Light and Airy Senior Photos

Wow! Senior year-  it’s right around the corner.  What a fun, exciting, yet a stressful milestone to experience.  Well- Emma celebrated this awesome milestone with Light and Airy Senior Photos – just outside of Keene.  We met up at Dort Road- and played.   You might wonder why I use the word “play”?  Well- because I’m a tad goofy and unconventional when it comes to the way that I work.
I don’t pose to perfection- but rather I encourage you to play like a child and embrace your inner badass.  “Just do you”  is one direction that I give frequently.    And you know what- that enables my senior girls to show not only their outward pretty- but their inner beauty as well!

Meet Emma

Emma is heading into her senior year and will be graduating from Keene High School with the class of 2019!  One thing that made me LOVE LOVE LOVE playing with Emma- was her goofy essence.   I so totally fell head over heels for her quirky and fun personality and genuine happiness.    It’s working with gals like her that make me love my job so much.    I just know that- one day her future children will look at these photos and get a true sense of who their Mommy was so many years ago.
So why don’t I share with you some of the Light and Airy Senior Photos that we created on a warm a summer night!   Sprinkled throughout are a few tidbits all about Emma!!

Light and Airy Senior Photos of a girl wearing a yellow dress while sitting on a Rock. K. Lenox Photography.

My first choice school is the University of New Hampshire, but hopefully, I will be staying in the New England area. During my college career, I would like to travel abroad and possibly see if I could do service work as well.

Light and Airy Senior Photo of a girl in a field of wheat-like grass wearing a soft yellow dress.

I am not sure what my passion is, as I am interested in lots of different things. However, I am hoping to end up somewhere in the math and science field.

Light and Airy Senior Portrait of a girl wearing a pale yellow dress fixing her hair.

I love spending time with my family, as my grandparents and some cousins live at most thirty minutes away. In addition, I try and busy myself with doing art, reading, running, biking, and going on lots of hikes and adventures with my friends. I am also trying to teach myself to play guitar, but that will take a while.

Senior photo of a girl smiling in a field of soft wheat grass. Fun and Candid light and Airy photo of a senior girl dancing in a field of wheat grass. Black and white photo of a senior girl in a field for her portrait session just outside of Keene NH

I have been pretty involved with the school. I swim during the winter and play lacrosse in the spring, as I used to run cross country but decided to take that up on my own. I am a part of Student and Class council, National Honors Society, National Art Honors Society, and Interact. There are a few more clubs and activities this year I am hoping to join as well.

Light and Airy Candid Senior photos in Keene NH taken by K. Lenox Photography Black and White candid photo of a girl's profile while looking down. Senior Photos near a river. Girl in white tank-top and red patterned skirt sits on a rock near a river.

I am going to miss my friends so much. I was incredibly lucky to have grown up in a small town with my best friend right down the street, and staying so close to those I went to elementary school with as well. I have had a wonderful high school experience with going to the football and hockey games, homecoming, prom, and anything in between!

Girl poses for light and airy senior photos wearing a red and white patterned skirt with a white tank top Head shot of a girl wearing a white tank top and silver, circular earrings.

I am looking forward to becoming the independent woman that my parents raised me to be. I can not wait to travel and experience the world and live life to it’s fullest. We only live once, so we might as well make the most of it!

Light and Airy candid photos of a senior girl in a field. Light and Airy Candid photo of a girl playing in a river for her senior portrait session.

Girl wearing a red skirt and orange sweater/shirt plays in a river for her Light and Airy Senior Photos on Dort Road in Surry NH. Black and White Looks like film photo of a senior girl standing on a wooden bridge. Light and Airy Senior portrait taken just outside of Keene NH by K. Lenox Photography. Girl wearing blue-jeans, white tank and a green sweater. Girl wearing blue jeans, white tank and an olive green sweater for her senior portraits. Light and Airy Senior Photos of a girl wearing jeans, white tank top and a pink sweater. Fun and Carefree and Candid photos of a high school senior girl being silly during her photo session. Candid, light and airy photo of a senior girl in a field of wheatgrass wearing jeans and a pink sweater.

I see myself in ten years with a career I love, lifelong friends, lots of traveling, and family nearby as I am hoping to settle down somewhere in the New England area. I’ll probably have more dogs then I will be able to handle, but it’ll be worth it.

Light and Airy senior photo of a girl in a field of Wheatgrass taken by K. Lenox Photography. Candid, fun and silly photo of two girls laughing while wearing jeans and white tank-top, standing in a field. Candid, Light and Airy photo of a high school senior wearing jeans and a white shirt in field holding flowers. Light and Airy Senior Photos of a senior girl sitting on a rock near a river. Black and White Photo of a senior girl looking over her shoulder while sitting on a rock. Light and Airy senior photo taken using OFC in a field. Taken by K. Lenox Photography near Keene NH>

I have a few. One of my favorites is something my great-grandmother, 102 years old this August, had always told me. “Everything in moderation.” It really can be applied anywhere and I think it is so important. Just two more! “If it weren’t for second chances, we’d all be alone.” Gregory Alan Isokov ‘Second Chances’ “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” Buddha

Fun, Candid and silly senior portraits taken by K. Lenox Photography using Off Camera Flash in a field. Black and White Photo that Looks like Film. High School Senior Portrait of a girl looking over her shoulder. K. Lenox PhotographyHeadshot of a Keene High School Senior sitting in a field. Taken by K. Lenox Photography using Off Camera Flash. Candid black and white photo of a girl looking down and smiling, with her hair covering her face.

I truly hope you enjoyed this post bragging all about Emma!  And I hope that you enjoyed seeing her Light and Airy Senior Photos!   If your looking for a senior photo session that is tailored to your specific visions-  reach out!

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Light and Airy Senior Photos | Keene NH | K. Lenox Photography

Light and Airy Senior Photos of a girl with long hair in a field.

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