Boston Engagement Session

It was s strange, inexplicable calling to pick up a camera and press the shutter.  This is what I left my nursing career for.  To capture, to connect, to create.  To tell stories and to help my couples preserve theirs in a beautiful and captivating way.  And this calling is part of something bigger. The images made will be passed down for generations. That’s a huge deal, a big responsibility if you will,  and it’s one that I don’t take lightly.  I’m so very thankful for what I get to do for a living.   I’m blessed to have the opportunity to work with couples as amazing as Melissa and Vijay.

Melissa and Vijay

Let me introduce you to Melissa and Vijay! These two are just so incredibly awesome!!   Melissa isn’t only stunningly gorgeous, but she is so amazingly bubbly and friendly.  So down to earth and fun!   And Vijay- he is so friendly and easy going!  He is one of those people you just like from the getgo.  From the beginning, these two warmed my heart.  Not only are they easy to talk to, but they are extremely fun to hang out with! I’m so very pumped for their wedding next year!  It’s going to be a fun time for sure!

Seeing the way they interact with each other,  and the way they laugh- it certainly is contagious.  You can tell they make a great team!  Not only professionally (you’ll read more about that below!), but personally.  I found myself smiling as I was going through the images.

Man and woman wearing blue pose for a candid photo  during their Boston Engagement Session at The Arboretum

We met at work almost 7.5 years ago! We were in the same General Pediatrics Residency, and on the very last day of my intern year, I signed out the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit service to Vijay. While I was impressed he brought me coffee that morning, I was most looking forward to relaxing for a few days before starting my junior year, and Vijay was wondering what he had just gotten himself into as a new Peds intern. I don’t think either of us could have imagined that day that three years later we’d be dating (and now getting married!!).

Black and White photo of a man and woman holding hands at their Boston Engagement Session at The Arboretum

A few weeks before our first date, Vijay emailed me to ask if we could meet for coffee or dinner, as he had some questions about starting the fellowship. Anyone that knows Vijay knows that this is a bit suspicious, as he already knew as much if not more than I did. I, however, was clueless. As the time got closer and he planned out the details, I became a bit more clued in and realized that this was an actual date. We ended up going to Tres Gatos, which is a fun tapas place in Jamaica Plain. We had a fabulous evening eating tapas, churros, and sipping on wine. As he dropped me off that night, I remember hoping that this would not be the last time we saw each other (outside of work), and right about then, Vijay proceeded to stick out his hand to offer me a handshake…what ended as an awkward ending to a wonderful first date has now turned into a memorable and funny joke between the two of us.

Man and Woman hug in front of a wooden fence at the Arboretum in Boston.   Man picks woman up and spins her around during their engagement session at the Arboretum in Boston.


Right back at Tres Gatos, where is all started! Vijay made reservations at Tres Gatos for the anniversary of our first date. It was still pretty early when we finished dinner, so I suggested we go grab at drink at one of our favorite local bars, but Vijay said he’d rather just go home. Somewhat annoyed and not ready to call it a night, I’m pretty sure I commented that we were going to turn into “old people.” He had planned it all out, however, and once home, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.Man and woman share a gentle kiss during their engagement session at the Arboretum in Boston Man and woman face to face during their Boston Engagement Session at The Arboretum Man and woman share a moment while this candid photo was taken at the Arboretum in Boston Ma.


We love to explore different neighborhoods in Boston, have dinner or drinks at our favorite neighborhood spots, and try out all the new craft breweries and cider places in the area. We also love spending the day on Cape Ann…kayaking and swimming in Rockport or walking around Halibut Point State Park. As far as hobbies, Melissa loves to shop, and we both enjoy running local 5K’s together.


I’m not sure this counts as a quirky habit, but Vijay is hooked on email and twitter. And Vijay says that Melissa is perfect 😉

Black and White Candid photo of an engaged couple at the Arboretum in Boston.

Great!! Vijay and I are having so much fun with the planning process and are so excited to spend our wedding with our closest family and friends. We are getting married at the Bedford Village Inn, which is not far from where I grew up. We both love its rustic, but elegant New England charm and I hope to add a bit of a romantic feel by bringing in creams, blush, and champagne as a color palette.

Candid Portrait of an engaged man and woman during their Arboretum Engagement Session in Boston. Woman sits on a stone wall and hugs her fiance during their engagement session at the Boston Arboretum Man and Woman pose for a natural and authentic photo during their engagement session at the Arboretum in Boston.


Have fun with the process!! And try not to stress over the details. At the end of the day, we’ll be married and that is really all that matters, so enjoy the planning, and remember that whatever happens, it will be perfect.


We are both Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologists. Vijay handles the hematology, and I stick with oncology, so we make a pretty good team 🙂

Want to see their Whimsical Summer Wedding at the Bedford Village Inn?  CLICK HERE



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Boston Engagement Session at Arboretum | K. Lenox Photography

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