4 Charming (and unexpected) Places To Get Married In The United States

Narrowing down wedding destinations can be one of the most exhausting things a couple ever has to go through. There are just a ton of considerations at hand. And it can be difficult to find a place that checks all the boxes. Let alone one that does so that both parties happen to agree with! Somewhat ironically though, this is all just further reason to expand the search if you’re struggling with a destination. Going through more options may seem like a pain in the short term. And it is.  But it’s worth it if you land on that perfect place.

In that spirit, I wanted to discuss a few charming but unexpected possibilities across the U.S. Rather than simply rehash the same old lists of perfect venues and destinations you’ve probably seen a thousand different times. And so, on to the list!  4 Charming (and unexpected) places to get married in the United States.

1. Spring Branch, Texas

I’m borrowing an idea for this first point because I came across a place called Hidden Falls,  in a piece on beautiful but unknown wedding spots, and it’s just incredible. Located in Spring Branch, Texas, it’s essentially a sheltered little oasis. It consists of a sort of lagoon and a whole row of little waterfalls. It appears to be used largely for weddings. Which means it’s bound to be competitive for most of the year.  But it’s a heavenly little place and one that doesn’t look like what you’ve seen in any of your friends’ wedding photos.

2. Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City isn’t exactly unknown, but in an odd way, it almost is a hidden gem. That’s because it’s in the middle of a slow but sure rebirth of sorts, helped along by new online gaming industries and  New Jersey’s leading the way an in the spread of legal U.S. sports betting. Now the city is lively once more, the famous boardwalk is an incredibly appealing place to visit.  )And people are rediscovering that the beaches are excellent). This could make Atlantic City a surprisingly lovely place to tie the knot, whether at a resort, on the boardwalk, or on the beach.

4 Charming Places To Get Married In The United States 

Atlantic City NJ boardwalk- Image provided by Author

3. Issaquah, Washington

Here again, we’re getting back to a specific wedding facility more like the Hidden Falls in Spring Branch. In this case, the idea is a little more whimsical. Basically, it’s a whole community of treehouses with sturdy walkways between them. They are set high up in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. If you’re thinking Swiss Family Robinson, you’re not too far off, provided you imagine a dense green forest rather than tropical surroundings. The very idea that weddings are allowed to happen here is incredible, and the idea is almost irresistible.

4 Charming Places To Get Married In The United States 

Image provided by Post’s Guest Author

4. Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is more like Atlantic City in that you’d be catching it on its way back up, in this case from decades of problems. Once seen as somewhat desolate, and by some measures even decaying, Detroit is now having a resurgence and is seen as an exciting place with an emerging, unique culture all its own. As it happens there are some stunning wedding venues around town, each of which can enable a couple to tap into the unexplainable pulse of growth and excitement that’s been palpable in Detroit for a few years now.

4 Charming Places To Get Married In The United States 

Image provided by Post Guest Author


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4 Charming Places To Get Married In The United States 

4 Charming Places To Get Married In The United States 

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