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Unposed and Natural Engagement Session

Now this is was definitely an unposed and natural engagement session and I loved every minute of it!   Before I agree to photograph any wedding– it’s so important that I’m able to connect with the couple on a personal level.  Because that is the very first step in creating those awesome photographs that the couple will someday treasure.  Additionally, I like to create those relationships with my couples that extend past the wedding day.  And I’m blessed to say that, most of my couples I now have the honor of calling friends.  And Holly and Adam are going to be no different.

Because of these budding relationships- we are able to create awesome images showcasing true personality.  Loving a photograph goes so much deeper than just liking what you look like.  You should look back at a photo and love remember what you felt like.   When I’m working with a couple- I don’t focus on the getting the perfect photo.  You know- those photos that are staged to perfection.  Instead, I aim to provide images that their future grandchildren will look at and hopefully gain a little authentic insight into the relationship their grandparents had.

Holly and Adam

The couples that I work with are really quite freakin’ awesome!   Meet Holly and Adam.  Two cool cats with a pretty an awesome German Shepherd furbaby named Bane!  (Who just happened to come along to their engagement session in Portsmouth!)   We first met for drinks at a dog-friendly bar called the Gaslight.  They welcomed Bane in and even gave him a bowl of ice water! How freakin’ cool is that?

Two things that impress me about these two is their true-to-self personalities and their ability to laugh with each other.    They say that one’s best feature is their smile- and I have to agree.  Holly and Adam’s smiles light up a room.   (As you can see below)   Because of their personalities- it was so easy to capture those true unposed and natural engagement photos that I love so much.   The only downfall was the time of day we were shooting.  Due to us having to reschedule their engagement session umpteen times (thank you New England Weather! LOL) we ended up having a mid-day session.  But we made it work!   (Though there are plans for us to meet up again for a sunset beach session sometime in the future! Whoohoo! I’ll hang out with these two anytime!)

See their Wedding at the Common Man Claremont 

So… why don’t I show you the pictures- and let you read more about these two sprinkled throughout the post below!
Black and White Natural and Unposed Engagement photo of man and woman walking and laughing. Ariel view of an Unposed and Natural Engagement Photo with German Shepherd Pet dog


  • We were “set up”. Two people (who each knew one of us) thought that since we both had cancer, we would get along. Neither of us wanted to date anyone- we were both done with dating. I agreed as this was just to be friends. The night before we were going to meet Adam texted me to make sure our “date” was still on (insert annoyed face).

  • Our first date was late November 2015, Adam showed up in a t-shirt. I thought he was nuts. We hit it off and talked the entire night. The plan was to go to Dave and Buster’s, Adam figured this would be a good place in case Holly couldn’t hold a conversation, Holly was afraid to drive that far- this guy could be boring or just horrible. Adam was impressed with Hollys previous collection of “points” at D&B’s. After D&Bs we drove back to Methuen and thought we would see a movie, we then found out that you can no longer buy tickets the same day. We decided to go to Danvers to jump at a trampoline park. We had enough fun that we drive an hour to D&B, an hour to Methuen, then another hour to Danvers before driving an hour home.Unposed and Natural Engagement Photo taken in Portsmouth NH. Engagement Photo taken with the man and woman's pet German Shepherd. Engagement Photo taken with German Shepherd Dog.
  • We bought our house at the end of December 2016. As we made our way through the first few months of the year, we began checking things off our to-do list for the house. Come March we were finishing painting the bedrooms. We finally committed to finishing our spare room that day. I started it before Adam got home. Adam told me to relax and he would finish it, he grabbed the speaker so that he could rock out while painting. I relaxed by reorganizing the kitchen cabinets. Soon the song “Die a Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett started playing. So I went into the bedroom (it’s my favorite song), when I opened the door Adam was down on one knee. At first, I didn’t take him seriously until I turned around and saw that he had painted the walls- he wrote “Will you marry me?” in the bright red paint.
  • Adam loves to photograph nature. I love to read. We also share a love of many things- fishing, gaming, their nieces and nephews, and spending time as a family of three. Bane is easily our biggest hobby if you can call a dog that. We both spend spare time with Bane, whether it be playing, training, or taking mid-day naps together.Black and White photo of Unposed and Natural moment during an engagement session Unposed and Natural Engagement Photo of man and woman holding hands. Unposed and Natural Engagement Photo of man and woman laughing
  • Is there a limit?? Clipping nails are one of my (Holly’s) most hated sounds, Adam is an avid clipper/chewer of his nails. I need things in their place,  and Adam loves to put things wherever he thinks looks good that day.
  • Besides finding a Justice of the Peace we are pretty much done! We want a very simple and elegant wedding.  I (Holly)  have a huge obsession with all things farm. We had every intention of having a wedding in a barn- we just couldn’t fathom spending that much money to get married in a barn. Adam and I want a fun wedding- we hope that our guests have a great time. We aren’t stressing- we will be married that day, whatever else happens. Fingers crossed for no rain though!Unposed and Natural Engagement Photo of woman kissing man on cheek
  • See Why I love unposed and natural engagement photos??!!  Aren’t these two just the cutest!

  • Unposed and Natural Engagement Photo of man and woman hugging. Unposed and Natural Engagement Photo of man and woman. Unposed and Natural Engagement Photo showing man tickling his Fiance
  • Do what works for you. If you have an easier time letting go and having people help plan things, do it! If its easier to simply get things done yourself and know that things are done, do it!
  • Adam and I have already been through a lot, we went to Jamaica together, we bought (and sold) our first house, we went through many ER trips and a few extended hospital stays, we got a puppy together, and are currently building a house in SC together. It seems that in just the last three years we have done more together then we have done alone.Unposed and Natural Engagement Photo showing man and woman holding hands and walking. Black and white photo of a candid moment during an engagement session- focusing on the woman. Unposed and Natural Engagement Photos of woman wearing jean shirt and man wearing pink shirt. Natural and Authentic engagement photo focusing on the couples blue t-shirts Couple wearing blue t-shirts custom made with wedding date. Unposed and Natural engagement photo of man and woman embracing. Black and White

Thank you so much checking out Holly and Adam’s Unposed and Natural Engagement Photos!


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