Bridal Accessories from Head to Toe

During the months – and sometimes even years – preparing for your wedding day, a good chunk of time will go into planning and acquiring your outfit. The centerpieces of every wedding are the bride and the groom themselves. And the bridal dress is something very special. But the dress itself isn’t the complete look. We have to talk about all the extra details, clothing pieces and bridal accessories that come together to make you a beautiful bride, so let’s tackle them one at a time:

The Veil Korean woman wearing a bridal accessory, a veil , snuggles in for a photo with her groom.

The most important part of the traditional bridal look, the veil is what really pulls everything together.  And erases any doubts that you are, in fact, the bride.  When it comes to the veil, you want to choose a style and a length that compliment your dress nicely.  You don’t want to invest in a dress with a beautiful open back, just to cover it up with a veil.  However, if you don’t like how the back of your dress looks, your veil can be your ally.  If you want to stray away from tradition, then try a birdcage for a vintage wedding or a flower crown for a boho wedding can look absolutely stunning.  And if you just want a small detail, you can have a decorative pin or a side headpiece.  This will embellish your hairstyle.  Or have some glitter added directly to your hair?

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You are going to be standing for a very long time, so you want to make sure you have some comfortable shoes on your feet. In case of bridal accessories, your bridal shoes, comfort should always come first.  If you really have your eyes on a pair that is just a little bit too narrow or doesn’t fit exactly right, buy it in a size larger.  Take some pictures and have comfortable flats under the bridal table to change into. 

As far as style goes, you want to have a beautiful combination of elegance and a bit of shine. There are some wonderful collections like the stunning Badgley Mischka shoes that will help you to find the perfect pair. If you are going for white, make sure it is the same tone as your dress, but if you are buying the shoes first, go for a pearly white, because it is most likely to match any style of dress you buy. Buy them in advance and break them in for a while at home to make sure they won’t cause any blisters on the big day. If you’re not too comfortable with a high heel, a kitten heel or even flats can look just as beautiful. And finally, make sure you have socks to match because you don’t want to be sending someone to buy you a pair of tights an hour before the wedding.

The jewelryDetail photo of wedding rings, white simple invitation and the garter. Wedding day accessories from head to to.

Let’s break this down. Firstly, let’s talk about necklaces.  Whether or not you should wear a necklace depends greatly on the shape and style of your dress.  If you have a thin, deep V-neck, then you will be better off without one.  The same goes for a high neckline that is also decorated.  You want to make sure that your jewelry isn’t competing for attention with your dress. 

So, if you have long sleeves, especially if they are lace, or otherwise decorated,  avoid wearing a bracelet.  At one point, all the focus is going to be on your hands, so try to keep the number of rings to a minimum.  Depending on whether your hair is up or down, you might want to put on long earring or studs.  If you have an updo that wonderfully displays your neck, then you should definitely go for something longer. But if your hair is down and covering your ears, then you don’t want earrings getting tangled in it. 

Of course, you can choose any bridal accessories you like.  However, the style of your dress, your bouquet and even how you’re matching with your groom will determine the overall look in the end.  But the most important bridal accessory is your smile!  So don’t forget to bring it with you and keep it on during the day – which shouldn’t be a hard task at all.


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