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Light and Airy Engagement Photos in the White Mountains of NH

When I first spoke with Hannah about the possibility of me photographing her wedding-  she said she was looking for a down to earth person who won’t stress everyone out.   Well- she came to the right place!  LOL   I have a philosophy about wedding photography and that is… “I believe that the couple and their guests should be present for the wedding day, and not standing in line for photos the entire time.”   It’s true to… I really believe that!  Additionally- the couple and the photographer need to mesh, not only in photo style- but in personality.

Hannah and Matt

Well, one thing is for sure they make the most adorable couple- they are also so very kind hearted!   Both are DPT’s (Doctors of Physical Therapy) and travel all over providing their professional services, so they often spend much time apart.   But like Matt said, ” The time they spend apart- only makes the time together more special.”

When we met for their Engagement Session,  we chatted all about things they like to do together.   And it just so happens that Hannah and I are “Iron Man Wife Survivors“.    Meaning we’ve survived the constant talk about the race for hours upon hours both before the race and well after the completion!!!  LOL   (I don’t really know if that’s a real thing; “Iron Man Wive Survivors” but it should be a club- because the struggle is real!  LOL )

We had the perfect day for our session, which resulted in truly beautiful Light and Airy Engagement photos!   It was a tad chilly… (Okay- it was downright cold when the wind blew!) but that only made for more authentic photos of these two cuddling!  And I got to see their custom re-designed Van in which they travel in together!

Light and Airy Engagement Photos in the White Mountains of NH- Man and Woman walk on a path holding hands. White gold engagement diamond ring.

We initially met in Physics course in undergrad at Ithaca College (and then met again several times at various college parties LOL)

We went to get coffees on a study break during midterms week. We were definitely both nervous and didn’t kiss until our 3rd date!

detail photo of a pink flowy floral skirt and a man in blue pants and leather shoes. Man and woman walk holding hands in a field for their Light and Airy Engagement Photos in the White Mountains of NHLight and Airy Engagement Photos in the White Mountains of NH- Man and Woman pose in front of a mountain with the fall foliage in the background.

Matt took me down for dinner in the Ithaca Commons and then we went to an ice sculpture show which was beautifully lit up and snowy – that’s where he got down on 1 knee!

We love to hike, travel and generally have adventures together (and you know one of us loves to bike more than the other LOL)

Candid and Authentic Light and Airy Engagement Photo taken by K. Lenox Photography. Black and White photo of an engaged couple cuddling on a chilly day. Light and Airy Engagement Photos in the White Mountains of NH- showing a man and woman dancing and hugging.

Yes!! Matt always only partially closes cabinets/drawers and I never clean out the sink!

Light and Airy Engagement Photo showing a candid moment of a man and woman walking in a field. Black and White close up, detail photo of a woman hugging her fiance. Light and Airy Engagement Photos in the White Mountains taken by K. Lenox Photography

Wedding plans are coming along well – hoping for a soft garden style wedding that is laid back and fun!

Light and Airy Engagement Photos in the White Mountains of NH- Black and white photo showing a country church. Black and White Photo of an engaged man and woman hugging. Cute Little White Church in Tamworth NH. Engagement Ring on a Maple Leaf. Black and White Candid photo of a man and woman playing and giving a piggy back ride. Light and Airy Engagement Photos taken in the Fall in Northern NH. Light and Airy Engagement photos taken in the Fall near Tamworth NH. Light and Airy Engagement Photos in the White Mountains of NH in the Fall of a girl wearing a white sweater and a man wearing a black tee shirt. Man and woman walk along the stream in the Fall. Man and Woman cuddle and Kiss- Black and White photo. Man and Woman sit on a rock on the side of a stream in the White Mountains of NH. Taken by K. Lenox Photography

Don’t get too caught up in the little details!

Light and Airy Engagement Photos in the White Mountains of NH- taken near a stream in the FALLCandid photo of a man and woman talking and laughing while sitting streamside in the fall. Man and Woman sit streamside in the fall- and a maple leaf with a White Gold Diamond solitaire ring

White Van converted to a "camper".

Check out their super cool Van in which they personally converted to a mini camper! These two travel all over in this van and plan on traveling all over Canada for their Honeymoon!!! How Awesome is that?!

Congratulations to you guys!

Hair and Makeup by “The Salon” in Glenn.

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Light and Airy Engagement Photos in the White Mountains of NH.

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