5 Creative Ideas for Your “I-do” Moments

5 Creative Ideas for Your "I-do" Moments

5 Creative Ideas for Your “I-do” Moments

Written by: Sofia Lockett
When your special day arrives, you’ll want to have the best photos possible. To capture every memorable moment. There are plenty of standard poses for wedding photos. These standard images seem to hang on the walls of every married couple’s home. But if you want something more in your wedding photos, you might wonder what your options are. , there are plenty of creative shots that your photographer will be more than happy to try.  Consider these 5 Creative ideas for your “I-do” moments 

Family and friends forming a heart around the bride and groom

What better way to show your love than to have your family and friends confirm it in a photo? For this special shot, the bride and groom should position themselves in the middle of a large flat surface. Then their family and friends surround them. arranging themselves to create the shape of a Valentine around the happy couple. It’s a great way to get all your guests into one perfect overhead shot!

Jump shots

If you want some fun photos to capture the craziness of your big day, you might like to try jump shots. Choose an experienced photographer to time them well, as they can be tricky! Using a trampoline will make your photos easier to capture. It will also add a quirky, fun addition to some of your pictures, should you choose to include it. Why not get creative and add a little something extra to your shot? You might like to hold balloons while you jump, so it looks like you’re being lifted off the ground!

5 Creative Ideas for Your "I-do" Moments

Although not a Trampoline- the girls allowed their inner child to come through and enjoyed some “jumping”! 5 Creative Ideas for Your “I-do” Moments


First dance in aerial view

Using aerial photography will make for stunning photographs. There are plenty of opportunities at weddings for unique aerial shots. The bride’s entrance and dress, the bride and groom at the altar, and the guests having dinner, to name a few. One that’s bound to come out particularly well is the first dance. The bride and groom should be photographed from above. Their family and friends would form a circle around them as they dance. Another special group shot that’ll capture the magic of your wedding day!

Art backdrops

Do you consider yourself a bit of an art aficionado? Why not incorporate art into your photographs? You might be able to book a time to have a photo session at a gallery or museum outside of regular hours. Or, try hiring an art backdrop to use in your chosen location.


An easy way to incorporate water into your photos is to plan a shoot at a natural feature like a beach or waterfall. Using water is an effortless way to take fabulous photographs. The reflective surface of bodies of water makes them a great tool for photographers.
 Additionally, if it’s the warm season and you’ll have a lot of children at your wedding, why not arm them with water guns? Of course, after the ceremony, and all the important photos have been taken.
 They’ll appreciate having a fun game to play after having had to sit still for so long, and you’ll get some great candid shots. Perhaps, The adults will even want to join in?! If your wedding is taking place on a hot summer’s day, your guests will welcome the chance to cool off!

Let’s Plan

Planning a wedding can be stressful. I’ll be much easier to relax if you plan what photographs you want in advance. Choose your favorites and let your photographer know what you’d like them to do for you. And all you’ll have to do is show up and pose!  The best and most important part is that your authentic personality truly comes through.  This way the true you will be captured forever.   But we hope you enjoyed these  5 Creative Ideas for Your “I-do” Moments !

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