Erin & Mike | Magic Mountain Ski Area Engagement Session

Meeting new couples and documenting their love is easily one of my favorite parts of engagement photography. I get to take in all kinds of unique romantic settings to capture my couple’s special moments of love and happiness. Erin and Mike’s Magic Mountain Ski Area engagement session was a winter wonderland experience that was nothing short of amazing! I love when couples are not only willing but also excited to let go and have some goofy, fun memories that they can look back on, which is exactly what happened here. No matter how much huffing and puffing it caused me (I felt a little out of shape!), we got to explore the stunning mountain and scenery. Erin and Mike were total goofballs – hugging trees, making snow angels, and having snowball fights. From snowshoes to snowboards, this was one adventurous session! 

Meet The Couple

Photographing Erin and Mike’s engagement session at Magic Mountain Ski Area in Vermont was thoroughly delightful from start to finish. When I first arrived, we met up in Erin’s family’s cozy condo, and had a few drinks! While I was the only one who drank red wine in the middle of the day, everyone else enjoyed a couple of beers! LOL. While having a conversation with the couple they told me the beautiful story of how they met. It turns out that it was right in the very same condo where we sat! As it turned out, Erin’s Dad knew Mike first and they were (and still are) close friends and work together. One weekend her Dad invited Mike to ski at the resort and that is where he met Erin- skiing side by side on the slopes on a crisp February Magic Mountain day. Truly romantic, isn’t it?

They then added that it wasn’t until later in February 2020 that things started to blossom. Their first date was an 8-mile run along the Hudson River, and it was then that they realized that something special was growing between them. When I asked Erin when she knew Mike was ‘the one,’ she replied with such a beautiful sentiment. “It was an evolution, not a single day, but a gradual growth.” I think this rings true for so many couples out there who had no idea their paths would cross in such an extraordinary way! 

Asking about the best date they had ever been on, they shared an inspiring answer that life is a date, and their trips together were definitely highlights. The two trips that stood out were from a mountain biking trip through Moab, UT, and Snowbird/Salt Lake City ski trip. I then asked what their favorite weekend activities were, to which they quickly rattled off, in no particular order – mountain biking, CrossFit, skiing, and running, all of which have been integral in cultivating the strong bond between them. It’s clear why Magic Mountain was the perfect place for this special day for Erin and Mike!

Erin And Mike’s Magic Mountain Ski Area Engagement

Photographing at the Magic Mountain Ski Area was surreal! In the days leading up to the session, we were lucky enough to have snowstorms that transformed all of Vermont into an enchanting winter wonderland. As avid skiers, there was no better location than this one for a romantic winter engagement session. And yes, I had to put on snowshoes. 

Erin and Mike had an amazing time and I was excited to capture all their moments of fun and affection. What I loved most about their interactions was how authentic and natural they were throughout the entire session. They just radiated joy, which made my job of capturing those raw and real moments between them against the stunning landscape so much easier. 

Documenting this wonderful time with these two lovebirds was absolutely a blast. Whether they were skiing around, exploring different backdrops, or just having a joyous time – Mike’s shenanigans always added an extra dose of laughter. From their fun snow fight to the sweet high five they shared, I enjoyed capturing the lovely little moments of fun and affection, including the stolen kisses, the loving gazes and even Mike giving Erin a piggyback ride through the snow! Every second with these two radiated with love and life, perfectly capturing why this engagement session at Magic Mountain Ski Area was so special.

Like always, I had a few questions for my bride and groom-to-be about their wedding planning. When I asked Erin and Mike what advice they would give other couples planning a wedding, they responded with the sweetest sentiment – “It’s about the journey. Appreciate it and be involved. You only get to do it once (the key phrase being ‘get to’). It’s an opportunity to throw the biggest party with everyone you care about.” Then I went on to ask what they were looking forward to most on their big day and I must say that their answer was so touching – “Nothing in particular. The day, the weekend, the family time, the camaraderie, the energy of the moments.” What a wonderful reminder for all of us – life is about living in the moment and making memories with those we care about.

Celebrate Your Engagement With K. Lenox Photography

Erin and Mike, thank you for choosing me as your engagement photographer. It was my absolute pleasure photographing your special moments. The session was simply unforgettable and I wish you a lifetime of happiness together.

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