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Skincare Routine Before Your Wedding

Skincare Routine Before Your Wedding

Every bride’s dream is to look fabulous and flawless for that one special day she will remember for a lifetime. But beauty takes time and devotion, so you better start your beauty regimen months in advance. And before your unexpected skin problems turn you into a Bridezilla, we’ve listed a few beauty treatments you might want to consider before the big day.

Book the best facialist in town

It’s not like you’re getting married every day, so it’s totally understandable you want perfect and glowy skin for the wedding. When the skin is well prepped, there’s no need for extra layers of heavy makeup to conceal the imperfections. Too much makeup will only make you look older and your pores can get even more visible. Soft and radiant skin is a great foundation for makeup, so let’s start with a proper beauty regimen. You could book an appointment for one of the rejuvenation facials which are now popular, such as the 24k gold Egyptian facial and caviar masks, and pamper your inner goddess like she deserves.Bride followed a Skincare routine before her wedding-

When things go wrong

There’s a great chance you’ll get the biggest blemish in the world a few days before the wedding. Because why not? Embrace the fact that something will always get in the way. So instead of worrying, learn how to fix the problem ASAP. Foaming cleansers happen to be one of the best acne skin care products known for unclogging pores and removing impurities. Use it regularly and you can be sure all your troubles will be gone.

Crystal face rollers

This ubiquitous trend stole our hearts because it is believed that crystals hold an energy healing vibration that helps us relax, uplift and rejuvenate. Crystal rollers are beneficial because they help cream ingredients to be absorbed into the face and neck. By rolling them across your cheeks, forehead and chin, your blood circulation and skin tone improve, and also the elasticity of your skin.Bride in floral robe prepares for her wedding day.

Soften your lips

Since you can’t skip the kissing and congratulating part on your wedding, you’ll need some serious lip treatment. No matter how stressed you are over the whole wedding euphoria, avoid biting your lips the days before. When the lips are dry and cracked, lipstick doesn’t look good. It makes these cracks even more visible, which is quite embarrassing. Bring your pout back to life with products that involve nourishing and hydrating ingredients. The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant is one of the best lip balms that keeps your lip texture smooth, soft and hydrated. Its mini packaging is ideal to be carried wherever you go. Apply it whenever it occurs to you throughout the day. And you’ll be sure your lips will be smooch-ready after the “I do” part.

Your feet deserve some real pampering

Did Cinderella have cracked heels when she was trying on the glass slipper? No, and you shouldn’t have them either. Treat your feet and heels right and you won’t have to worry about which shoe style you should pick for the ceremony. The L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot cream is a really thick and nourishing cream that might not have the best smell, but you would love what it does to your feet. It’s rich in lavender essential oil and shea butter, and the result is refreshed and smooth feet. Keep your feet happy by using it a couple of nights in a row before the big day.Black and White photo of a bride getting into her wedding dress with the help of two bridesmaids.

Nourish the whole body

Regardless of the season, we must not forget to moisturize our entire skin because it’s still the biggest organ in our body. There are plenty of softening lotions with a delicious scent.  Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter Body Lotion is one of them. It leaves skin healthy, soft and smooth, and it smells amazing. When applying, try to avoid areas where you sweat the most so that you don’t get acne before the wedding.Bride prepares for her wedding day- after following a Skincare Routine Before Your Wedding

Elbows count too

These are often neglected in our daily skincare routine, so it’s good to take care of them as well since you’ll probably have a sleeveless dress. The skin on the elbows is thicker and significantly different than other skin on your body, which makes it dry and prone to crack. Therefore, you’ll need a cream that exfoliates and removes old cells and smoothens dry and rough areas.

If you still haven’t started your beauty plan, now is the perfect time to indulge in some of these treatments and shine on your wedding.

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