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Honeymoon Packing Guide

One of our regular guest bloggers has some amazing advice in her Honeymoon Packing Guide!

Ah, finally, some rest! After the wonderful, though stressful wedding chaos, some relaxation with your spouse is definitely in order. You get to bond and explore the new feeling of having a significant other.  A partner to be with you through thick and thin.  And the best part about it is that you get to do it in a fun new location!  The honeymoon provides us with an opportunity for romance and some truly memorable moments. So you want to make sure you’re fully ready for the adventure that’s coming your way. Of course, that’s where we come in. To help you pack and make the best out of your trip, here are some things to keep in mind as you ready your suitcase.   So Read on to see our Honeymoon Packing Guide

Practicality first

Good partnerships are built on love, but they’re also built on sheer practicality. As soon as you get that stuff out of the way, you can feel completely safe and relaxed. And then the rest of your packing can include things that make you excited to put in the suitcase. So, the first thing to think about is all your documents. Your passports, visas, ATM cards, airline tickets, reservation confirmations, emergency contacts and health/travel insurance papers. We recommend that you deal with all the paperwork well ahead of time.  Rushing through the bureaucratic processes a few days before your honeymoon is completely nerve-wracking. You should also ask your doctor to refill your prescription if you’re taking any meds.  Also, invest in some travel adapters if you’re going to a country that has different power outlets. Grab some maps and guidebooks, pack your essential toiletries, and then think about fun and fashion!

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Invest in versatile garments

The second area noted in our Honeymoon Packing Guide about versatile garments. Unless you’re going on a camping trip to the wilderness, glamour is always an option for the newlyweds! However, you don’t have to stress about packing too many garments. Really all you really need are a few versatile pieces that will make fashion surprisingly easy. A cute black dress can always be worn to almost any occasion. And you can style it up using accessories: wear it with a soft cardigan and ballet flats and you’re ready for an evening walk, or wear it with heels, hoop earrings, and red lipstick and you can go to a party. You will also want some good walking shoes, especially if you’re fond of sightseeing and aren’t content with spending your vacation sitting around in one place.

Minimalistic tees, shorts, and jeans are also encouraged because they can be mixed and matched with ease.  But you can also bring maxi skirts or dresses if you want effortless beauty. For the crowning moment of fashionable glam, you can get yourself some sexy designer swimwear, especially if you find a good one-piece suit. They can be worn with shorts or wide-leg pants and look like a stylish top, they can be rocked with a cute cover-up on the beach, and they are great for those who plan to do a lot of swimming.

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Glowing skin

No matter where you are, you’ll probably want to look good in photos and for that, you’ll need healthy skin. While you don’t have to bring a lot of products, you should find something gentle and nourishing that will give you that deliciously radiant glow. So bring your best natural skincare and try to stay regular with your nightly routine. Some quality jojoba oil can act as a splendid moisturizer that will make sure your face is lush and radiant, and as long as you never forget to take off your makeup in the evening and apply sunscreen in the morning, you should be fine. For an added dose of glam, bring some liquid highlight with you. You can dab it on your cheekbones for that va-va-voom effect, or you can mix in a few drops with your body lotion and highlight your arms, shoulders, and collarbones. An easy way to turn into a bronzed beach goddess in under a minute!

Small luxuries

Bring a good book, or bring your Kindle. Yes, you’ll be spending most of your time with your partner, but sometimes sitting in the room with them as you each do your own thing feels more precious than anything. Enjoying silence together is the mark of deep love and connection, so don’t be afraid of those quiet moments where nothing needs to be said. You can also bring some small things to enjoy together, for example, music or board games. Think about what kind of a couple you are, what you like doing together, but don’t sweat too much. It’s likely you’ll end up just lazing around and enjoying each other the entire time and that’s perfectly alright.


Take the first steps of your journey as a couple in a good mood. It’s time to relax and enjoy your partner right now, and as long as you get ready in time you shouldn’t sweat over details or really worry about anything.

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