Camp Takodah Wedding

Before I brag all about Tricia and Jay… I think I should mention this beautiful wedding venue!   So many thanks to Jay and Tricia- who had a Camp Takodah Wedding.  They opened my eyes to just how truly beautiful it really is!   Some of the perks of this venue- 1. Beautiful views,  2.  Amazing staff, 3. Rain ceremony back up location (That’s BEAUTIFUL!) 4. Onsite Lodging, and 5. the most awesome bonus- you get to have access to an incredible wedding planner- Jennifer with Memorable Events!   I’m sure there are many more amazing benefits. . . but those are the ones that pop into my head! LOL

I know- when you think “Camp Wedding” you may be envisioning a total hoedown…. (not that that wouldn’t have been awesome too!) But for those who also want to have a classy, not so campy wedding… Camp Takodah may be the perfect fit!   And being that Tricia was a camper at Camp Takodah for 9 years!  (not only Tricia… but her family… for generations before her! ) It was perfect to celebrate her wedding here too!!!

Tricia and Jay

You may remember Tricia and Jay from their Rustic Lakeside Engagement Session, this past summer.    I knew from our first phone conversation that I wanted to be friends with these guys.   Two people who value their relationship, authenticity and just being real.   I have the honor of working with some pretty freakin’ awesome couples- and these two are certainly no exception.  Reflecting back to their engagement session- I left there on cloud nine!  I truly was just blown away by the happiness these two have.  Tricia and Jay are two truly beautiful people.   And not just on the outside.  (and yes.. they are gorgeous!!)  But they are so kind, thoughtful and happy.  They are beautiful souls because of who they are… inside.

And the incredible way these two can laugh with each other, you can’t help but smile being in their presence.  It was like that during their engagement session and their Wedding at Camp Takodah was no different.   Only this time… I met their friends and family.   Who… I feel in love with too.   It’s literally impossible to leave from spending time with these guys and not be happy.

Black and White image of a Bride and Groom at a Camp Takodah Wedding, on the rustic porch overlooking the lake. Private lake house/log cabin with a green canoe filled with seasonal Mums. Diamond pear shaped engagement ring. Set of wedding bands shown in White Gold, and yellow gold. White wedding invitation. Rustic Wedding Detail shots of white bridal bouquets and a set of gold wedding bands. Rustic Wedding detail shots showing white heels and the white bridal bouquet with green accents. Rustic Wedding detail photo showing the white floral bridal bouquet in a light brown wicker rocking chair. Rustic Wedding Detail photos showing white shoes, White bridal bouquet and the engagement ring. Black and White photo of a wedding dress hanging on the closet door in a lake house cabin in NH. White simple invitation suite shown with the white wedding shoes, bridal bouquet, and veil and boutonniere. Rustic Wedding Photo. Black and White candid photo taken of a bride and her friend sharing a emotional moment as they get ready for the wedding day. Black and White photo of a back of a brides dress as she is getting it buttoned. Black and White photo of a mom helping her daughter into the wedding dress for a wedding at Camp Takodah in NH. A groom helps his groomsmen tie their black ties, while on the porch of a rustic cabin on Swanzey Lake. A groom and his men get ready on the porch of their rustic lakeside cabin. Black and white photos showing a candid view of 4 men getting tying their ties on the porch of a rustic lakeside cabin. A groom buttoning his jacket on the porch of a rustic lakeside cabin. Groomsmen watch a video on putting on boutonnieres before the Wedding at Camp Takodah A Man helps a groom button on his Boutonniere on the lapel of his gray suit jacket. Candid photo of three men in grey suits hanging out lakeside on a dock. A groom and his three bothers wearing grey suits pose for an informal photo in front of a lake.

The First Look

Now you may recognize the location of their getting ready location.   Because it’s the same location where we took their engagement photos a while back!  I love when couples can infuse their personalities into the day!   And although I can’t show the full wedding day (and all the funny, memorable in-between moments that were captured) … I can give a little deeper taste.

First Looks are an amazing way to share a special moment together- before the actual wedding ceremony.   Tricia and Jay chose to do just that!   When I was explaining the process… I wanted to make it clear.   It’s not for the photos.  It’s a special time set aside for just the two of you.    And even though I’ll be hiding in the bushes capturing the moment… we aren’t focusing on the photos.   I would rather just have the couple forget about the camera… and all the wedding day craziness… and get lost in the moment.    Because those truly authentic, un-posed and natural photos will always be the best!  Despite their lack of “perfection”… that is what makes them perfect.

Tricia and Jay chose to have their first look on the dock in front of their Lakeside Cabin.

Bride and Groom share a first look on a dock at the lake. On their Wedding day at Camp Takodah. Groom see's his bride for the first time on their wedding day at Camp Takodah. Black and White photo of a bride and groom having a kiss on their wedding day, while down on the dock at the lake. Bride and groom stand with their arms around each other while looking out over the lake at Camp Takodah Wedding. Bride and Groom formal portraits at the lake. Candid moment of a Bride and Groom laughing together on their wedding day at Camp Takodah. Black and white photo of a bride and groom with forehead to forehead next to the lake. Groom helps his bride walk on the dock on their wedding day. Black and White photo of a groom helping his bride walk on a dock at their lakeside home in Swanzey NH. Candid Moment of a bride and groom talking on the porch of their rustic lakeside home. Bride and groom pose for a portrait while holding hands. Black and White photo of a bride and groom walking away- showing her train. White Cala LIly's and other white flowers in the bridal bouquet. Light and Airy Candid photo of a bride and groom talking on their wedding day. Bride and Groom share a moment while overlooking the lake. Light and Airy Candid moment by K. Lenox Photography. Black and White candid moment of a husband and wife on their Wedding day at Camp Takodah. A groom wearing a grey suit poses for a portrait on a rustic lakeside cabin porch. Formal posed portrait of a bride and groom on their wedding day. Bride and Groom holding each other while showing parts of the rustic lakeside cabin porch. Black and white portrait of a bride and groom looking at each other lovingly.

The Ceremony

The Wedding at Camp Takodah took place indoors at the Rustic Memorial Lodge.   With close to 200 of their closest friends and family- they said their “I do’s”!

Wedding Ceremony at Camp Takodah- Father walks bride down the aisle. Groom looks at father and daughter Wedding at Camp Takodah in the lodge next to the lake. Rustic Wedding at the Camp. Groom reads his vows at a Rustic Wedding at Camp Takodah in Rindge NH. Groom puts the ring on his bride during the rustic wedding ceremony at Camp Takodah. Black and white photo of a Rustic Wedding at Camp Takodah- in the lodge near the lake. Bride laughs after she puts ring on wrong finger during a rustic wedding ceremony at Camp Takodah. Bride and Groom hold hands during a Rustic wedding ceremony in the lodge at Camp Takodah. Frist Kiss as Husband and Wife- Rustic Wedding at Camp Takodah.

Mr. and Mrs. 

Since we did the first look earlier in the day-  we only did a few more photos after the ceremony!  This way the happy newly weds can actually be present to enjoy their wedding day! 
Bride and Groom walk down by a rope fence near the lake at their Camp Takodah WeddingBride and groom cuddle and laugh after they celebrated their wedding at Camp Takodah. Bride and Groom are nose to nose while on the porch of the lodge at Camp Takodah, just after their wedding. Black and White photo of a bride and groom on the rustic lodge porch at Camp Takodah after their wedding. Bride and Groom Walk near the alter ceremony spot at Camp Takodah. Bride is wearing grooms suit jacket. Bride and Groom Cuddle at Camp Takodah.

Lodge Reception

So many classy and beautiful details! Not to mention lots of fun moments of dancing, speaches and wonderful food!   Take a peek at the rest of their day!

Tricia and Jay-  Thank you both for being just so incredibly amazing.   Your beauty shines from within.




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