Hampshire.) Though it might sound cynical, in the first couple weeks of talking and texting, I found myself wanting to really see if Joe was serious about pursuing me since there are many flaky and phony guys out there. In any case, I probed to see if he would meet me in Boston as I was hoping he would want to make the effort. I’ll admit I wanted to be pursued 🙂 Well he was up for it!
He immediately bought a train ticket which left at 6 am and arrived at South station around noontime. This way we could meet for lunch! It was awkward to consider him staying overnight on the first date, but he never assumed it and had a return ticket that left Boston at 4:30 pm that day. When he explained this to me over lunch, I was floored that he would spend almost 12 hours on a train in one day to have lunch and a stroll with a girl he’d met only once at a bar in NJ!
We had a great lunch at Fire and  Ice and the conversation flowed very well. I found him to be very open, genuine, deep, intelligent and handsome. I didn’t feel he was putting on any front or trying to impress me. The genuine conversation left a lasting impression on me. I also loved that he had a quirky sense of humor and a sense of adventure for exploration, travel and enjoying different culinary delights. There were some slightly awkward moments but it was all endearing. When we said goodbye, we agreed to meet again in a few weeks in New York City!Man hugs his fiance from behind on the side of a creek in the White Mountains region of NH. Taken by K. Lenox Photography. Black and White engagement photo of a man and woman on the side of a creek in the White mountains Region of NH. Light and airy photo of a man and woman hugging during their Mount Washington Engagement Session.

Joe surprised me for my 30th birthday by taking me up to the Mount Washington Hotel (a place I love but had never stayed at.) it was a sunny 38-degree day so we went snowshoeing and towards the end of the trail he started commenting on where we could take a nice picture. I immediately thought he was up to something as it seemed a bit out of character. He led me over the footbridge to the golf course (which was covered in patches of snow since it was February.) He pretended to take his phone out for the photo and before I knew it he was down on both knees with the ring in hand. I was stunned but of course, said yes.

We love hiking and being outdoors! Joe and I also love to travel (both international and local trips). We love food-related experiences ( trying new restaurants, farmers markets, wine tastings, cooking together) As a couple, we also enjoy being part of our local church community and attending small groups or volunteering when we can. We have lots of things we like to do and also many completely separate hobbies, but we try to find a balance between doing things together and apart.Fun and playful photos of a man and woman during their engagement session. Light and airy- edited with Kindred Presets. Black and White photo of Man and Woman share a private moment on the grounds of the Omni Mount Washington Resort. Light and airy Informal Engagement Photos of a man and woman on the bank of a creek in Bretton Woods NH.

YES! Ask Joe probably that I am more clumsy and messy at times than he is can make him crazy. Also, I think he’d say that I’m always a busy bee and often multitasking, he’d like me to slow down more! Joe also loves tickling me and using nicknames a lot and at times I resist! Also, I hate horror/thriller movies and TV shows so we clash there…I just retreat to the other room.

We have accomplished a lot in the four months since we got engaged. I am pleased!  Though never having done this before, it has been a learning curve!  We choose our venue in about 6 weeks (Mt Washington Hotel).  Our date is on December 22nd right before Christmas.
I envision an elegant ceremony on the Jewell terrace with a stunning Mountain View. We are hoping for mild December Temperatures! We have a cocktail hour in the classy and elegant conservatory. And then a reception brunch and dancing in the Sun dining room with gorgeous mountain views with windows all around. We hope to have a unique blend of music! (Joe’s been working hard on the playlist). For decor, we are going with candelabras, floral and lots of greenery. Overall, we hope our ceremony and wedding is a ton of fun but more than a party. We hope it truly exemplifies the love and commitment we have for each other and living that out daily.Engagement photo taken at the golf course of Omni Mount Washington Resort showing the mountains. Candid photos taken at the Omni Mount Washington Resort of a man running from the sprinklers on the golf course. Black and White photo taken of a man and woman laughing during their engagement session. Light and Airy engagement photo of a Man and woman hugging while the man kisses the cheek. Light and Airy engagement photo taken by K. Lenox Photography. Edited with Kindred Presets.

Pick what you want and do not let other people’s opinions confuse or stifle you. People have offered up many great suggestions but ultimately you have to stick with your gut instinct. We went through this on our venue search with some family members suggesting different places. (Or a destination wedding, which could have been a blast!) But, ultimately it wasn’t what we wanted to do. I also wish I’d done a little research before into wedding costs. It’s all working out!  Be sure to understand the little costs too.  Things like floral centerpieces and your dress alterations. These were things I really never thought! Remember you have to plan for all of it!

Joe teaches French and Spanish at Founders Academy.   I am a Registered Dietitian working in private practice and also for Hannaford Supermarkets.Man and woman standing on a porch with hanging flower baskets. Candid and playful moment of a man and woman on the porch of the Omni Mount Washington Resort during their engagement session. Photo of Omni Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods NH. Man and woman walking on the porch of the Omni Mount Washington resort during their engagement session. Candid engagement photo taken of a man and woman kissing during their engagement session! Black and White photo taken on the grounds of the Omni Mount Washington Resort. Taken by K. lenox Photography Man and woman playfully hugging during their engagement session. Man picks up his fiance during their Mount Washington Engagement Session Candid moment of a couple during their Mount Washington Engagement Session. Black and white photo of a couple during their Mount Washington Engagement Session Man and woman posing in front of the Omni Mount Washington Resort during their Engagement Session at twighlight. Photo of a diamond engagement ring in a little walnut shell


I’m just so very excited to have this chance to get to know you guys even better!  I can’t wait till your wedding!!

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