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Groovy Guy Gifts

It’s a common tradition for the Bride and Grooms to gift the members of their bridal party with items, showing their gratitude for being such important roles in,  not only their wedding day but their lives.   As a wedding photographer,  I often see these gifts presented to their loved ones.  Well-  I was contacted by this awesome company called “Groovy Guy Gifts”  asking for a review of two of their groovy gifts.  

Bro Torch

The first of the two gifts received was the “Bro Torch“.   The website states that…”This bad boy burns so brightly, you might be mistaken for an Olympic torch bearer.”   And… they are right!   I was pleasantly surprised by the power of this lighter.   And… It arrived in a pretty little black box with a silky lining.   And what made it even more impressive… it was engraved with my Business Name!   This gift can be customized with names for the men in which you will give it too.

Taking it out of the box… it has a nice,  heavy and solid feel to it.   My husband went to the store to pick up some butane,  and once filled up…. we got to test it out!   It has quite the powerful flame to it!   I asked my husband to play around with it… (you know… him being a groovy guy himself!)  and he really liked it!   So for those Gents who really like to enjoy a good stogie… this will be their best friend.

Okay-  I had to add a few pictures!  Okay Okay.. they are a Christmas Theme!  But we are only a few weeks away-  so I’m feeling festive!  haha

Photo showing black box from Groovy guy gifts.  Custom engraved lighter from Groovy Guy gifts. Custom engraved lighter.  Black with silver engraving.  Lighter with flame.

This little torch has a side button (switch) that activates the flame.  It’s easy to use- yet still solid enough and has a very “high-end” feel.    Fortunately we this awesome lighter just in time!  We ended up loosing power and used it to light all our candles.

The second gift they sent along was a multi-purpose tool called the Groovy Gadget.    The entire tool is 3/8″ thick and feels solid.   My husband and I played around with it,  opened a bottle of wine (for me) and a beer (for him)  Hey… We had to test it out right!! LOL).  The product opened our beverages easily.  It’s a nice size- not too big- not too small.  Will fit nicely in a bag or even a pocket.


–Knife (2″ long, 1-5/8″ blade)
– Corkscrew (2-1/2″ long)
– Bottle Opener on End of Tool (1×1-1/2″)
–Fold Out Bottle Opener (2″ long)


This tool came in a nice little white box,  that is complimentary with the purchase… and it also had my name laser engraved on wooden base!  Which always makes for a nice touch when giving as a gift to a loved one,  or a member of your wedding party!  When playing with this versatile gadget,  it proved to be solid in build and easy to use.   The parts moved with ease,  but not to the point where they felt loose.   It was with the perfect amount of tension.     (Now do you think it would be wrong of me to wrap these up and give them to my husband for Christmas?!?!  LOL  (just kidding-  kinda. ha)

Custom Engraved woodden multipurpose tool.

Many Options

When I checked out their website-  I was so excited to see the vast variety of personalized gifts they offer! They have options to fit all budgets!  This may just help me get out of the Christmas Shopping rut that I’m in!!   (I know that I’m focusing on groomsmen gifts here- BUT in all truthfulness-  the items they offer would appeal to every man!! (and women too for that matter!  I find myself drooling over quite a few of their offerings.  And judging by the quality of the items I received-  I WILL be placing orders for myself as well!!)   Additionally-  the items arrived really fast!  All

Additionally-  the items arrived really fast!  All correspondence has been professional and speedy! (And as a business owner- I really appreciate awesome customer service!!)     This may just help me get out of the Christmas Shopping rut that I’m in!! LOL

Thank you so much to Joe Cornelio for reaching out and asking me to write a review!!

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