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A Southern Gal at heart currently living in New England.   A potty mouth, lover of red wine and a goof.

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10 Easy Ways to
Help your Photographer get Gorgeous Wedding Photos

Of course, getting beautiful wedding photos begins with your photographer.  But there are things you can do to help ensure you end up with wedding photos that you will absolutely LOVE.

1. Don’t skip the engagement session

Oh, my goodness-   I friggin’ LOVE engagement sessions!

Engagement sessions are beneficial for so many reasons.  First… it allows us to really get to know each other, and to start to really develop a fun- loving, trusting relationship.    It’s also a great way to relax, have fun and get some amazing portraits of the two of you.  The more relaxed you are on the wedding day, the more natural and beautiful you will look in your photos, and an engagement session will do just that!  Not to mention that we start out snacks and drinks first.   My treat!

Boston Engagement Professional Photographer Session

2.  Consider the season of your wedding,  (and the venue!)

If you are really hoping for pictures of you and your brand new hubby,  frolicking in a field of flowers, while the warm golden sunlight is setting behind the horizon.  You’re envisioning green leaves, colorful flowers, kissing to the song of the chirping birds,  BUT… your getting married in January in New England.   Sorry ladies and gents…. you may be just a tad disappointed.   🙂    Though we may have some sunlight…. the rest of your vision (most likely)  isn’t possible.  Unless of course, you’re planning a destination wedding!!  In that case…. I have my passport ready to go! hahaha,  How does somewhere in the Caribbean sound?  hehe

Additionally- consider your venue.  Do you love it?   What do you love about it?   Make sure you communicate this to your photographer so they can keep that in mind.   Do you like the elegance of the ballroom or the rustic feel of the barn?  Or the beautiful views?  Or the massive gardens?  Do your research and make sure your chosen venue really offers you everything that you are hoping for.

BONUS:  Pick a Venue that is beautiful no matter the weather!  This way you can be sure you won’t be overly disappointed should we end up with less than perfect weather.  {Check out NH Mountain Wedding Venues}
Cover Image Choosing your Wedding Venue

3. Start Early!

If you know anything about me, you know that I’m a  BIG believer buffer time. (Most of my couples invest in 9 hours of photography coverage)  My recommendation would be to invest in having coverage starting earlier in your day, rather than later.

The earlier that you are dressed and ready to go, the more you can relax. (or take more photos!)  And if you end up having extra time, have a glass of wine with your girls!!  What’s more fun than that?

You’d rather be ready too early than too late!  Not to mention- having that time to just “be”… is really what matters.   Time to just enjoy and really take in what the day really means.

4. Hire Amazing Beauticians!

Your wedding is going to be a long day.  You will want your hair and makeup to be as fresh as possible, for as long as possible.   So find professionals who are experienced and equipped with the tools to not only create a beautiful look but also one that can hold up for a full wedding day. I have plenty of recommendations too!

Schedule a trial run with your chosen hair stylists and makeup artists. Don’t be afraid to be honest with the stylists. Regrets over not speaking up are the last thing you want to remember when you look at your photographs.

If you want to look beautiful in pictures… you NEED to feel beautiful.  If you’re in any way self-conscious… it’s going to show in your pictures.

5. Add in BUFFER TIME!

I always say that “Organization is the key to success.”  (actually, I heard that from my father for years! ha)

So stay organized and prepare for the unexpected during your wedding.  Include ample Buffer time in your schedule for the day.   Are you thinking it will take 15 minutes to get from the hotel to the ceremony site?  Add a 15-minute cushion to account for parking, traffic etc.

There will always be something that will come up. (hair and makeup run late, groomsmen forgets the tux,  Mom gets lost…)   These can all cause the schedule to come to a pause, so you’ll be in a much happier place if you create buffer times in your schedule.  I’m a huge believer in the buffer!

Tip: I will help you plan the perfect timeline. But for now Read this blog post:  The #1 way to reduce stress on your wedding day. !

6. Have Your Details Ready

I begin the day by photographing all of the little details while you’re getting ready.

The shoes, the dress, the jewelry, the garter, gifts to your wedding party, mementos, and (don’t forget!) the invitation… collect all of these little details and have them set aside in the room where you are getting ready.

And don’t forget a beautiful hanger!  What a nice way to add a special touch to the detail pictures!

Bradley Estate Canton MA

7. Consider the First Look

I LOVE First Looks for so many reasons. (Read more about those HERE)   Some may think that they go against tradition… but I ask… Who’s tradition?  Whether you see each other before the ceremony- or if you wait until your walking down the aisle…. the excitement is still the same.    However, with a first look-   The groom gets the space and freedom to feel his emotions and gaze upon his gorgeous bride.  You get the time to check out your soon-to-be-hubby and show off your stunning dress.  All in the intimate time set aside just for the two of you.    And best yet? You get all of those joyful, candid moments caught on camera.

With first looks-  I choose locations that offer privacy and the best light.     We (photographers)  step back and give you the space you need to really savor the moment.  (of course while capturing it ninja style!)

So how does this affect the timeline?  Well… it opens up so much more time later on in the day for those awesome candids of you all enjoying time with your family and friends.   It allows for you to enjoy the cocktail party and to truly enjoy your day visiting and making memories.   It also gives us time to also get the family formals and bridal party pictures done so after the ceremony it’s just party time.  🙂
Stasz Wedding Blog 13

8. It’s all about the light….

That hour right before sunset is known as the Magic Hour for photographers – and for good reason.

This warm, soft light is a photographer’s best friend, so you definitely want to take advantage of it!  If possible let’s try to get out at some point during this time to make some epic pictures!   Unlike Engagement Sessions when we choose the time of day to have the session-  wedding days are different.    Light can either make or break a picture.   So if possible, let’s plan to get out for a few minutes during this “Golden Hour” to make some epic, romantic portraits!   (no worries, we don’t need a full hour.  15 minutes will be fine to get a few awesome pictures! )

9. Be Honest With Your Photographer

We will be meeting / chatting on several occasions throughout the planning process.   We will be talking a lot about what your visions are, and about all the pictures you want to be captured for your big day.   During this time,  it’s also so important to open up to your photographer about your hesitations, worries or insecurities.  Don’t be afraid to be honest.

When it comes to self body image… remember YOU ARE GORGEOUS.  I truly feel everyone is beautiful-  HOWEVER, if YOU don’t feel beautiful, it will reflect in your pictures.  And chances are, you will be the first one to pick up on it when looking at the pictures.   So- be gentle with yourself.

A wedding is the ultimate honor to photograph. There are no ‘do-overs’ Hire a photographer who’s vision you trust.  And Trust them 100%. Read more about that HERE


Set your expectations realistically… in other words…    Your wedding day will be amazing!  NO. MATTER. WHAT.

What really matters is your marriage.   It doesn’t matter if the reception chair bows aren’t tied properly.  Or if the colors of the flowers are a shade off.    What really matters is the story.  The moments spent with your loved ones.   If you remember that photography isn’t always all about perfection.   It’s about the moments.  However, perfect or imperfect those moments may be.    🙂

For more information about New England Wedding Photography with NH Wedding Photographer K. Lenox please call 603-703-2626 or connect with me via email:  HERE  Testimonies and my Knot Storefront click: HERE

Thank you for reading!


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