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A Southern Gal at heart currently living in New England.   A potty mouth, lover of red wine and a goof.

About Kris

Frequent Wedding Coverage Questions

I just got engaged!  I’m looking for a wedding photographer! 

First and foremost Congratulations!  And funny you should ask!  Dates tend to book up well in advance, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Shoot me an email Here and I’ll send you over an email that contains a link to my exclusive wedding website that has a ton of detailed information.  We will also set up a time to meet and chat all about the details of your day! At this free no-pressure consultation I will also show you the exquisite albums and products that I offer.

Oh! And be sure to check out my Knot Storefront to see what other couples thought about their experience with me!

What is your booking process?

I’m a gal who likes to KISS–  Keep it simple silly!  hehe  After reaching out ( you can do so by going HERE and filling out the inquiry form.)  I will then send you over an email with a link to my exclusive “wedding facts” site.  (And I’ll be giving you a quick call too!! ) Think of this website as a hidden addition to my main site- but with all the specific details of working with me.  (collections, pricing, etc)    Like what you see?  I’ll send you over another email that contains everything you need to officially book your date, all in one quick swoop.   All you do is: 

1. Accept Quote

2. Fill out and Electronically sign the wedding agreement

3. Pay Invoice

Bam!  Done!  Easy peasy.  Your wedding day is officially reserved!  

 After all that is complete-  we will start planning your engagement session! 

Do we know if we need or want an engagement session?

I’m a huge fan of engagement sessions. You will be able to get some amazing photographs of this very exciting time in your lives (which will make awesome Save-the-Dates or Christmas gifts for next year!)  But more importantly, we will spend this time getting to know each other.  You will learn how I work as a photographer and I get to see how you two interact with each other.   This is a very relaxed session- no awkward posing- just enough direction to make you both look awesome.  Most likely our session will start off with enjoying a cocktail or two!   All my wedding collections include a complimentary engagement session, and two of my higher tiered collections also include the digital files from this session.  Being that the engagement session and the digital files are complimentary-  there is no price reduction if you choose not to take advantage of these inclusions. 

Do you recommend us hiring a wedding planner? We are not sure it’s within our budget.

YES!  I certainly do recommend it! Believe me- sticking to budgets is a concept that I’m ever too familiar with.  I totally understand not wanting to spend any more than you have to on your wedding.  However- there are many benefits to hiring a wedding planner and despite spending that extra money- hiring a seasoned wedding & event planner -in most cases- will actually SAVE you money! (if not a bunch of headaches)

There are a plethora of reasons to hire an expert- (other than it makes my job as a photographer go so much smoother! ha) Posted here I have two excellent articles that say everything I want to- but in fewer words.  ( I tend to go on and on and….)

Should you say “I do” to a Wedding planner?

And the article I have posted below- was written by my favorite local wedding planner Jennifer Matthews of Memorable Events.

Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

Can you recommend vendors?

Um- Absolutely!   There are so many amazing professionals in the wedding industry that I have had the pleasure of working with.  They uphold the highest standards.  (Not to mention- just incredible to work with.)  Here are a few of those vendors that I have worked with on several occasions.  I’ve had nothing but great experiences with each vendor every time!

Memorable Events  (Wedding Planner)

Naturally Elegant Designs  (Florist)

Steve Pro & The Ticket  (Band / Live Entertainment)

The Porch too (Catering)

Keene Country Club (Venue)

Do we get to see all the pictures from the wedding day?

The quick answer to that is no.  I take the hard work out of sorting through all the duds.  The final images you see are the ones that all made the “final cut.”  Unless the image shows some extensive emotion not otherwise captured in other pictures-  I take out the ones that aren’t up to my high standards.  Remove the duplicates, under/over exposed and in other ways less than perfect images.  I never promise a set number of images from a wedding day- because each wedding is so unique, and many factors go into the number of pictures delivered.   (wedding size, amount of “events” (cake cutting, first dances, garter/bouquet toss etc, the length of prep time, first look or not…) Believe me though- you will receive enough images that will beautifully tell the story of your day.

Will all the images be “photoshopped”  or retouched?

Although I don’t promise a specific number of final delivered images-  a full day of comprehensive wedding coverage can render up near 700+ images.  It’s not feasible to retouch 700+ pictures ( unless you want to wait 7+ months to receive your pictures! haha)  All final images have been through minimal processing for improving color contrast, sharpness, exposure and such.   However, the images that you select for print orders or to put into your wedding album- these will receive some special attention.    All normal retouching is included- however requests for advanced retouching (body slimming, removing objects, merging two pictures etc) are not part of my creative process and are extensive in time.  For this reason, I charge accordingly for this service. 

One thing to keep in mind is that I aim to get things right ‘in camera’.  I don’t fix my images in photoshop or other editing software.  Instead, I enhance them.  I avoid trendy editing techniques.  My goal is to create timeless images that will be relevant for years to come. 

Can we give you a list of must-have shots?  ” I saw a great list in a magazine of the must-have shots.”

I work closely with my couples to compile a short list of family groupings and request to have them listed with names.   I like to be aware of divorces, or special medical conditions that may make it impossible for grandma to stand for longer periods of time.  If there are other groups outside of the immediate family- I suggest having a designated person gather everyone one at a predetermined time for that group shot.  

How will digital files be delivered?

Although I do place emphasis on physical prints and high-quality artwork- most wedding collections include the digital files with printing rights. 

 PASS*  is an innovative way for us to wirelessly deliver your wedding day images to you.  Even better still, you will have immediate access to your images… on any device… anywhere!  In addition, you can even download your images, all at once, onto any device, at any time!  (Without installing any additional software!) Pretty genius, right?!   I wrote a blog post all about the digital files.  You can view that-  HERE

Wedding Albums- Do you offer Albums?

Um- heck yeah! I actually include wedding albums with all of my wedding collections!  That’s because I truly feel that the album is the first family heirloom that you and your husband will have- together- as husband and wife.  Your wedding album will be passed down from generation to generation… therefore I only offer the highest quality albums in the industry.  

What is your album design process?

After your wedding images have been delivered.  I’ll send you a questionnaire that asks you a few quick questions about your desired wedding album wishes.  I’ll then start the design and  I’ll send you a link to review and approve your album before the order is placed.   One complimentary revision is included- so please make sure to have all the changes you want to be made clearly indicated the first time.

If you want any quotes, vows or poems included in your album- just make sure you have them clearly typed out on the album questionnaire so I can include them in the design.  

What about your gear, insurance, and other random information?

First and foremost, I am a professional photographer whose first goal is to provide high quality, consistent and beautiful imagery to my clients. ( I really don’t like the word “clients“.  I’ll use the word friends instead! )  I take great care to keep not only my gear up to date but my training and my insurance.   I am not only a member of the PPA, but I am a graduate of The New York Institute of Photography.  I am always fully insured. 

I shoot with professional Canon Equipment which includes my two Canon 5D Mark III’s, and my Canon 5d MarkIV, Multiple Canon 600 EX-RT Flashes, and a variety of other high-quality lenses.   You can see/read all about my equipment : HERE

Who will actually be taking pictures at my wedding?

 When you book with K. Lenox-  I will be the lead photographer. Promise.  Unless there is a severe, unplanned emergency situation-  I (Kris) will be there to photograph your special day.  In the unlikely event, I was unable to attend your wedding as planned-  I work with a network of respected professional photographers- who would be able to step in for me the day of your wedding 

Do you charge overtime?

I find that I don’t like being rushed any more than you do.  In order to tell the story of your day- I typically recommend a minimum of 9 hours of wedding day coverage.   I find 9 hours is usually more than enough time to have a relaxed timeline to get all the shots that will tell the story of your day. 

Having said that- I still would make it a priority to start your day on time and set aside extra time than you think you may need.  It’s never fun to rush the photographs before the ceremony because the hairstylist couldn’t fit all the bridesmaids and flower girls into the 1.5 hours of time you allotted.  

If you think you will need additional coverage-  there is an hourly rate that can be added on.  This can be discussed at the final meeting.  Together we can determine if you will really need this extra time. It’s my goal to give my couples realistic goals and expectations with the timeline, schedule and requested pictures.  I would love to help you reduce the amount of additional money that you will need to spend.  Together we will analyze the schedule and see if there are any other options that would be a better alternative than adding to your bill.  Don’t get me wrong- I would absolutely love to spend more time with you! But- all in all, I want to do what’s best for you. 

What do you wear?

I am all over the place when I photograph weddings.  I’m in tree’s, hiding in bushes, laying in the road etc.  ( Hey- anything to get the shot! ha)  For this reason- I choose not to wear dresses to the weddings that I’m covering.  I respectfully dress in professional dressy slacks with a blouse.   My assistant will also be dressed similarly. 

A quick recap of my process…

1. Inquiry and review wedding info website.

2. Consultation

3. Quick online booking/payment system

4. Engagement Session

5. VIP and Timeline Questionnaire sent out ( about 3 months  days before wedding)

6. Final meeting   (in person or over the phone- about 14-7 days before wedding)

7. Wedding Day!

8. Gallery Delivery

9. Album Design/ Delivery

If you have any additional questions-  please send them along!  I’m happy to provide any information to help make your decision an easy one!

- Christine & Christopher

Kris was the calm in the storm that I found wedding planning to be. Kris held my hand, encouraged me and also made me laugh when I didn’t feel like laughing. She is organized, professional and is the absolute best at what she does"

"Kris was the calm in the storm. 

- Anna + Kyle

When our wedding was postponed due to COVID a mere 3 days before our date, she called us immediately and showered us with well wishes...and worked with us to make sure we were able to secure her for our new date in August. 

"I can't say enough positive things!"

- Rebecca + Sean

Kris is literally worth 10x whatever your budget is for a photographer. . . 

"Kris is literally worth 10x whatever your budget is for a photographer"

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