Engagement Session with a Red 1972 VW Beetle

I seriously can’t get over the amazing couples that I get to work with.   Today’s post is all about Heather and Brendan’s Engagement session with a Red 1972 VW Beetle.   When we first met up they asked if they could incorporate their antique punch-bug in their engagement photos… and I was like. . . “Hell ya!”   As it turns out. . . Brendan’s first car was an antique VW Bus.   So it seem’s just so fitting that he wanted to include his antique Beetle on the engagement session!  There is also a possibility that his original first car may be at the wedding too!  (I can’t wait for that!)

Thank you to Mayfair Farm

We met up at Mayfair Farm,  where the owners graciously allowed us to shoot.  I have to admit!  I LOVE Mayfair farm.  Not only is this venue absolutely stunning-  it offers soo much in regards to photo opportunities.  Also… they have super cute animals!  I mean look at the cuteness…. and the view below!  And Sarah, one of the owners, is beyond sweet!

Sheep at Mayfair farm in Harrisville NH. Photo of a sky at sunset taken from Mayfair Farm in Harrisville NH.

Heather and Brendan’s Engagement Session with a Red 1972 VW Beetle

Below I have the pictures from their Engagement Session with their Red 1972 VW Beetle!   As amazing as their car is-  What I really love about their session- is the interactions between the two and the geniune and authentic laughter that was captured.  Sprinkled throughout the rest of the post are little nuggets of info about these two cool cats!

Well, we were high schoolers so it was probably awkward, although we didn’t think it was at the time haha. We sat in my parents living room and watched high school musical (probably my choice lol) and home alone.

Engagement Photos with a Red 1972 VW Beetle with the girl sitting on the back holding a Save the Date sign.

We were supposed to just go out to a fancy dinner together in Manchester, but secretly he had plans to propose.  So,we parked a little ways from the restaurant and as we walked, we went through one of the parks and were reminiscing about all the great adventures we had been on. We talked of how it was going to be approaching seven years of being together and how we may want to celebrate when Brendan paused and got down on one knee and asked to spend WAY MORE than seven years more together 🙂

Engaged couple kissing in front of their 1972 Red VW Beetle during their engagement session at Mayfair farm. Engaged couple walk with their arms around each other towards their 1972 Red Volks Wagon Beetle.

Brendan loves to build robots, he always says not only do I build robots for work, but I build them for fun so our whole garage is loaded with tools and 3D printers and laser cutters. I like to run, actually, more have a love-hate relationship with it, but most days I love it. Together we love to travel around in Brendan’s red Volkswagen bug and go to yard sales, out for ice cream, or just take a drive on a nice day.

Engaged Couple pose in front of their Red 1972 Punch Bug for an engagement portrait at Mayfair Farm. Candid black and white photo of a man and woman walking on a dirt road at Mayfair Farm in Harrisville NH

Brendan oddly loves that Bounty paper towels are super absorbent and also wants to save the planet I guess, but he re-uses paper towels. He cleans things up, wrings them out and leaves them out to dry. Meanwhile, I go around picking them up and throwing them away haha. My thing that drives Brendan nuts is the way I use a knife. I openly admit that I am awkward and unsafe with my knife etiquette, but it can’t be changed. He even asked my parents who taught me to use a knife to try and figure out the root cause. Still to be determined…

Man and Woman hug in front of their 1972 Red VW Punch Bug antique car. Black and White photo of an engaged couple posing for a portrait inside the renovated barn at Mayfair farm.

Great! We don’t really have any visions for the big day!

Engaged Couple sit down together in front of their 1972 Red VW Beetle. Candid black and white photo of an engaged couple laughing and holding hands. Engagement photos taken at Mayfair Farm showing a man and woman holding hands wearing jeans and teeshirts.

Don’t rush. When we first got engaged everyone couldn’t wait to hear what the wedding date would be, but we took our time picking out a date we liked and a venue that fit us as a couple. We have done that with all the other planning as well, we take our time and don’t rush into anything. We have thoroughly enjoyed being an engaged couple, I mean you only get to be engaged once right?

Black and white candid photo of a man picking up his fiance and laughing.

We met in high school on the robotics team. Originally my brother was on the team and I was just the freshman little sister that would stop by for a few minutes while I waited for a ride home. Then I joined the team myself and Brendan and I hit it off!

The Robotics Team Shirts….B E L O W

Posed portrait of a man and woman wearing High School Robotics Club t shirts because thats the club where they met.

Brendan is a robotics engineer and I am finishing up school to be a Nurse!

Black and white silhouette photo showing a man and woman holding hands in a field.

Congratulations Guys!!!!

Their wedding is scheduled for August 3th of 2019!  I’m so excited and honored to get to be a part of it!!

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Engagement Session with a Red 1972 VW Beetle K. Lenox Photography

Engagement photo with a Red 1972 VW Beetle.

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