K. Lenox Photography: A Brand Makeover

Hello there! My name is Kristen Lenox, and I am the proud owner and lead photographer of K. Lenox Photography. I have been capturing timeless moments since March 2011, and my journey has been nothing short of incredible. Today, I am excited to share some news with you. I’ve done a brand makeover! However, don’t worry; my photography style remains unchanged. While I’ve given a fresh look to my business, I’m just elevating your experience with my team and myself and giving you even more reasons to treasure your memories while choosing us as the experts!

The Essence Of K. Lenox Photography

K. Lenox Photography is a high-end yet approachable brand that offers a luxury yet unfussy experience. It has been more than just a brand; it’s been a promise. A promise to deliver not just photographs but timeless pieces of art that embody the light, airy, and elegantly uncluttered spirit of your most cherished moments. As the lead photographer and proud owner, I’ve dedicated over a decade to capturing the essence of love and celebration through my camera. Together with my associate photographer, Mike, we’ve focused on couples who, much like us, appreciate the beauty in simplicity and the depth of genuine moments.

Our couples are established, career-oriented individuals who seek more than just a wedding photographer. They seek someone who understands the nuanced art of storytelling through images—images that resonate with their personal aesthetics and their hearts. They value the tangible memories we create, from our classic heirloom albums to our elegant prints, each designed to be a timeless testament to their love story.

Our Brand Makeover

The decision to refresh the K. Lenox brand was born from a desire to elevate the experience we offer to our clients. It’s important to clarify that this refresh isn’t about changing who we are at our core. Our photography style – known for its light, airy, and effortlessly elegant touch – remains the cornerstone of K. Lenox Photography. Instead, our brand refresh is about enhancing how we present ourselves to the world and to our cherished clients.

The Tagline That Defines Us

“Light and airy wedding photography for couples who embrace unfussy elegance.” This tagline has been our guiding star, and it remains at the heart of our brand. It’s a declaration of our style and approach, yes, but also of our philosophy. We believe in capturing your day as it unfolds, in all its authentic beauty, without the need for overly posed shots. Our aim is to create images that feel as natural and graceful as the love they depict. 

Our Promise To You

With this brand makeover, we promise twofold things to you, our clients. First, we will continue delivering the exceptional quality and personalized service that has become synonymous with K. Lenox Photography. Our focus remains steadfast on creating gorgeous, timeless photos and heirloom-quality albums that tell your unique story in the most beautiful way possible.

Second, we promise an elevated experience—from your first interaction with our brand, be it through our website or when you hold our new business card, to the final delivery of your wedding album. Every touchpoint has been thoughtfully designed to reflect the luxury and simplicity that define us.

Magical Weddings With K. Lenox Photography

As we look forward to the coming wedding season, Mike and I are filled with anticipation and gratitude—gratitude for the journey that has brought us here and anticipation for the stories we’ve yet to tell. We invite you to explore the new K. Lenox Photography! You can get in touch by email. For more details, check out the website. You can also visit Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to see more of our work.

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