Fall Engagement Session at Scott Farm

Fall engagement sessions are so much fun!  I don’t know about you- but for some reason, I get super re-charged in the fall.   Although I don’t look forward to the blistery cold winter that’s just around the corner, fall puts me in a good mood!    Crisp Autumn air,  fun foliage colors, apple picking, pumpkins, and of course… Halloween.    There’s so much that Autumn brings our way.  And for us photographers- it also brings an abundance of engagement sessions!   LOL

Allie and John traveled up from Boston and were looking for a beautiful spot for their Fall engagement session!  And we were so lucky to have obtained permission to shoot at the Scott Farm.   This was the first time I have been there- and it was breathtaking!

Allie And John

These two are a hoot!   From our first conversation,  I knew they were a couple that I wanted to work with!    Allie and I have eerily similar childhoods, which really helped me get a feel for who she was.   Because of our upbringings- we actually have so much in common when it comes to our “quirks”.  LOL   And John- well,  he reminds me of my Husband!   Seriously- the connections we created is a strong foundation for our budding friendship!

When it comes to photos-  the one thing I don’t look for is perfection.  That’s right…. I don’t want the couple “perfectly posed”.   Don’t get me wrong-  I want the photos to be flattering and beautiful!  But I would rather have an image that is authentic to the couple.  And it’s great how each couple is able to interpret the directions I give in their own way!   ( I love how each couple totally embraces my made up poses called… “The Grr Baby” and “The Hover“.  LOL )

I fell in love with the way John makes Allie laugh.  Likewise- I also witnessed how she made him laugh too!    You will see below Johns goofy essence… which makes for some fun photos!

So without further Ado…  Let me Introduce you to Allie and John!!   Two totally kick-ass peeps who will be Tying the knot next August 10th at The Inn at Round Barn.

UPDATE:  Allie and Johns Engagement Session has been featured on Something Turquoise!! 

Couple hugging in the Orchard at Scott Farm during their Fall Engagement Session. Black and White photo of an engaged couple while at Scott Farm in Brattleboro during their photo session with K. Lenox Couple hold each other while talking during their Fall Engagement Session at Scott Farm in Brattleboro Vt. Black and White Candid photo of a man and woman laughing during their Fall Engagement Session at Scott Farm. Woman wearing a green shirt with a Cream vest flirts with her fiance at their fall engagement session at Scott Farm. Candid and authentic photo of a man and woman hugging .

Tinder!! We found love in a hopeless place! We chatted for a couple hours on the app and then John boldly asked me out, which was extremely refreshing.Detail photo of a womans engagement ring and her jean jacket. Man and Woman next to an ivy covered post during their fall engagement session.

We went out for drinks at a bar in downtown Boston called Bostonia. It was noisy so it was hard to hear each other but we talked for hours! John was very nervous. In fact, he drank approximately 8-9 glasses of water because his mouth was so dry LOL.

Black and White photo of a Man and Woman looking lovingly at each other. Engagement Photo showing the Autumn foliage on a foggy and cloudy afternoon. The Barn at Scott Farm in Brattleboro Vt. White Barn with Red Doors. Black and White photo of a man and woman in front of the White Barn at the Scott Farm in VT.

In Nantucket! He got down on one knee outside my favorite dockside restaurant, Cru where I used to be a hostess. My family and his family were all behind him waiting to celebrate with us- even his sister, Clare who came all the way from Milwaukee.Formal Portrait of a Man, woman and their Dog. Engagement Photo taken in Brattleboro Vermont of a Man and Woman holding each other. Black and White photo of a man unexpectedly dipping his fiance during their engagement session. Light and Airy photo showing a Man scooping up his fiance while at their engagement session on Scott Farm. People in love dancing during their fall engagement session with K. Lenox Photography. Candid black and white photo of a man wearing a plaid shirt and a girl wearing a solid shirt. Candid and authentic photo of a man and woman laughing and flirting at the Scott Farm. Taken by K. Lenox Photography Engaged couple play and laugh during this candid photo.

Allie- working out, snowboarding, hiking with our dog Blue, reading, shopping LOL John- playing soccer, snowboarding, hiking with our dog blue, Fishing, Golfing, cooking/baking

Man crawls through a stone wall and his fiance lovingly watches. Engaged Couple take a piggy back ride in the Orchard at Scott Farm during their fall engagement session. Candid Photo taken of a man and woman laughing during their engagement photo session at Scott Farm. Playful, Candid and authentic engagement photos taken by K. Lenox Photography.

John – “Allie is an EXTREMELY neat and tidy person, to the point where she cannot let anything sit dirty or out of place…. even if we’re in rush a to get to work!”

Allie–  “John leaves his socks everywhere and makes this really annoying snorting noise that drives me CRAZY.”

Young engaged couple flirt and laugh for this candid, authentic photo. Light and Airy, candid photos of an engaged couple during their fall engagement session. Engaged couple walk holding hands in the Orchard at Scott Farm during their fall photo session. Man and Woman hold hands and look at each other for a candid photo on Scott Farm. Woman wearing navy blue 3/4 Length Skirt with Bright Magenta strappy heels, hugs her fiance wearing a Navy blue suit coat and gray pants. Couple hug in front of the Scott Farm Barn in Vermont. Candid photo taken of a woman wearing a Jean jacket and a man wearing a dark navy blue suit jacket. Black and White, Looks Like Film photo of an engaged couple about to kiss. Candid and Authentic. K. Lenox PHotogrpahy Candid photo of a man and woman playing.

Really well. We’ve got all the big things done! We’re having a gospel choir at the church and a band at the reception because we both love live music! Aside from (hopefully) great music, we just want everyone to have great food and an open bar LOL. We’re going for a very romantic, dreamy, laid-back vibe. We’re most excited about simply bringing our families and friends together. All the people we love in one place, what a dream!Man Spins his fiance around in a field during their fall engagement session in Vermont. Black and White- Looks like film photo of a man and woman playing. Candid Photography by K. Lenox Photo. Man and Woman whisper to each other. Black and White photo of a man and woman walking across a waterfall. Water shows their reflection.

Try to slow down and enjoy as much of it as possible. Communication and compromise are KEY!

Man and Woman walk holding hands in a field on a cloudy, foggy and misty day in October. Vermont NH Engagement Session taken by K. Lenox Photography

Allie- Sales/Relationship Management at an AdTech company John – Portfolio management for Cambridge Associates, an investment management company

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Fall engagement Session at Scott Farm | K. Lenox Photography

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