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You know-  There is one core principal which I ( this NH Wedding Photographer) base my business on… and that is being personable and authentic.   It’s so important to me that I can relate to my clients (you!) that I actually won’t take every wedding/session that comes my way.  Only if I truly feel that we are a good fit will I agree to be the one there with you.  Honestly, you deserve nothing less.    I strive to create images that are emotive and aim to bring out the individuality in each and every person that I work with.   In order to do that-  we must be comfortable with each other.   We must be able to relate- and seeing that you are reading my bio- I already know that we might good fit!  Why?  Because getting to know your photographer is important to you.  Creating a relationship is important.

If you would like to see a little more- you can check out my vacation HERE

NH Wedding PhotographerNH Wedding Photographer

Fun Facts

•I’m happiest in warm weather. (Leave me stranded on a beach with palm trees… Yes, please! )

• If it’s coconut- chances are I’m going to LOVE it. •I love my wine ( and my Piña Coladas, and Disaronno and Diets and… lol jk).

•I have a serious sweet tooth! My family jokes that I can sniff out the hidden snacks in the house. ( My children actually hide their Halloween candy from me–– sad but true! ha).

•I always use a lot of exclamation marks! I’m just excited. I promise I’m not yelling at you! Haha (and if you haven’t noticed… I have poor punctuation.)

•I have no problem laughing at myself when I goof up. I also will be the first to admit when I’ve made a mistake.

•I am a Christian. And I believe we are blessed- rather than lucky.

•However… I also have been known to “swear” a little.  Okay… I have a pretty bad mouth at times.  The joke is I have a sailor’s mouth with a Christian heart.

•Good customer service is important to me- therefore I made it a priority for my business.

•Get me talking about photography- and I will talk your ear off. I eat, sleep and breathe thinking about how I can better myself. Other than my family- it’s all I think about. Ha

•I’m married to the most wonderful and patient man and I have two spunky boys.  (Jeremy 11 and Kyle 8).

•I am completely in-love with my Dogs Tucker (18-month-old Great Dane) and Bella (a 6-year-old English Bulldog)

•I can’t wait to get to know you. Seriously, let’s grab lunch and chat. The worst thing that can happen is you make a new friend. 🙂

Some “less than fun”  facts about me:  Ha!!

•Before finding Photography- I was a full time nurse.

•I’m educated by The New York Institute of Photography

•My business is licensed with the State of NH.

•Yep-  K. Lenox is fully insured!

•I’m a Canon Gal!  You can see all my Gear:  HERE

Your lifetime holds a host of unwritten stories that aren’t told by just what you look like. Like perhaps the first date when you spilled your wine because you were so giddy with excitement and your stomach fluttering with butterflies because — somehow– you just knew that this was going to be your last “first date. ” Or the day when Grandma gave you her heirloom necklace… the very same one she wore on her wedding day. This small piece of history that brings Grandma back to her day. This treasured heirloom that was a gift from her groom all those years ago. Or that very moment when your Father see’s you for the first time on your wedding day- and he hold’s back tears- because… just for a split second- he envisions you as that little girl playing dress-up in your Momma’s shoes. So many wordless stories like these can be brought out in a wedding photography experience. When preserved by artisan photography, your most beloved moments and facets of your life can be kept and proudly displayed, to be handed down to the next generation and beyond. That’s what I do.


NH Wedding Photographer K. Lenox was on hand to capture Dave and Tracy’s Spring Wedding.

K. Lenox Photography is anything but your average NH wedding photographer. Each wedding is treated with care and creativity not found with other NH photographers. Your wedding day is carefully crafted to offer one of a kind unique photography in the Southern NH area.

This is NH wedding photography at its best. K. Lenox Photography is an award- winning photographer based in the Keene/Brattleboro VT area. Offering wedding coverage in Keene, Brattleboro, Maine, Massachusetts and destinations worldwide,and is located right here in the Southern NH area.

Creative. Fun. Fresh. Award-winning. These are the words typically used to describe this NH wedding photographer. With clients based all over the East Coast Keene, NH is home to this NH wedding photographer.

We take pride in offering our clients the type of NH wedding photography they are looking for. Its one thing to take pictures, its another to create art for our clients.

Our New Hampshire, NH, Vermont, VT and Massachusetts, MA clients are typically looking for artwork for their home vs. snapshots, and that is what draws them into our Keene, NH wedding photography business.

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