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I’ve always been a big fan of love stories, and Emily and Dan’s is one that sounds like something straight out of a Nicholas Sparks novel. Like a classic romantic tale, this one involved love letters (so many!) and a super romantic proposal. Emily and Dan had their lovely engagement session across different locations in the picturesque Charlestown. Since my photography style involves getting to properly know my couple (this one involved taking a “PickleBack Shot” of Jameson followed by pickle juice), it was an absolute joy discovering Emily and Dan’s love story and working with these lovebirds. Their engagement session was full of romance, fun, and some super picture-perfect moments!

Meet Emily And Dan

Emily and Dan are college sweethearts. Recalling how they first met, Emily told me, “We met nine years ago at the University of New Hampshire during our freshman year of college (Williamson Hall). Dan lived across campus, but two people from his high school lived on my floor, and when a mutual friend was visiting, he came over to Williamson. We had a fun weekend going out with our friends and exchanged phone numbers. But with a 1.5-month winter break starting the following week, I wasn’t sure if he was going to text me. He did, and the rest is history!”  

Not long before Emily and Dan started dating, they got comfortable with each other and started enjoying each other’s company. “Being 19 and broke college students, our options were limited. We took a bus off campus over to Texas Roadhouse to switch up the scene from Durham. We weren’t officially dating yet but were comfortable enough with each other that it wasn’t too nerve-wracking!”

As they spent more time together and their feelings grew stronger, the couple knew it was more than just a college romance. My bride-to-be recalled the time when she knew that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Dan. “I realized that Dan was the one when he was helping me move out of my college apartment sophomore year. We lived 2 hours away from each other (well, 4 hours if you’re Dan driving down to the Cape in the summer with traffic). Neither of us wanted to go another three months apart with the occasional weekend visits. Each year those summers got harder, but it was the start of the second summer apart that I knew it was the real deal.”

The Proposal

These lovebirds had a beautiful college romance behind them, so obviously, I was eager to learn about the proposal and how it all happened. Emily very patiently explained it all to me. “We were getting ready to go to the Seaport with our friends (so I thought), and when I was ready, Dan asked if I wanted my birthday present (which was coming up in a few days). I opened a large gift bag, and there was a book. After eight years of dating, we had quite the collection of cards/letters/notes from each other. Dan put them in chronological order, and it was amazing how it told our story. I had no idea it was leading to a proposal and was taking my sweet time reading each page (sorry, Dan). I got to the last page, which read, “Will you marry me?” It’s a feeling we’ll never forget. We went out to dinner in the city and the following night had a boat cruise in the harbor!” Dan, if you’re reading this, 10/10 points to you for your romantic book idea. Again, classic Nicholas Sparks stuff right here.

Engagement Session Photography In Charlestown, MA 

My couple’s location choice for their engagement session was spot-on! Charlestown is a complete package with historical monuments, magnificent architecture, and loveliest parks. And if the weather is on your side, the cityscape makes for an amazing backdrop for photos. 

From the Bunker Hill Monument and iconic streets to the parks and the waterfront – I shot Emily and Dan’s engagement photos in various locations of the lovely neighborhood. We also visited the Warren Tavern, which is named after one of Boston’s most prominent revolutionaries and has such a rich history associated with it. The ambiance too is amazing, and it also doubles up as a lovely backdrop for portraits. 

Emily and Dan chose two outfits for their engagement session – each a representation of their personal style. They are seriously such a cute duo. Throughout the shoot, Emily and Dan giggled, laughed, kissed, and struck the most incredible poses. I could totally see that comfort they were talking about. Watching them be themselves made me realize that in the 8 years they’ve been together, they really worked on being the best version of themselves. And while they were busy having fun, I was busy recording those moments.

Engagement sessions call for a celebration, and my couple brought two champagne bottles with them (which was a fantastic idea btw). We all know there’s always a risk with opening champagne bottles, and even though it was totally a risk worth taking, the champagne ended up all over Emily as they popped open a bottle. It was hilarious, and the photos tell the story! However, this didn’t dampen my bride-to-be’s mood, as she laughed, drank the bubbly, and continued posing for the photos. 

I usually ask all my engagement couples if they have any advice for other couples planning their wedding. This is what Emily had to say: Take your time if you can! Due to COVID and weddings being pushed out, we couldn’t find a venue we liked with 2022 availability. But ultimately, it has been so nice to enjoy our time being engaged and going through the planning process a bit slower than people usually do. It is crazy how fast two years will fly by, though! 

Celebrate Your Engagement With K. Lenox Photography

Emily and Dan, you are one of the sweetest couples I had the chance to photograph. Thank you for reaching out to me and making me a part of your wholesome story. I had a great time shooting your engagement session, and yes, Emily, as you said, take your time and enjoy being engaged. Wishing you both all the happiness and a happy wedding planning! 

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