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The Oaks Country Club Wedding

Meghan + Mike


There we were…. hugging once again.  At one point, Megan took my hands into hers and said to me… “Kris, how could you ever think you aren’t good enough?”  The sincerity in Meg’s eyes when she stated that… it was so heartfelt.   Right then and there I could have cried.   Actually, there were many moments during their day where it took everything I had to hold back the tears of gratitude I was feeling for being a part of such a special day.  And being welcomed in with open arms- it was such an incredible feeling.

A little background…

My childhood wasn’t exactly the greatest.  I didn’t have a family where there was an abundance of love and support.   My father actually didn’t come to my wedding because it was too much of a hassle and I have a brother who won’t speak to me.   You may be wondering what on earth does that have to do with Meghan and Mike’s story?  The answer is… nothing really, but for the fact that…  It gives me SO. MUCH. HAPPINESS. to witness so much overwhelming love and support in one room.    Every sibling picture that I take.  Every father/daughter dance that I photograph,  it fills my heart with genuine happiness.   I get to document these very special and tender moments for others.   It makes my heart sing.   And what makes it even better- it’s when I can call them friends.  And I feel that Meghan and Mike are just that.  Friends.

Megan was truly happy…

One thing that really got me… was the many times Megan was tearing up because she was just overwhelmed with sheer happiness.  She stated on several occasions how blessed she was to have such a loving and supportive family.  And how amazing it was to have so many loved ones, all come together for her and Mike.   Meghan and Mike are two of the most thoughtful people, and it doesn’t surprise me to see their friends and family are the same way.  Happy, Grateful and just truly beautiful souls.

Their Backstory

Wanna hear quickly how they met?   You see- Meghan and Mike are both engineers.   They met at a writing class for engineers.  A class that each of their employers sent them for some additional training.    I’m pretty sure neither of them went to class that first-day thinking.  “Gee, I’m going to meet my future spouse today!”

Well.. that’s exactly what happened!  They noticed each other.    At one point in class… the instructor used Meghan’s email correspondence for an example of a well-written letter.   While being displayed on the overhead projector- Mike noticed that her signature included her number…. but it was just out of visibility.   So he turned to her and said jokingly, “Too bad we can’t see your number.”   Meghan just laughed, not realizing at the time that he was trying to ask her out.   The class ended- and they both go their separate ways.   Meg though…. she just couldn’t get him out of her head.  So she sent him a message on Linkedin.   Professional, yet personal.  It was perfect!   Until… he didn’t respond.

5 days had passed before she heard from him.   5 days!    It wasn’t that he was ignoring her… it just so happened that he went on vacation and didn’t check his messages until he returned.  So once he received the message- He asked her out!  Their first date ended up at a Margarita’s!    They hit it off and have been together ever since.    I really don’t think my writing of this story gives it justice.  (Clearly, I need to attend a writing class!! LOL )  But what I can say is this…. I’m so very honored that I get to work with these two… and now call them friends.    I couldn’t be more happy about that.

The Wedding

This story was mentioned again when Heidi gave her Maid of Honor Speech.   She told the story with a humorous touch making the reception ballroom at the Oaks fill up with laughter.   There were also some tears shed from the ever so sweet things she had to say about the happy couple.

Megan and Mike had the most picture perfect Wedding at the Oaks Country Club!  (not a cloud in the sky-  which is great for them-  but a challenge for us photographers!! haha)   They had beautiful blue flowers accented with the succulent bouquets that the Jr. Bridesmaids carried.   The color pallet was a blue with a soft pink.    And Meg… Oh man… Meghan looked exquisite!!!  Oh.. so… Pretty!

Bot the Ceremony and Reception were held at  The Oaks Country Club in Somersworth.  The wedding coordinators there are amazing!!  And really kept the day moving nicely.  Everything about this day was amazing.  Meghan and Mike did a fantastic job putting together an amazing team of vendors.


I love you for all that you are, all that you have been, and all you’re yet to be.

That quote was on their save the dates.  So simple yet so beautiful.  It summed up their day perfectly.

Wanna see some pictures of their Oaks Country Club Wedding?

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Ceremony & Reception Venue |The Oaks Country Club

Wedding Photography | K. Lenox Photography with help from Hilary Colleen from Hilary Colleen Photography

Caterer | The Oaks Country Club

Band/DJ | Aaron Topher

Cake | Chickadee Hill Cakes

Florist| Julia Destefano

Hair Artist|  Liz Kidder Studio

Make-up Artist | JoyaBeauty

Men’s Attire |  The Black Tux

Bridesmaids Attire | David’s Bridal

Wedding Dress |  Modern Bride in Bedford, NH
Designer: Maggie Sottero




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