A Style Guide for Senior Portraits

Make One Last Statement:

The last 4 years have been full of fun, laughter, and memories that you’ll hold dearly. You want your senior portraits to capture your transformation from shy freshman to confident senior who is ready to take on the next chapters in life; whether that be college, trade school, heading straight into the workforce, or traveling the world. But it seems almost impossible to pick out outfits that will commemorate your high school years and capture your personal taste so effortlessly. Fortunately, with this quick style guide for senior portraits, you can easily piece together the perfect outfit that won’t have you cringing ten years from now.

Glam It Up

Senior Style Guide Session Tips- girl on beach wearing jewelry

Senior Style guide for Portrait Sessions suggests adding jewelry to spice up the look!

No matter what your style is, nothing pulls an outfit together like jewelry. In fact, classic sterling silver accents are great for your portraits because they go with many different outfits and you don’t have to worry about switching your accessories during each outfit change. Earrings are always a perfect choice because they’re easy, come in a wide variety of types, and colors, and can really make a statement. If you were voted “best dressed” and are always fashion-forward, look for earrings in on-trend shapes. Right now, hoops are a popular choice.

Dress It Up

You’ll likely have 3 to 4 different outfit changes. For most girls, classic, trendy dresses are always on the list of potential outfits. These are easy to change in and out of while on site, and they’re comfortable. If you’re doing a fall shoot, add tall boots and a cardigan to stay warm and super cute. Effortlessly capture your true, unique vibe in a solid colored dress. If you’re looking for something with a lot of personalities, look for a dress with a popular pattern.

Top It Off

Dresses aren’t the only outfit option. Lots of girls like to pair bold tops with a skirt, shorts, or denim. This statement piece speaks for itself and captures your personality and taste. With a fun, unique top, you can choose what makes it bold. Prints and patterns are always eye-catching, and a solid color like red, yellow, orange, or silver can be paired with accessories that pop. Whatever you choose, just make sure that you feel comfortable in it. Pictures have a unique way of capturing any discomfort or awkwardness felt during a shoot.

Your senior portraits capture more than the end of your senior year, they tell your story. You’ll look back on these 5, 10, and even 20 years from now. You’ll exchange them with your best friends and reminisce on the next time everyone is home for the holidays.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to styling yourself is choosing outfits that make you feel beautiful. You want to feel as good as you look so that you look at ease and comfortable in your photos. With this quick Style Guide for Senior Portraits, you can easily start to piece the perfect outfits together that you’ll remember fondly forever. From the perfect jewelry accents to hot tops and trendy dresses, your senior portraits are going to look classic, timeless, and 100% you.Style Guide for Senior Portraits- Senior girl wears light neutral colored button down shirt to style her outfit.

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A Style Guide for Senior Portraits

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