Unconventional Wedding Guest Outfits

Alternative weddings are becoming increasingly popular! Ever since couples realized that they don’t have to follow tradition to the letter with big puffy gowns, extravagant venues. Needless to say, this takes a lot of pressure off the wedding guests!  Because as soon we receive yet another wedding invitation, we’re already thinking about expensive gowns, elegant jewelry, etc. With alternative and unconventional weddings, the pressure is off! Because they’re usually on the more casual, at times completely casual side. So you can either purchase an affordable garment or outfit that you can get a lot of use of later and wear it on regular days as well or simply pick a decent but not overly lux dress or ensemble you already have hanging in your closet.  Just in case your creative juices aren’t flowing these days, we’re here to help with a few phenomenally low-key yet gorgeous outfit solutions that will still manage to dazzle and allow you to put your best and appropriate look forward.

Take advantage of the trend


While it’s common for female guests to go with dresses or combinations of skirts and dressy tops and blouses when attending a wedding with no strict dress code, why not opt for a pastel pink suit and ‘kill’ two trends with one outfit. The pink exudes just a sufficient amount of femininity while the suit itself allows you to feel comfortable in your own skin while still looking polished and wedding guest-worthy. You can pair the look with a simple white blouse with a bow neckline and trendy white ankle boots or even slingbacks, minimal makeup and voila – you are ready to go. You don’t even need to put on jewelry, just make a statement with a great clutch and you’re all set.

Always saves the day

Unconventional wedding outfits-  female pink jump suit

Image provided by Mia Taylor.

When in doubt over what to wear, you can always turn to your trusty jumpsuit. It’s literally the easiest thing you can pull out of your closet (sorry dress) and it always looks spectacular while requiring minimal effort. Our advice is to go with a saturated hue, since prime colors have and still are one of the most powerful trends of the fall, and we presume the rule will still apply in the spring and summer. Plus, if you think you’ll get chilly, you can always rely on that checked blazer we know you have. Now, since your jumpsuit is single-colored, feel free to play around with footwear and even rock something completely out of the box, something along the lines of the Irregular Choice quirky shoe collection.

Simple and romantic

As murky florals are still all the rage thanks to such designers like Erdem, you can take the modest fashion route by opting for a gorgeous yet low-key floor length dark dress – brown or black, with tiny floral elements and perhaps puff sleeves, although this isn’t mandatory. The subtle boho vibes go amazingly well with the chill wedding theme and since the dress is floor-length you don’t have to suffer in heels and are free to dance the night away in a pair of comfortable and trendy shoes. When you buy women’s dresses do not forget how important is to find a matching bag. A micro bag in a neutral hue will be the perfect addition to the outfit, and you will look chic and feel comfortable – exactly how a wedding guest is supposed to.

Unconventional wedding attire- Woman wearing dark blue floral top.

Image Provided by Mia Taylor

Make a statement

If you have a thing for mixing prints, a casual wedding is a place to show off your skills. A pair of comfortable and chic wide-leg pants in your favorite version of the plaid pattern is perfect for the occasion! They provide you with plenty of movement and the ultra-chic effect as the wide-leg effect is simply stunning. Then, take a polka-dot blouse a la Carolina Herrera – black with white dots and pair it with your stunning plaid pants. You will surely be the talk of the wedding! Make sure you go with a pair of subtle shoes!  Simple black pumps, as to not go overboard with the whole ‘statement’ thing. A black clutch is recommended or one that comes in one of the colors on your trousers.

Perfect for any season

No matter the season, there is absolutely no chance of making a mistake with a wrap dress. However, the wrap dress we have in mind is a little different than the regular wrap dresses.  As this one has a kind of a trench coat vibe to it. The upper part is totally reminiscent of a double-breasted coat. While the skirt features a super-flattering A-line form that looks great on all body types. The three-quarter sleeves make it perfect for any season. It’s both chic and casual so you can wear it to both a wedding and pretty much everywhere else. The best part, with a great pair of ballerina flats, you won’t have to suffer in heels!  Complete the look with a cool micro bag in a hot pink hue! And you have yourself a look worthy of any kind of wedding! Not just an unconventional one.

We have got you covered with five amazing ideas that are bound to make you look smashing! And even sizzling hot, always classy and never over-the-top. With these five outfits, you can weather the entire wedding season, so, you’re welcome.

Unconventional wedding attire showing wrap dress with multiple colored stripes

Image provided by Mia Taylor


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Unconventional Wedding Guest Outfits

Unconventional Wedding Guest Outfits

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