5 Ways You Can Help Your Friend Organize a Wedding

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Your Friends will be by your side from the beginning.

Planning a wedding is so much more than just fun and games and celebratory euphoria. It takes a lot of time, money and effort to have everything done properly and in accordance with everyone’s wishes. Therefore, don’t be surprised, nor too exhilarated, if your friend asks you to help them with planning their big day. Don’t get me wrong, this is an honor. But it can also be a nightmare unless you’re well-prepared and ready to get to business right away. Below we listed 5 useful ways to handle pre-wedding chaos. And help your friend relax, enjoy their engagement and have the wedding they have always dreamed about.

1. Do research

Your friend asked you for help, and you, of course, said yes without thinking twice. But once the burst of emotions, followed by “awws” and hugs and thanks, is done, you have to ask yourself. “Do you really know what it takes to plan a wedding?” Well, you should if you want to make yourself a good and useful friend in need. So, get down to business. You browse the wedding magazines, go online and scroll Pinterest for ideas. And you talk to friends and cousins who recently got married for some wedding organization tips and tricks. It’s important you’re well-informed and prepared before having precise TO-DOs and the bride’s preferences to adhere to.

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2. Make appointments

There are so many boring errands to run and appointments to make. So taking over these obligations will literally liberate the weds-to-be from a huge burden and stress. Swing by your friend’s in-laws to pick up the programs. Check in with the irresponsible wedding planner and remind them of the details to handle. Look for the best nail salons nearby and schedule the wedding cake tasting. This way, you’ll protect your friend from added stress and possible panic attacks upon finding out that the best caterer in town is busy that very weekend.

3. Go dress shopping

Of course, you need to be there throughout the beautiful, exciting, yet so exhausting and stressful process of picking out the dress. Then tailoring it and finally, wearing it. Most often, brides-to-be will act bipolar and change their opinions on a daily basis regarding what dress they want. (And how they look wearing it.) This is where you step in. Instead of just supporting whatever they say, you have to be opinionated. Be the voice of reason to help them pick the best one. And most importantly, make sure they’re happy with the decision and stick to it until the wedding day’s over.

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4. Act as a spy

You need to be sneaky and find out if there’s something that she really hopes to happen at the wedding. Try to find out the people she definitely wants to be there. Or if there are troublesome cousins that she prefers not to see or have around the center tables. Spy around and make a list of the items they’ll need and then try your best to drop hints to friends and family members before they buy their wedding gifts. The seating chart is immensely important, so ask around for honest opinions from guests who RSVP-ed and plan seating accordingly. Sometimes brides and grooms don’t feel comfortable criticizing or admitting they don’t like something in order not to hurt their family members or friends, but that’s why you can play the bad cop and get things done for them.

5. Be a distraction

Getting married is a milestone and for most people, the most important day of their life. It’s natural to be under a lot of pressure, moody and even acts unreasonably in some situations. This is when you as a friend need to step in and act as a distractor. Sometimes they’ll need quiet time, and sometimes they’ll need to talk about anything but the wedding. Share snippets of your life, celebrity gossip or have a cold glass of white wine with them – anything to distract them from stressing out and overthinking. And if they need to snap, let them vent and let it all out on you.

Take note of the tips above and help your friend walk into the marriage satisfied and stress-free. And you make sure their big day is a success and your friendship is even stronger than before.

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