Joe & Courtney | Mountain Top Inn and Resort Wedding

It was an absolute honor to photograph Joe and Courtney’s Mountain Top Inn and Resort wedding. I have been working with the couple for some time and have had the pleasure of capturing other special milestones for them such as Joe’s Proposal to Courtney and their engagement session, so documenting their wedding felt like coming home for me. There were SO MANY fun, heartwarming and picture-perfect moments – it was all absolutely epic. What made the wedding extra-special is that their big day also happened to be my husband’s and my anniversary! And because of this, my lovely couple had a heartfelt and beautiful surprise for us towards the end of the evening. It was truly an unforgettable celebration full of love and happiness.

Joe And Courtney’s Mountain Top Inn and Resort Wedding

I started the day photographing Joe and Courtney getting ready. There was a wonderful mixture of joy, excitement, and merriment in the air. Joe looked dashing in his suit, and Courtney looked gorgeous in her exquisite wedding dress. Every moment seemed to be so full of love that I could almost feel it radiating off of them. One of my favorite moments was Courtney’s special surprise gift to her mom: a custom drawing of herself, her mom, and Grandma all wearing their wedding dresses! It was really thoughtful, and had her mom in tears. Capturing this emotional moment for them was truly an honor for me as their wedding photographer.

Photographing Joe and Courtney’s emotion-filled first look was a dream come true! Against the backdrop of the breathtaking Mountain Top Inn and Resort venue, their wide smiles and loving embraces illuminated the entire space. The special moment was made even more memorable when Courtney presented Joe with custom cufflinks featuring his late brother’s photo. It truly represented the couple’s strong connection to one another and their families. Being witness to this emotional and heartfelt tender exchange between two people so deeply in love was an awe-inspiring experience I will never forget!

After the first look, the bridesmaids and groomsmen joined in for the wedding party portraits. Of course, I wouldn’t miss a portrait with their lovely pet bulldog. Softly falling snow made for breathtaking portraits of the happy couple. It was so beautiful capturing Joe and Courtney’s beaming eyes and widest smiles. 

Joe and Courtney’s Mountain Top Inn and Resort outdoor wedding ceremony was a true winter wonderland setting. It was absolutely magical getting to witness two people celebrating their big day surrounded by family and friends. The couple’s style and love for rustic look aesthetics shone through every single detail of their wedding decor. It was all exactly how they had planned: from the rustic barn setting, complete with wooden tables, to the gorgeous flowers adorning the arbor. And no wedding for this couple would be complete without Joe’s favorite firetrucks! Joe and Courtney were glowing as they said their ‘I do’s’ with giddy smiles and twinkling eyes filled with so much love. Capturing this amazing union surrounded by family, friends and a gorgeous winter landscape was an experience like no other.

The Fun Wedding Reception

Photographing Joe and Courtney’s reception was a blast! The picturesque barn backdrop made for a stunning wedding setting with its giant wood beams and twinkling fairy lights strung around. As they made their way into their celebration, the newlyweds entered with dancing and jubilation that truly set the tone of joy. I absolutely relished everything about this wedding – from their exuberant first dance together to the unforgettable toasts from Joe’s father and uncle. At one point in the evening, ‘Don’t drink the Limoncello!’ was a common phrase in repetition. Basically Joe’s uncle’s toast was last, so everyone toasting before Joe’s uncle had to warn the guests not to drink the Limoncello until the end. 

To top it all off, Joe sang Mambo #5 with the wedding band, which was one of his favorite songs to sing back in the day when he was a member of a band too. It was so amazing to see everyone cut loose and truly enjoy every moment. In the middle of all the mad fun and joy, Joe and Courtney took out a moment and thanked us in front of everyone during the reception and made sure we were properly commemorated on our anniversary with a personal gift: a case of Joe’s family wine, which is just about gone at this point – it was sooo delicious! 

Celebrate Weddings With K. Lenox Photography

Joe and Courtney, thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. It was my absolute privilege to document all the beautiful memories and special moments on your wedding day and everything leading up to it. Congratulations, once again, and I wish you both a happy married life! 

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Second Shooter Shout-Out

Mike Sears

1. Venue: Mountain Top Inn and Resort

2. Band: Hot Mess Boston

3. Florals: Meadows Edge

4. Cake: Sweet Birch Bakery

5. Videography: Billodeau Video

6. Hair And Makeup Artist: Prime Salon VT

7. Bridesmaids Attire: Bird Grey

8. Invitations Designed By Grooms Sister: Acqua Design & Co

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