We laughed and we drank. We talked, we bonded, and a beautiful friendship was solidified. It’s at this point where beautiful wedding photos are made.

You may be wondering… This is an engagement session, why are you mention wedding photos? Well, it’s because having an engagement session is the number First step to Ensuring Gorgeous Wedding Photos!! And one thing I can say for sure is that Julie and Mackenzie will be having gorgeous wedding photos!!

Julie and Mackenzies Engagement session was in Peterborough NH just the other day. (Almost a year to the day of their Wedding planned for May 2nd of 2020!) And one thing is for sure- their session was beautiful!!! And for so many reasons. But the biggest reason their photos turned out amazing- is because these two are incredible humans. Not only outside, but inside as well. Their inner beauty and authenticity shine so brightly. It’s no secret that, Beautiful people + Beautiful Souls makes for beautiful photos.

“No Beauty Shines Greater than that of a Good heart. “

Engagement Session in Peterborough-  Man and Woman photographed in front of an iron gate
Woman wearing a red floral dress gets photo taken with her fiance during their Engagement Session in Peterborough NH.   Light and airy photography.  K. Lenox Photography

Julie and Mackenzie

From the first phone call- I knew that Julie was the sweetest person. I literally got off the phone and was raving about the wonderful person I had just met. It was so energizing for me. Have you ever spent time with positive, happy people? It’s infectious. In a good way. And this is Julie. Not only is she the most beautiful girl- but she is a beautiful person too. Mackenzie was just as awesome!!! And together they are a force to be reckoned with! Just wait until you see the way they interact. Their playful nature and sincere love. It’s beautiful to see… and even easier to photograph. 🙂

If you want to see the wedding- check that out Here!

Spring Engagement Session in Peterborough NH.  Photo of a man and woman holding hands in front of an iron gate.
Spring Engagement Session in Peterborough NH- light and airy photo of taken by K. Lenox Photography.  Woman wearing a red floral dress.
Light and Airy Engagement Photo taken in Peterborough NH by K. Lenox Photography.   Man and Woman.

How did you guys meet?

Mackenzie and I had a summer romance filled with (literal) fireworks, roller coasters and late nights in an amusement park! We both were looking for a summer job to make money before I went to college and Mackenzie went back to graduate school and ended up at Canobie Lake Park as roller coaster ride operators. We started talking and over a week filled with longing glances across rides, work lunch dates and late nights watching the fireworks together, we decided to jump into a long distance relationship!

Tell us about your first date! (Was it fun, awkward, boring, etc) We love details!!

Our first date was actually just hanging out in Mackenzie’s parent’s basement. I instantly met his parents (talk about scary) and we ended up watching Dirty Jobs and talking all night. I thought it was going great until I accidentally dumped a water bottle all over Mackenzie, which he will never let me forget.

Candid,  light and airy photograph taken in Peterborough NH during their engagement session.  Woman wearing a Red floral dress and a Man wearing a light blue button down shirt.
Candid photo of a man and woman laughing and talking during their light and airy engagement session taken in NH.
Man and Woman hug during their spring engagement session in Peterborough NH.
K. Lenox Photography captures a man and woman during their spring engagement session.

Tell us about the proposal! 

Mackenzie proposed on our 4 year anniversary, which is the same day we had coincidentally planned a lobster bake to celebrate Mackenzie’s birthday with all his family. Mackenzie had designed the ring and it was ready to pick up the night before our anniversary. I came home from an overnight shift at the hospital and Mackenzie gave me my anniversary card. When I finished reading the card he got down on one knee and stumbled over his worlds while I was hyperventilating. After having a moment alone together to soak it in, we started sharing the news! Mackenzie hadn’t told anyone he was going to propose and one of the most special parts of the entire day was being able to tell our friends and family together. We drove to my parent’s house and were able to tell my family, and they were able to tell his parents and siblings one by one and then spend the day celebrating!

What do you guys do for fun? (Both together and as individuals?)

Together we love having board game nights, spending time with our friends and family, watching Patriots games and traveling to visit our families! Julie enjoys all things summer related and thinking of creative/crafty gifts while Mackenzie loves watching sports and napping.

Light and Airy photo of a man and woman dancing and flirting during their engagement Session in NH.
Engagement Session in Peterborough NH- man and woman hold hands and looking at each other.
Man and Woman laugh together during their Engagement Session.  Light and Airy photo shot by K. Lenox Photography.
Man and woman genuinely hugging during a tender moment at their Spring Engagement Session with K. Lenox Photography

Do either of you have funny quirks or habits that drives the other nuts? (HAHA)

Julie doesn’t like being the one to turn lights off at night, Mackenzie opens doors but never closes them!

How are the wedding plans coming along? What are your wedding day visions?

Julie is in graduate school so wedding planning has been very sporadic. We were lucky and got all the big things out of the way early so now we have a year to figure out the little details. Our wedding vision is romantic but light and fun, we just want to have a great time!

Engagement Session in Peterborough NH taken by LIght and Airy photographer K. Lenox.  Couple standing next to a brick wall.  Candid Photo.
Black and White Candid Photo taken of a man and woman outside near School Street in Peterborough NH
Man and Woman have an engagement session in Peterborough NH.   Light and airy photo taken by K. Lenox Photography.

As a couple who is currently actively planning your wedding- can you offer any advice to other couples? What would be your biggest piece of advice?

Don’t stress about the little things, Do your research, stick to your gut and try and be decisive. We talked about all our must-haves, things we would love (but didn’t need) and things we specifically didn’t want. Don’t have unrealistic expectations and focus on making it an absolutely perfect day. Focus on each other and the big picture and it’ll be perfectly imperfect.

What do you both do for a living?

Mackenzie is a pharmacist and Julie is in graduate school right now to be a physician assistant. We both love the medical field and helping others which is great until we disagree about medicine/treatments!

Anything else you would like to share that is interesting, funny, etc?

They say that when you know you know, but also that relationships take work. We met and two weeks later we were in a long distance relationship that lasted for almost 2 years. We knew right away that it was going to be forever, but still are so grateful we made it through the distance, late night phone calls, bus rides, and long stretches apart. Now, We are living the life we used to dream about and are grateful every day.

Light and Airy Candid portrait taken of a man and woman during their engagement session with K. Lenox Photography
Candid photo of a man and woman walking hand in hand away from the camera.  Taken in Peterborough NH by K.  Lenox Photography
Photograph taken of a man and woman sitting on Stone Stairs in Peterborough NH.   Engagement Session with couple wearing jeans
fun, light and airy photo of a man and woman looking at each other laughing and smiling during their spring engagement session with K. Lenox Photography
Black and White photo of a man and woman crossing a walking bridge in Peterborough NH during their spring engagement session.
Formal portrait taken of a man and woman during their engagement session in Peterborough NH

I’m so lucky

I’m truly just so grateful that my career has allowed me, not only to meet, but to be trusted by and befriend all these amazing couples. Julie and Mackenzie are two of the most incredible people and I get to call them friends. How lucky am I?

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Hair and Makeup by the talented Studio LAVO (FB) Website

Engagement Session in Peterborough NH with Julie & Mackenzie

Black and white image of a man and woman during their Engagement Session in Peterborough NH

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